Theodore Watts-Dunton

English literary critic and poet

Theodore Watts-Dunton (12 October 18326 June 1914) was an English critic and poet.



  • A sonnet is a wave of melody
    From heaving waters of the impassion'd soul.
    • from The Sonnets Voice (A Meterical Lesson by the Seashore).

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  • Theodore Watts, as he told me twenty years ago, holds the opinion that Shakespeare wrote private poetry in a separate book while composing his dramas, and that he gave such portions of it as he could make fit, to certain of his characters. He thought, if I remember aright that the soliloquy and the dagger-scence were morsels of this sort. It certainly must strike one that the "the law's delay" and "the insolence of office" were not prominent grievances in Hamlet's career.

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