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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season The Vampire Diaries.

I'll Remember [6.01]Edit

Elena: I kind of want to set up Ric with Jo from the hospital. I mean, we both know that he has a soft spot for the "sexy doctor" type. How long do you think it takes after someone comes back to life before they can start dating again?
(hallucination) Damon: Well the fact that you can say that with a straight face is one more reason that I love you.
Elena: So, like, three months?

Damon: Can I ask why there's not a Bennett witch in the back? I mean, can't Luke whip up a batch of herbs in "Bonnie" flavor?
Elena: You know if I had to drive around with everyone that I've lost, I'd need a school bus.
Damon: Or you just know that Bonnie would agree with Luke. The last thing you would do is conjure up someone who's gonna tell you the truth.
Elena: Can we not talk about this?
Damon: About what? The fact that I'm dead? Cuz I am...
Elena: Technically, you were dead when we met.
Damon: Good point! Now I'm just gone. Poof!
Elena: Damon, please don't say that.
Damon: And this conversation is pretty much the smart, level-headed you talking to the irrational, possible drug addict you. Which is clear evidence of your insanity.

Elena: You just said that you were looking for him...
Stefan: I did. And then I realized that it was pointless and that I needed to move on with my life, so I stopped.
Elena: What do you mean you stopped?
Stefan: I mean I said goodbye, Elena. I moved on. Damon is gone; it's time for you to say goodbye, too.

[Tyler is walking through the crowd. Luke is talking with someone when he sees Tyler walking through the crowd, leading him to approach him.]
Luke: Hey, have you seen Elena?
Tyler: She's not coming. Apparently, she's not in her right mind.
Luke: What happened?
Tyler: [Finishes up his drink and throws away his cup] Is this what you've been up to all summer? Messing with Elena's brain? Does it help with the guilt or are you just desperate for friends?
Luke: Where's Elena now?
Tyler: Why? So you can trick her into thinking Damon's alive? Who does that? She almost killed someone.
Luke: [Pushes Tyler back a step] You're drunk.
Tyler: [Slaps Luke's drink out of his hand] Don't touch me! [Grabs Luke in a choke-hold] Where's your magic now, Parker? What's wrong? You can't chant? You stay away from Elena, or you're gonna have a problem your magic wand can't fix.
Alaric: [Approaches Tyler and Luke] Hey! Knock it off! [Shoves Tyler away from Luke] Knock it off! You got it under control, huh? Huh?
[Tyler looks at Alaric and Luke, then leaves.]
Alaric: [To Luke] You wanna tell me what that was about? Come on. Let's get out of here.
[Alaric and Luke leave.]

Elena: You know I want to see you, Damon. But it makes me reckless. I- I hurt people...
(hallucination) Damon: So why am I here? You wanna move on? Move on.
Elena: I never got to say thank you.
Damon: For what?
Elena: For saving Stefan, and...bringing back Alaric and Tyler... Thank you.
Damon: Elena-
Elena: No, I'm not done yet, I'm... I want to thank you for giving me everything I always wanted. A love that consumed me, and passion...adventure... There's nothing more I could ever want other than for it to last forever, can't. This is the last time I'm gonna see you. This is goodbye, Damon. I love you. I have to let you go.
(they kiss)

(hallucination) Damon: You're still holding on.
Elena: I- no, I...I said goodbye, Damon...
Damon: I don't blame you. You know what's waiting for you... How long before you go running back to Luke, hm?
Elena: No, I told you that was the last time, Damon. I-I'm done!
Damon: An eternity of torment, agony, grief, and you'll feel it all.
Elena: Stop it, Damon, stop it, stop it, you're getting in my head... Don't do this, please...
Damon: You're gonna feel it forever...
Elena: NO!

