The Woman Eater

1958 film by Charles Saunders

The Woman Eater is a 1958 film about a mad scientist who captures women and feeds them to a flesh-eating tree, which in turn gives him a serum that helps bring the dead back to life.

Directed by Charles Saunders. Written by Brandon Fleming.
See the Woman Eater ensnare the beauties of two continents!  (taglines)


Dr. James Moran: Give me a whisky, please.
Waiter at a bar: Are you a member, Sir?
Dr. James Moran: Don't be silly, give me a whisky.

Mrs. Margaret Santor: There was a time when you trusted me.
Dr. James Moran: My dear Margaret, I have never trusted you or any other woman with anything I didn't want anyone else to know.
Mrs. Margaret Santor: There's evil all round me. It's here tonight! I can feel it!!

Dr. James Morgan: Only the body, not the mind. Your people cheated me, they gave me only half their secret!
Tanga': Our secret not for you.
Dr. James Morgan: Failed, failed, only the body, no brain.
Tanga: The brain for us only.
Dr. James Morgan: Still dead, only the body, no mind.

Dr. James Moran:You've cheated me, now I'll destroy your idol, as you've destroyed me.


  • The Embrace of Death!
  • No Beautiful Woman is Safe!
  • See the nerve-shattering Dance of Death!
  • See the Woman Eater ensnare the beauties of two continents!
  • See the hideous arms devour them in a death-embrace?


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