The Veronicas

Australian pop rock duo

The Veronicas are an Australian rock duo from Brisbane, Australia. They formed in 1999 by twin sisters Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso.

Songs edit

"Your love for me was always there Maybe too much for me to care" - All I Have

"Today turn out just like yesterday It's not what you said but what you didn't say" - Broken

"So close your eyes and remember all those lies That you never say when you pretend that you Will be with me again" - Did ya think

"What would you say If I left today With no regrets and no goodbye" - Cry

"And I want so bad to kiss you Don't tell me that I'm wrong" - Everything

"The world is a place you Don't know that well It's always surrounded But what's Going on?" - Everything I Need

"I'm happy here living my dreams 'Cause I am who I wanna be" - Everything I Need

"The life that you knew Now is suddenly gone" - Everything I Need

"Like, you're so perfect And I can't measure up Well, I'm not perfect Just all messed up." - Everything I'm Not

"Almost giving up on trying Almost heading for a fall" - Heavily Broken

"If there's a dark side to you I haven't seen it Every good thing you do feels like you mean it" - I Could Get Used To This

"Always said that you were my man to be But, I guess, I was in love with your memory" - In Another Life

"You know I love you, I really do But, I can't fight anymore for you And, I don't know, maybe we'll be together again, sometime In another life" - In Another Life

"The way you're holding onto me makes me feel like I can't breathe Just let me go Just don't feel right inside God knows I've tried" - In Another Life

"You had all the chances in the world To let me know the truth What the hell is wrong with you?" - Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)

"You try to make me hate that girl When I should be hating you And what the hell is wrong with you?" -Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)