[Tyler is doing pull-ups on a bar attached to the door frame.]
Liv: [Walks in] Could you be more of a douchebag cliché?
Tyler: I got a little out of control. I know.
Liv: A little? It's not Luke's fault that your friend's emotionally blackmailing him to fulfill whatever mental head case crap she's going through.
Tyler: Grief. It's called grief. Your brother got to live that day, remember? The rest of us lost people because of him.
Liv: I'm aware of that, Tyler. I think about it every day. So does Luke. A lot of you got your lives back, too, because of me. So at the very least, do me a favor and lay off my brother.
Tyler: You're right. I'm sorry.
Liv: Yeah, our twin powers don't work like that. You actually have to tell Luke to his face. [Starts to leave]
Tyler: [Stops Liv] Well, I will. Listen. Liv, 4 months ago, I could do anything. I could make anyone do anything that I wanted. I was stronger than most people on this earth. And then it went away. And all that's left inside of me is rage.
Liv: Why are you telling me this?
Tyler: Because I want you to understand that I am trying to deal with it.
Liv: Okay, good. Good luck dealing with it.
Tyler: Why do you do that? I'm trying to talk to you and you just give me that look and walk away?
Liv: What would you like me to do, Tyler?
[Liv walks away, with Tyler watching on.]

Alaric: Honestly, Elena...I hate everything about being a vampire.
Elena: Me too. At least, you know, I did. Then one day I discovered the good part. You know, the promise that "love could be eternal." And I had that with Damon. Which means that, for the rest of eternity, I'm going to have a hole in my heart where he's supposed to be.

Elena: I know how death works, Ric. Trust me, I've done it. A lot. There's no such thing as "moving on." It's a lie. So if I'm ever going to be able to fall in love again, and make eternity bearable, I need you to do something.
Alaric: What?
Elena: You were created with the original vampire spell, which means that you can compel other vampires. And since I can't take away my vampirism...I want you to take away Damon. I want you to compel me to forget that I ever loved him.

Bonnie: Everyday I tell you I hate that...
Damon: And everyday, I do it anyway.

Yellow Ledbetter [6.02]Edit

Jeremy: You gonna erase Bonnie from your head, too?
Elena: Missing Bonnie makes me sad, Jer. Missing Damon makes me dangerous.

Alaric: We're going to be searching through memories that are deeply embedded, and each significant memory that we hit which is connected to Damon I will help you modify. And this should eventually lead us to the signature memory which, once erased, will create a positive domino effect through all your other memories.
Elena: Can't you just compel me to forget everything at once? And then we can go get a beer?
Alaric: I am supernaturally rewiring three years of your memories. If it were that easy, I wouldn't be so terrified.

Alaric: Are you afraid?
Elena: More sad than afraid.
Alaric: Why sad?
Elena: Because I don't want to stop loving him.

Damon: I don't think we should be asking where we are...I think we should be asking when we are.

Damon: Alright, talk me through it.
Bonnie: Before the Other Side collapsed, my grams said that she'd made a sacrifice so that I could find peace...
Damon: The part where you actually have a theory.
Bonnie: Well, this clearly isn't peace, otherwise I wouldn't be stuck here with you.
Damon: Rude.

Caroline: What if we find something out? Yeah, what if Damon returns home and everything returns back to normal, and you're just sitting there all confused and weird?
Elena: Then Alaric will bring back my memories.

Enzo: You have a lovely clavicle.
Ivy: Thank you. I think.
Enzo: Forgive me, I always notice a woman's neck. I'm a neck person! So is Stefan, right Stefan?
Stefan: Not anymore.
Enzo: Ah, well, that's silly. You can't just stop being a neck person!

Ivy: Is Enzo your boyfriend?
Caroline: Ugh, oh god, no. Would you date that?

Bonnie: Would a little support kill you?
Damon: You know, I am acutely aware that we are in some other-worldly time dimension, however - did you ever think, for one second, that maybe it's you being negative reacting to my natural self negative-ly?
Bonnie: You're ridiculous.
Damon: Nope, I'm consistent.

Damon: You've got to be kidding me. Bonnie, look at the date on that paper.
Bonnie: It says May 10th, 1994. It's the same day as yesterday. We're living this same day...all over again.
Damon: Well, that proves it. We're in hell. My own person, custom-built hell. And you're in it with me.

Elena: I don't know, Ric!
Alaric: Well think about it, Elena! Think about that moment when you knew this person was somebody you had feelings for - that you loved. And you could see those feelings going on forever. Trust me, you never forget.

