Thom Gunn

English poet (1929-2004)

Thomson William "Thom" Gunn (29 August 1929 in Gravesend, Kent – 25 April 2004 in San Francisco) was an Anglo-American poet.


Collected Poems by Thom Gunn (1994)Edit

  • These seem like bristles, and the hide is tough.
    No claw or web here: each foot ends in hoof.
    • Moly (l. 9-10)
  • Direct me gods, whose changes are all holy,
    To where it flickers deep in grass, the moly.
    • Moly (l. 21-22)
  • Thus for each blunt-faced ignorant one
    The great grey rigid uniform combined
    Safety with virtue of the sun.
    Thus concepts linked like chainmail in the mind.
    • Considering the Snail (l. 5-10)
  • One joins the movement in a valueless world,
    Choosing it, till both hurler and the hurled,
    One moves as well, always toward, toward.
    • On the Move (l. 30-32)


  • Distorting hackneyed words in hackneyed songs
    He turns revolt into a style, prolongs
    The impulse to a habit of the time.
    • "Elvis Presley,", in The Sense of Movement (1957).
  • My thoughts are crowded with death
    and it draws so oddly on the sexual
    that I am confused
    confused to be attracted
    by, in effect, my own annihilation.
    • "In Time Of Plague," in The Man With Night Sweats (1992)

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