Thirteen (film)

2003 film by Catherine Hardwicke
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Thirteen is a 2003 drama film that details the experiences of Tracy, a 13-year-old girl who spirals into a world of substance abuse, sex and crime after befriending a troubled classmate.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and written by Catherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed.
It's happening so fast.(taglines)

Tracy Freeland

  • [reading a poem] He was crippled / But only his body was cracked. / It's not simple / nor is it an easy matter to explain. / Let's just leave it at that she says / and closes the holy book of lies / she covers her eyes / Denying to herself what she thought happened.-Tracy Freeland.
  • [finding Brady's clothes in the washer] Mom! Three strikes and you're out! How many times are you going to let him fuck you over!?
  • [chanting] No bra, no panties. No bra, no panties. No bra, no panties.
  • [coming home on acid] RAHHHH I'M A LION!!!!
  • Would you like me to model my new thong? Great for pooping on the go!
  • Well teriffic. We might as well be on the fucking moon!
  • [Evie pokes her stomach while trying to pierce her belly button, and screams in pain] WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!
  • [walking into class late, sarcastically] Sorry. Can't a girl go to the bathroom?
  • [crying] Mason said you wanted me to move in with Dad! You don't want me. You don't want me.
  • [to Evie while high] Hit me. I'm serious, I can't feel anything, hit me!
  • I don't even remember how to spell photographer.

Evie Zamora

  • The itsy-bitsy spider dropped acid at the park...
  • You guys know if you drink ten glasses of ice water a day, you'll burn three-hundred calories.
  • Who would wanna stay in this shit hole anyway? It fucking stinks in here, Mel!
  • Hey boys! My friend wants to suck your dick!
  • This only costs $19.95!
  • Guys say hello to the butt!
  • Hey Mason! Move ya G-string down south!

Melanie Freeland

  • It works if you work it.
  • You two aren't the only J-Lo's in the house. Check out these sexy colors.
  • God damn $1.50 a square foot floor!
  • Great! Then I can stop doing twelve hair-cuts a day to pay for all this shit! Do you think I wanna be here?
  • I love you and your brother more than anything in the world. I'd die for you, but I won't leave you alone right now.


[Tracy is following Evie after lunch]
Evie Zamora: Cute shirt.
Tracy Freeland: Thanks. Cute belt.
[the girls analyze each others' clothing]
Evie Zamora: Call me after school. We can go shopping at Melrose.

Tracy Freeland: Hey, Mason. Just out of curiosity, who do you think is the hottest girl in school?
Mason Freeland: Guess, um... Evie Zamora.
Tracy Freeland: [laughs] Guess who I hung out with today?
Mason Freeland: Bull!
Tracy Freeland: [shows Mason her new earrings] Melrose Avenue. [Mason stares at Tracy, dumbfounded] What? It's not hard to believe.

Tracy Freeland: Mom, why are there four places tonight? Mom?
Melanie Freeland: Honey, he just got back. He's only coming for dinner.
Tracy Freeland: Yeah. Tomorrow he's just gonna tune up your car, right?
Melanie Freeland: It needs it.

[during family dinner]
Tracy Freeland: So Brady, how was the halfway house?
Brady: Same as the last one, Trace.

[Tracy finds Brady in the bathroom, learning that he spent the night]
Tracy Freeland: Mom!
Melanie Freeland: What? I'm making your fave!
Tracy Freeland: Mom, I have to go to the bathroom now!
Melaine Freeland: Well, can't you hold it a minute?
Tracy Freeland: That's how you get a bladder infection, you child abuser!
Melanie Freeland: Well, that's dramatic.

Tracy Freeland: I have to ask you something.
Evie Zamora: What?
Tracy Freeland: Ok, um... you never did anything with that crusty tattoo guy, right?
Evie Zamora: Yeah, he ate my pussy.
Tracey Freeland: Oh, my God! Are you s- [Evie laughs] Dude?
Evie Zamora: I'm kidding, idiot.

