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The Wannabes

2003 film by Nick Giannopoulos

The Wannabes is a television situation comedy, created by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly (of Disney's Jump In! and The Proud Family), which follows the lives of classical performing arts high school students who want to be pop stars.


Season 1Edit

The Wannabes Are Gonna Be [1.1]Edit

Mariah: (sings) All you can do is dance one, two, three. But don't even think you can out-sing me.
Shaylen: I can dance to any beat at least I don't have two left feet.
Shaylen and Mariah: What!
Andrew: (raps) Haha that's pretty funny, that is cute for the stage. But I've been doing that since I was three years of age.
Alan: Stop hating on these words that I'm sayin', think you better than us, nah you must be playin'

Mariah and Shaylen: laughs(sings in a harmony) Watch how we rhymed and harmonize, don;t even try to come back with something better this time.
Shaylen: Boy you think we're competition, but we've always been hot. You're just a new addition to the lyrics we got.
Mariah and Shaylen:See my posse on like you've never seen before, all my girls got my back and boys you're just a bore. Yeah!

Sarah: I promise to get an honest job with good benefits. So I won't be like the losers here.
Shaylen: Uhh, did she just call us losers. Oh no she didn't!
Mariah: Easy girl, she's just a kid.


  • Mariah Parks - Mariah Pettigrew
  • Andrew Bowen Stern - Andrew Stark
  • Sarah Gabrielle LeMaire - Sarah Moody
  • Drew Reinartz - Drew Robinson
  • Shaylen Carroll - Shaylen Carlson
  • Alan Shaw - Alan Taskin
  • Steven J. Scott - Mr. Moody
  • David LaDuca - Mr. Pesckow

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