Thirteen Ghosts

2001 film directed by Steve Beck

Thirteen Ghosts is a 2001 horror film that takes place at an inherited glass house that serves as a prison to twelve captured ghosts and the heirs must now out-run the tortured souls to survive. It is a remake of the 1960 film of the same name.

Directed by William Castle and written by Robb White.

Dennis Rafkin edit

  • I'm getting my ass out of a big glass house!
  • In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a freak! I get within 10 feet of anything dead, and I go into seizures. I touch anyone and a whole lifetime of shit just flashes in front of my eyes! So yeah, I'm a little depraved!
  • (as Arthur startings to decend down the steps to the basement) What are you doing? What did I say? Did I say there's a petting zoo downstairs? Nooo, there are ghosts downstairs, Arthur.
  • Hey Glass Family Robinson! You're wasting your breath! This is ectobar glass, it's soundproof.
  • Oh Cyrus, you crazy son of a bitch. What did you do?

Maggie edit

  • This is it for me. I'm on the first fuckin' plane back to Newark. Uh-uh. I am sorry, family, Kathy, Bobby, uncle , ghosts. I am sick of this nanny shit. I've had it. This was not in the job description. I QUIT!
  • (talking to herself) Stuck in here, bunch of crazy white people...
  • Did the lawyer split?
  • Miss Maggie does not do windows.

Kalina edit

  • We have 10 minutes until the ectoplasmic shit hits the fan.
  • I've got enough explosives to blow us back to the fifteenth century.
  • W-why are you so mad at me? I did everything you asked me to do. I've killed Damon, I stole the book and spells. I even made sure your pathetic nephew didn't get himself killed.
  • Looks to me like I'm saving your ass!

Dialogue edit

Dennis Rafkin: (notices multiple of the ectoplasmic doors are open) What the hell? Give me those! (takes Maggie's glasses) Let me see. Why are these open? I was down here before. They weren't open.
(the Hammer spikes the ectoplasmic wall frame with his hammer)
Dennis Rafkin: Oh, God! I hate it when they do that!
Maggie: Do what?
Dennis Rafkin: They wait for your to stick your face right up against the glass! And then give you a big, fat boo!

Raftkin: Oh. Oh boy.
Maggie: What?
Raftkin: Uh, that's the symbol of The Jackal.
Maggie: What's The Jackal?
Raftkin: The Jackal is the Charlie Manson of ghosts and if The Jackal's out, screw the kid! We gotta get out of this basement!

Maggie: (The Angry Princess walks toward Maggie with a butcher knife) Where? I can't see shit without the glasses, idiot!
Raftkin:...Well, I can see. And I think you should go this way. Go, go, go, go! (as they run down another hallway)

Raftkin: There are ghosts in the basement!
Maggie: (points down) In this basement?
Raftkin: Of course in this basement! What is it with you people? If it were next door, I wouldn't give a shit!

Raftkin: (psychically probes the junkyard, then yells out in pain) You son of a bitch! You said he only killed 9 people! There's over 40 victims here!
Cyrus: Nine when he was alive, he's added a few since then.

Kalina: Who are you to play god?
Cyrus: Playing is for children.

Maggie: Bobby,don't call your sister a slut.
Kathy: Thank you, Maggie.
Maggie: I prefer the term bitch.

Arthur: He wasn't too popular. My dad said he squandered the family fortune.
Kathy: We have a family fortune?
Arthur: Well, no. Cyrus squandered it.

Maggie: Hey Bobby, isn't that great? You got a late uncle.
Bobby: What is he late for?
Kathy: His next birthday.
Bobby: (excitedly) You mean he's dead?!
Kathy: Now we get his attiention.

Raftkin: I know this is gonna sound completely whacked, but just- just stay with me, okay? I used to hunt displaced spirtual energies with your uncle.
Arthur: I'm sorry?
Raftkin: Uhh, P.K. agents. Revenants. Uh, uh, uh - Like wraiths. Wraiths? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?
Arthur: (chuckling nervously and shaking his head No) Uhh...
Raftkin: That's okay - that's okay. I'll do it the easy way. Ghosts. I used to hunt ghosts with your uncle Cyrus.
Arthur: (after a long pause) Goats?
Raftkin: GHOSTS! Ghosts! Goddamnit, listen to me!

Arthur: I told them not to leave this spot.
Raftkin: What do you expect? They're kids.
Arthur: Well thank you, Dr. Phil.

Raftkin: I hate this job.
Kalina: It doesn't seem to like you much either. Wonder why.
Raftkin: If you have something to say, just say it.
Kalina: Oh okay then...why don't we start with: This is all your goddamn fault!!! If you didn't catch them we wouldn't be running from them now would we?!
Raftkin: It's his uncle that built the damn house!
Kalina: Yeah, but you helped him! How could you help him without knowing what he was doing?
Raftkin: I had my reasons.
Kalina: Money, you parasite! You stole people's souls for money. How depraved is that?
Rafkin: If you hadn't noticed. I'm a little bit of a freak! I come within ten feet of anything dead I go into seizures. I touch somebody and a whole life full of shit flashes in front of my eyes; alright so yeah I'm depraved and Cyrus was my friend and he accepted me so...
Kalina: He did't accept you, you're so pathetic! He used you!
Arthur: Shut up, both of you. Cut him some slack. What difference does it make?
Kalina: You didn't tell him, did you?
Arthur: Oh god, tell me what, what now?
Kalina: About the fourth ghost.
Raftkin: No, don't do this. I didn't tell him. Don't do this.
Kalina: He has a right to know!
Raftkin: What about the fourth ghost?
Kalina: St. Luke's hospital, six months ago.
Arthur: You're saying my wife's spirit is trapped in this house?
Raftkin: I didn't know you. I didn't know her. I didn't know she had a husband.
Arthur: Why in God's name? Why? Tell me why her!
Raftkin: I don't know why. Cyrus handpicked them all, including your wife. When I found out who you were, God, I've been trying to help you.
Arthur: You call this help? She's right, this is all your goddamn fault!

Ben Moss: Now he's gonna tell you that Cyrus owed him money.
Raftkin: He did owe me money. He owed me a shit load of money!!!!

Kalina: (looking up) We gotta go.
Arthur: I'm not leaving without my kids!
Kalina: (still looking up) Try telling him that.

(Arthur looks up to see Kalina looking at the First Born Son)

Raftkin: Quite a place you've got.
Kathy: Yeah. We're moving in!
Arthur: (holds up key) step at a time.

(places key in the slot. goes in'.)

Bobby: Dad! You broke it!
Kathy: Bobby. Give it a rest.

Raftkin: S-stop!
Maggie: W-what??
Raftkin: D-don't move! Don't speak! Somehow....we are behind enemy lines.

(First Born Son approaches them)

Raftkin: Hey little guy. (holds up hand) How?
Maggie: I don't think you should be doing that!
Raftkin: Shut up!
Maggie: YOU shut up! You're the one who keeps pissing him off!

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