Bonnie: What's a seven-letter word for kill me now?
Damon: That joke got old six weeks ago.

Enzo: What kind of coward gives up on his own brother?

Elena: It was my birthday. Damon and I spent the entire summer looking for Stefan, and I was trying to put on a good face because Caroline was throwing this party for me but I was so sad... I was two seconds from deciding I wasn't going to go - I wasn't going to leave the room - until Damon walked in to give me my...birthday gift. It was the necklace that Stefan had given me. I'd lost it, but Damon knew what the necklace meant to me; what it meant about my feelings for Stefan. Even though he loved me, he gave me the one thing that represented hope for me and his brother. I knew how much it hurt him. But he did it. It was...the most selfless that he's ever been. And in that moment, I loved him. I didn't want to, I mean, it terrified me, but...for that moment, I loved him.

Elena: Do it. It's okay, I'm ready.
Alaric: I need you to be sure.
Elena: I'm sure. (begins to cry) Just take it away, please.

Welcome to Paradise [6.03]Edit

Black Hole Sun [6.04]Edit

Stefan: You ready to start over?
Damon: Hell yeah.

Damon: Think you can find our ticket out of here, Bon-Bon?
Bonnie: Hell. Yeah.

Damon: Thanks for the mind games, jackass.

Stefan: You get your daylight ring back when you decide to behave. Now, answer my question: Why did you come back here?
Damon: Because I missed my brother! I want to have a connection to my humanity, Stefan. I wanted to feel something again. And when I decided to come back home, it all came rushing back, just like I hoped it would.
Stefan: Oh, congrats. Now what?
Damon: Come on, man. Let's just hit the road, you and me, huh? I'll let you drive my car, I'll get you off this vegan diet, teach you how to feed again. It'll be great, Stef. Huh? What do you say? Come on! Trust me.
Stefan Yeah, I can imagine a road trip with you. I can imagine you feeding on innocent people and, uh, leaving a trail of bodies behind. I can image you making me drink human blood, and laughing at me while I suffer.
Damon: Way to be an optimist, Stefan.

Stefan: Just looking at the facts, Damon. 1912, you convinced me to drink human blood again, which is why I became a Ripper. In 1942, you almost pushed me off the rails again because you were so damn needy. 1977, you left my best friend to die after I sent her to come help you. And now, I'm finally happy. I have a new life, I'm doing well, and, uh, you just can't handle that, can you, Damon?
Damon: I'm not trying to screw up your dumb new life.
Stefan: You don't have to try, Damon. All you have to do is exist. Because no matter what I do or where I go, you will be with me forever, trying to destroy every single thing that I've built. I don't know why I thought this time would be any different. I wanted it to be different. You just keep failing.

Stefan: I'm never gonna be rid of you, am I?
Damon: No, you're not. 'Cause in 1912, I showed you who you were, Stefan. In 1942, I gave you your freedom, and in 1977 I almost killed your best friend because it should have been you there to help me, Stefan. You owe me, and it'll take you an eternity to pay me back. An eternity of misery, brother. Just like I promised.

Stefan: You had Alaric compel you to forget every good thing that Damon ever did. You made him a monster in your own mind because you couldn't handle the grief of losing him.
Elena: I don't believe anything that you're saying. Why would I do that?
Stefan: Because you were in love with him, and he was in love with you. And when Damon died, a part of you died, too.
Elena: Wow. Oh, God, what? No. No, could I possibly love Damon?
Stefan: Believe me, I asked myself that for a very long time. And eventually, I saw it. Damon inspired you. He pushed you to own the darkest parts of yourself. And when you died, he was the only one that could make you feel alive again, and you made him feel human. You loved Damon for the same reasons that I love Damon. Because in spite of every single thing that he did, we couldn't live without him. And now, you don't have to, but I do. So, I'm gonna do it my way. You do it yours.

Bonnie: I'm thinking about that pregnant lady. She had a thing for pancakes.
Damon: That's what you remember?
Bonnie: You remember it, don't you? You make pancakes every day.
Damon: 'Cause I'm bored...
Bonnie: No... 'Cause you're punishing yourself. You call this place your hell - that means you feel remorse. That's what makes you different than Kai. (gasps) Maybe there's hope for you!

