The X's

television series

The X's is an American animated television series created by Carlos Ramos about a family of spies, who must hide their identity from the outside world, but sometimes have a little trouble in doing so. The series aired from November 25, 2005 to November 25, 2006.



AAIIEE, Robot [1.1]

Mr. X: Kids, if I told you once, I told you a thousand times. There's only one thing to do with a villain's secret base. Destroy, Destroy!
Robomom: (out of control) Destroy!
Mr. X: Oh no!

Tuesday X: (to Mrs. X, after she breaks her foot) Home Base says you'll be on your feet in no time.
Home Base: Actually, I said six-to-eight weeks.
Tuesday X: Home Base ...

Home Base: The ambassador of Pandrafia is in town to visit the museum of art. Your assignment is to protect him from those who may wish him harm.
Tuesday X: Like who?
Home Base: Mmm...practically everyone. He's a real jerk.

Mission: Irresponsible [1.2]

Truman: I can't believe you guys stayed up all night playing Moon Raider 7.
Tuesday: That is so irresponsible.
Mr. X: Young lady! As team leader I will not have my decisions questioned!

Photo Ops [1.3]

Home Base: X's!!! I regret to inform you that SUPERIOR is furious! Once again, you've nearly blown your cover. They insist that you immediately do something to prove that you can act like a normal family, or, you will all be fired!
Tuesday: (gesturing around the living room) How are we ever gonna act like a normal family?! I mean, look at this place! Normal families don't have a remote control with a launch button! Normal families don't have exploding lawn gnomes! Normal families don't have portraits of themselves fighting giant robot squids!

Boy's Best Friend [1.4]


Mr. Fix It [1.5]

Mr. X: Greetings fellow suburbanite!
Neighbor: Howdy, neighbor! Out walking your- (looks down at robot) -dog? Oh, I see he's got one of them cones to stop him from biting himself, heh, and no head.

Mr. X: I have to...grout the dollies, or something!

Doommates [1.6]


Secret Agent Manual [1.7]

Mr. X: (to Truman) You dare question the manual? The manual is law! The manual must be obeyed. Do not anger the manual!

The Spy Who Liked Me [1.8]


To Err Is Truman [1.9]


No More Mrs. Nice X [1.10]

Mrs. X: A tranquility retreat? That's- ...a great idea!
Tuesday X: Huh?
Mrs. X: I can keep myself sharp by getting my tranquility to retreat!
Home Base: I believe the intent is to make you more tranquil-
Tuesday X: (elbowing Home Base) You're right mom! Isn't she, Home Base?
Home Base: What? Oh, I see! We're lying!

Tuesday X: Mom, don't you think you got a little bit carried away?
Home Base: You can be just a wee bit...gut-wrenchingly terrifying.

Mrs. X: Hey! If beating up a few hundred civilians is wrong, I don't wanna be right, baby.

On Her Majesty's Postal Service [1.11]

Mr. X: (shaking Truman's explosive) Oh, there! The way you had this set up, it would've exploded!
Truman X: (incredulously) It's supposed to explode!

Mr. X: Don't look at these codes! They're secret!
Mrs. X: Dear? Those are ZIP codes.
Mr. X: ...who told you that?

Pinheads [1.12]

Mr. X: Touchdown!
Tuesday X: No no no, it's a strike.
Mr. X: Pfft, a strike is when you miss three times.
Tuesday X: No it isn't!

Brandon: Uh, listen, Uncle G-Face? Can I take off? I have a lot of...homework, and stuff.
Glowface: No way Manuel! You just don't wanna have to fight your girlfriend! (mockingly) Stop beating me up, Tuesday! Oh, ow! Ow! You so strong!
Brandon: What are you, twelve?

From Crusha with Love [1.13]


Xcitement [1.14]


You Only Sneeze Twice [1.15]

Lorenzo Suave: (to Tuesday X) I've spent my entire life training for this moment! Except Wednesday nights, I have a pottery class.

X Takes a Holiday [1.16]

Glowface: Surrender, you fools! You cannot defeat me!
Tuesday X: What are you talking about? We always defeat you!
Glowface: ...Did you have to bring that up? I mean, I got feelings too, you know! I mean, how would you like it if I pointed out all of your shortcomings? Like those tacky stockings?!

Mrs. X: What did we just eat?
Mr. X: (looking at menu) Les yeux de cochon frit.
Mrs. X: And what's that?
Waiter: Fried pig's eyeballs.
Mr. X: (gagging)
Mrs. X: Fun.

Mock Tutors [1.17]

Mr. X: Alright Home Base, we're gonna need a tennis field.
Home Base: No. I believe it's a tennis court sir.
Mr. X: Tennis field, now!

Meddle Mouth [1.18]


Family Issues [1.19]

Mr. X: Looks like there will be no problem solving this no problems problem!
Mrs. X, Tuesday, and Truman: Huh?
Mr. X: Exactly.

Tuesday X: (to Mr. X) Dad, if you want to tan, you're gonna have to take off your suit.
Mr. X: Ah, that's just what the sun's expecting me to do.

Truman's Choice [1.20]


Wealth vs. Stealth [1.21]

Mr. X: They gave me a solid uranium watch! See? It glows in the dark! And in the light!

Wee House [1.22]

Glowface: (to Lorenzo Suave) I'll make a giant inflatable suit! ...You're just pretending to be interested, aren't you?
Lorenzo Suave: No no no, nothing fascinates me more than a big bag of hot air.
Glowface: Yeah, it is pretty darn- wait, was that sarcasm?!
Lorenzo Suave: (sarcastically) No.
Glowface: ...Good!

Truman X: Super Villain [1.23]


A Truman Scorned [1.24]

Sasquatch: Puny X's! Sasquatch command army of moles! Sasquatch make them hollow out entire planet! Soon Earth will collapse like empty egg shell!
Tuesday X: If they hollow out the whole planet, where are they gonna put all the dirt?
Sasquatch: Sasquatch...not...think about...quiet, you!

Kimla: (about Sasquatch) And that monster is clearly just some bad actor in a cheap fur suit! (rips off Sasquatch's fur)
Sasquatch: OW! Sasquatch not some bad actor! Sasquatch very good actor!

Y's Up [1.25]

Glowface: Ooh, the Y's! Lorenzo, how's my hair?
Lorenzo Suave: You have none, sir.
Glowface: Then fetch me some!

Quit Your Day Job [1.26]


Missing Home [1.27]

Home Base: (to the X's) In addition, you have appalling taste in footwear.
Mr. X: No one insults our shoes! Get outta my house!
Home Base: (angrily) I AM your house.
Mr. X: Then we'll get out. We don't need you, Mr. Smarty-House.

Live and Let Diaper [1.28]


Snafu: Awhh, how cute!

  • sniffs air*


In-Law Enforcement [1.29]


Train Rex [1.30]


Homebody [1.31]


The Haunting of Home Base [1.32]


Accidental Hero [1.33]


Untied [1.34]



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