Melanie Freeland: Evie, I'm sorry, but I think it's time for you to go home.
Evie Zamora: I can't go home. Brooke had a convention in Bakersfield. She said she sent you an E-mail.
Melanie Freeland: I guess I didn't check my E-mail.
Evie Zamora: I'm sorry, Mel. I hope it's okay that I'm here.
Melanie Freeland: Well... I guess it's gonna have to be, isn't it?
Evie Zamora: [starting to cry] Her boyfriend hits me, Mel. He grabbed my throat and he threw me against his van.
Melanie Freeland: Oh, Jesus. Where's your mother, baby?
Evie Zamora: She- She passed away.
Melanie Freeland: I didn't have a mother when I was your age either. I know how hard it is. I do.

[after giving Javi oral sex]
Tracy Freeland: [to Evie] We are so perfect for each other. If everybody married someone from a different race, then in one generation there would be no prejudice.
Evie Zamora: So you had a good time?
Tracy Freeland: Yeah... but it tasted kind of nasty.
Evie Zamora: [laughs] What? We didn't go over that one.

[Tracy and Evie run into Tracy's bedroom and shut the door]
Melaine Freeland: Hey! Hey, open this door now!
Tracy Freeland: [opens the door] What, Mother? What do you want?
Melanie Freeland: This is not how I raised you. I want you to be civil to me.
Tracy Freeland: [pushes Melaine out of the way as she walks out] I want you and your stupid boyfriend to be out of my fucking life for- what the fuck is he doing here?
Melanie Freeland: Have you been drinking?
Tracy Freeland: No!
Mason Freeland: Of course she's been drinking 'cause she's always fucking drinking! Isn't that right, Tracy?
Tracy Freeland: Oh, like you never have!
Brady: Hey, hey, hey! Come on.

Tracy Freeland: Mom, no, I can't see that movie.
Melanie Freeland: Why?
Tracy Freeland: Because it's a bloody war movie. I'm a pacifist, like Gandhi.

[Mason and his friend walk into a store]
Mason Freeland: Oh, sweetie. Back that ass up!
Rafa: I'd like to see that thong to my bedroom floor.
Tracy Freeland: [turns around] Glad you'll never know.
Rafa: Tracy!?
Tracy Freeland: [sees Mason with him] Oh, shit! God- fuck it!
Rafa: Hey Tracy here your cokes!
Tracy Freeland: I didn't pay for them anaway.
Rafa: Probably didn't have to with your fine ass!
Tracy Freeland: Fuck you!

Tracy Freeland: Should we talk about how you get stoned every night with Rafa?
Mason Freeland: She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. Look at your pupils. You're so fucking busted.
Tracy Freeland: Fucking little...! [attacks Mason and pulls him off the couch]
Mason Freeland: Jesus Christ, Tracy!
Tracy Freeland: [picks up a pool stick] God damn, never touch me again!
Mason Freeland: Go ahead, hit hit me, Tracy! Come on! You'll go to jail, you little fucking slut!
Tracey Freeland: Don't you fucking call me a slut! [attacks Mason again] Mom, Mason just called me a slut!

Melanie Freeland: Have you had anything to eat today?
Melanie Freeland: Fuck it! You don't want me to cook for you anymore? Fine! Then don't eat my food!
Melanie Freeland: GREAT! NOW I CAN STOP DOING TWELVE HAIR CUTS A DAY TO PAY FOR ALL THIS SHIT! [kicks table] You think I wanna be here?

Melanie Freeland: What is that?
Tracy Freeland: [mumbles] It's a belly-button ring.
Melanie Freeland: Speak up, I can't hear you.
Tracy Freeland: ITS A BELLY-BUTTON RING! HOW ELSE CAN I SAY IT, I DON'T SPEAK NO OTHER LANGUAGES! Oh, and you wanna know what that is? [sticks her tounge out] That is a tongue ring.
Melanie Freeland: Baby, when did you do all this?
Tracy Freeland: Two thousand years ago! I'm a mummy, I was born two thousand years ago! Whoo!! [spins in a circle]

Tracy Freeland: Um, since when does Medina have a ghetto booty?
Evie Zamora: Oh, I think she stuffs.
Astrid: That slut ain't got shit compared to these double-cheeseburgers! [shakes her butt]
Medina: Shake it, don't break it, bitch!

Evie Zamora: I hear this wah, wah, wah inside my head.
Tracey Freeland: [giggling] That's your brain cells popping.