The World Has Turned and Left Me Here [6.05]Edit

Bonnie: (to Damon) You know the last thing my Grams said to me... was to stay strong. What if that was her way of telling me I have the power to get out? I have the ascendant, a massive celestial event to draw from, plus a burning desire to get away from you.

Damon: Bonnie...get...out of here...
Bonnie: I'm not gonna make it. But you are.

Stefan: Yep. This is happening! I'm gonna talk out loud to a...a crypt filled with my dead family. Everyone but you, Damon. Because wherever you are, it's not here. I gotta say...I'm not doing so great without you. I keep trying to start over, but...I can't get anywhere. Because I'm lost, brother. I'm lost.

Stefan: Damon?
Damon: Yep. In the flesh.
Stefan: How am I seeing you right now?
Damon: Because I'm not dead, Stefan. (gestures to the liquor bottle) I mean, this stuff's good, but it's not "I see dead people" good.

Damon: It's a hell of a long story brother, but...I'm back. I'm back.

The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get [6.06]Edit

Damon: (to Stefan) Well you didn't think I was gone-gone. I promised you an eternity of misery.

Stefan: So how did you get back?
Damon: Long story, big flash of light, two decades worth of jet lag - I will explain all of my adventures in that flannel hellscape, but first, there's someone I got to go see.

Damon: She did what?

Alaric: Damon is going to kill me!
Elena: You're un-killable.
Alaric: Doesn't mean he won't try.

Damon: (about Elena) I just need to see her, Stefan. Our eyes will meet, fireworks will go off, and the balance of nature will be restored.

Elena: I have to go. I have a shift at the hospital.
Alaric: Since when?
Elena: Since Damon came back and I'm trying desperately to avoid him!

Damon: Look, I know why you did what you did. But it's not real. You know what's real? The way you felt for me. You once told me it was the most real thing you ever felt in your life.
Elena: Those feelings are gone.
Damon: Oh, come on, Elena. You've compelled enough people to know it's just a way of covering the truth. And no matter how badly you want it done, it doesn't make it any less of a lie.

Damon: (to Elena, through the door) I hear you breathing. You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear you breathe.

Damon: Just...just open the door, Elena, please... Or at the very least, stand aside, because I'm gonna kick this door in.

Stefan: Look. He's been trapped over there alone for months. He just wants to see you.
Elena: Look. I get how I'm supposed to feel, but I know how I actually feel and I'm happy now. What if I look at him and my old feelings break through the compulsion?
Stefan: Well, they won't, but even if they did, is that such a bad thing?

Elena: Stefan...I kissed Liam last night.
Stefan: Oh, please forget that you told me that and definitely do not tell Damon that.
Elena: Because he's gonna kill him, right?! Just like he killed my brother.
Stefan: I was going to say because he'll be heartbroken.

Alaric: the hell are you?
Damon: Well let's see, Ric... I clawed my way out of some retro pocket-universe only to find that I needed to compel myself a new change of clothes because this anti-magic hamster ball is keeping me from going home, and then I find out that my best friend, rather than doing anything about it, decided that it was the best use of his time to compel my beautiful and lovely girlfriend to forget that she ever loved me. I'm great, Ric! Thanks for asking.

Alaric: (to Damon, about Elena) She loved you too much, and it was killing her.

Bonnie: (voicemail) It's Bonnie. Leave a message. (beep)
Damon: That's it? That's your outgoing message. Really? I mean, the one time I'm actively seeking the sound of your voice, that's all I get. Perfect. Anyway, I'm in your room - which is a lot less weird than it sounds. But I just wanted to say that, because of what you did for me, today is the day I get to see Elena. So thank you, and...I'm sorry. Other than that, I don't know what to say or what I'm supposed to say except that, defying all possible global scenarios...I might miss you a little bit.

Jo: Why don't you just compel me out of the way? Look don't you think it's about time we level with each other?
Alaric: Okay, how's this: my best friend, he just came from the dead but now I have to save him from a vampire hunter before he's driven across an anti-magic border and killed...again. So here's some friendly advice: it's probably a good idea to stay as far away from me as possible.

