Thomas Adam

clergyman, religious writer

Thomas Adam (February 25, 1701 – March 31, 1784) was a Church of England clergyman and religious writer.


  • Wee may say of him, as of the Spaniard, Hee is a bad Servant, but a worse Maister.
    • The Sacrifice of Thankefulnesse (London: C. Knight, 1616) p. 6.
  • Muslim Spain had written one of the brightest pages in the history of Medieval Europe. Her influence had passed through Provence into the other countries of Europe, bringing into birth a new poetry and a new culture, and it was from here that Christian scholars received what of Greek philosophy and science they had to stimulate their mental activity up to the time of the Renaissance.

Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895)


Quotes reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895).

  • The covetous man is like a camel with a great hunch on his back; heaven's gate must be made higher and broader, or he will hardly get in.
    • P. 167.
  • If I were to live to the world's end, and do all the good that man can do, I must still cry, " Mercy!" Why then should I be unwilling or afraid to die this moment, with a sense of God's pardoning love, when I can have no other claim to salvation if I were to live forever?
    • P. 272.
  • We cannot keep thieves from looking in at our windows, but we need not give them entertainment with open doors.
    • P. 582.
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