Teacher: You made F's on your last three tests and you haven't turned in any homework. On that basis alone, you're gonna fail. You'll be held back in seventh grade.
Tracy Freeland: What? They can hold me back?
Teacher: Yes, they can hold you back! Tracy, your name was brought up in impact group today. Evie Zamora turned in your fake ID. And there's the matter of cheating in your math class. You were one of my best students; Tracy, your poem at the beginning of the year was one of the most incredible I've ever read. I'm sorry.

Melanie Freeland: How do you explain $860 in your purse?
Tracy Freeland: [crying] We jacked it, okay? It's not like your broke-ass has any money to give me! Mom, when Brady went to the halfway house, what happened to our phone? Cable? You didn't know how to pay the bills. It's no wonder Dad didn't want to stay with you! You didn't even finish high school!
Melanie Freeland: We don't have extra stuff, but we're doing okay. You know we're doing okay. You don't have to steal.
Tracy Freeland: Oh, Mom, you knew what was going on with all those clothes and shit! Christ, you're not that dumb are you?
Melanie Freeland: I didn't know it went that far! [starts crying] Oh God!

Brooke LaLaine: We'll be moving up to Ojai so you won't be seeing Evie again... ever. You're really cruel, Tracey. I mean, I'm sure you can be a sweet kid when you want, but right now you are a really bad influence! I mean you cheat, you lie, you steal...
Tracy Freeland: Oh, my God! Are you kidding me? Where do you think I learned all this shit from? [runs into the kitchen]
Melanie Freeland: [follows Tracy] Tracy was playing with Barbies before she met Evie!
Brooke LaLaine: [follows them] Oh what? Did she teach her to beat the crap out of her as well [grabs Tracey by the arm] Don't even start with me little one, I've seen the bruises!
Tracy Freeland: What the hell did you tell her, Evie?!
Brooke LaLaine: [turns to Evie] Come here... What about this?
[Brooke shows the scar by Evie's hairline that Tracey accidentally made when the two girls were play fighting]
Tracy Freeland: What the fuck? We were just goofing!
Melanie Freeland: Tracy didn't hit her!
Evie Zamora: Yes, she did!
Tracy Freeland: I don't believe this shit! She hit me too!

Tracy Freeland: No, no, no, Mom! Get off of me. I hate you. Stop!
Melanie Freeland: [holds Tracy's face] I love you. I love you and your brother more than anything in the world. And I'd die for you, but I won't leave you alone right now.
Tracy Freeland: Mason said you want me to move in with Dad [pushes Melanie away] You don't want me here. You don't want me...
Melanie Freeland: [hugs Tracy from behind] I want your Dad to be in your life more. I want you here with me. You're my heart. I'll make it right.
Tracy Freeland: It can never be right.

Melanie Freeland: Have you been drinking?
Tracy Freeland: [to Mason] OH, LIKE YOU NEVER HAVE!

Melanie Freeland: Evie, Brooke says you're not allowed on Melrose without adult supervision.
Evie Zamora: [comes out of dressing room] Well you're here, aren't you Mel?
Melanie Freeland: Yup, I am.

Melanie Freeland: [goes into Tracy's room and picks up a thong] I wanna bone. Nice. What's the occasion?
Tracy Freeland: Brooke bought it for us, mom.
Evie Zamora: She wanted to say thanks, for taking care of me. [hands Melanie a shirt]

Tracy Freeland: Oh my God. Wait, today's the due date? You guys could've called to remind me that today was the due date!
Noel: We left you a bunch of messages.
Yumi: Not to mention the note on your locker!

Brooke LaLaine: And look at this, Mel. You're gonna love this... [grabs Tracy's arm and struggles to pull up her sleeve]
Tracy Freeland: Don't you dare! No, don't please...
Melaine Freeland: Get your hands off her!
Brooke LaLaine: She cuts!
Tracy Freeland: [crying] It's none of your business you fucking frankenstein!
Brooke LaLaine: Oh no. This child IS my business, you little cunt!
Melanie Freenand: That's it. You need to get out. Get out!
Evie Zamora: [crying] Who would want to live in this shit hole anyway? It fucking stinks in here, Mel!


  • It's happening so fast.
  • They're not little girls anymore.


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