Theodosius I

Roman emperor from 379 to 395

Flavius ​​Theodosius, also known as Theodosius I the Great (C.E.347 – 395), Roman emperor.

Theodosius I

Quotes about Theodosius I: edit

  • He His name was Theodosius, and he is called the Great, I suppose because he was great at destroying the old temples and old statues of the gods and goddesses. Not only was he strongly opposed to those who were not Christians: he was equally aggressive towards Christians who were not Orthodox in his way of thinking. He did not tolerate any opinion or religion that he did not approve of. (Jawaharlal Nehru)
  • Theodosius is a military politician, fascinated by bishops. (Gore Vidal)
  • Theodosius didn't know almost anyone from our environment because he comes from Spain, a country that doesn't shine with excessive culture. Furthermore, he belongs to a military family and it does not appear that he has ever studied philosophy. Outside of politics, what interests him most is raising sheep. (Gore Vidal)

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