Damon: Stefan could have told me there was a hunter in town.
Enzo: Eh, it probably slipped his mind because he's responsible for my return to incarceration.
Damon: And why would he do that?
Enzo: Probably jealous of my accent. Or, maybe he did it because I killed his new girlfriend.
Damon: Yeah. That'll do it.

Elena: I want my memories back.

Jo: (to Alaric) I followed you like a crazy stalker. Not one of my finer moments.

Jo: You'll die if I move you. You nicked your descending aorta.
Alaric: I know. It's what killed me.
Jo: Well you didn't have me back then, did you? And you didn't have hemostatic gauze.

Jo: (to Alaric) While I'm sealing this wound, I want you to think about how you tried to compel one of the smartest women on campus to forget about her date with you. The date where I single-handedly saved dozens of lives without smearing my makeup.

Sarah: It's gonna be okay-
Jeremy: No it's not! She's gone. Bonnie's gone...

Damon: Oh, I got it. Everybody's sorry. You're sorry you gave up on me, sorry you turned Enzo into that hunter guy. Ric's sorry for the compulsion. I'm sure if Elena could remember anything, she'd be sorry, too.

Damon: (about Elena) Ric said she's happy without me since she's erased me. You know what? I don't want her to be happy. I want her to be miserable, just like I am.
Stefan: (pauses) You done?
Damon: Yeah. I'm done.

Damon: Here goes everything.

Caroline: So am I your last stop on the Stefan Salvatore apology tour?

Do You Remember the First Time? [6.07]Edit

Damon: Okay, I'll start. I know Alaric eternal-sunshined our relationship out of your brain, but please, please tell me it's coming back. Or at least part of it, because imagining this exact moment is what got me through the last few months.
Elena: I'm not sure what to say...
Damon: Easy! So easy! Just say that you missed me as much as I missed you.

Elena: Damon, I know that I loved you.
Damon: Yeah!
Elena: And I know that, apparently, I forgave you for all the awful things that you did...
Damon: Yeah.
Elena: But I just don't remember it. I'm sorry, I just don't...feel it anymore.

Damon: All the terrible things I did to people Elena cared about, let's see... I turned Caroline into my own personal blood juice box, I turned Matt's sister into a vampire, and threatened to kill Bon-Bon a couple times.
Alaric: More than a couple.
Damon: Subjective - sometimes I was being funny.
Alaric: You killed Stefan's best friend - at his birthday party...
Damon: An unfortunate coincidence.
Alaric: And then you snapped Jeremy's neck when Elena said she'd never love you...
Damon: On second thought, let's focus on all of the charming, heroic things you obliterated from my girl's mind.

Elena: Do you want me to feel guilty? Because, trust me Damon, I do, okay? I feel horrible, and I'm sorry, but I don't... I don't know what to tell you. What do you want me to say? I don't remember us!
Damon: I do! And no matter how much I missed you or how much pain I was in, I never would have erased everything we ever had! Even if I was drowning in grief, I'd rather hang on to every moment that I ever held you, or every laugh that I ever heard, every shred of happiness that we ever had. I would rather spend every moment in agony than erase the memory of you.

Elena: I remembered something out there. Just bits and pieces, but, um...there were these stars, and then started to rain...
Damon: When you became a vampire, part of me was thrilled. Because suddenly there was this possibility I could have you in my life forever. And then the other part of me was devastated, because I realized you'd lost the life that you wanted to have...
Elena: It started to rain, and then... What happened, Damon?
Damon: And since I've been gone, you've gotten part of that life back. You're thriving, you're happy. Yeah, sure, maybe you'd be happy if we gave it another chance, but...the truth is, you're better off without me.
Elena: What are you talking about?
Damon: I died. You started over. I need you to live your life. Be happy. I love you, Elena. Enough to let you go.
Elena: (pauses) It started to rain... And...what?
Damon: It got cold and muddy. You were miserable, so we got in the car and we drove home.

(in a flashback) Damon:we should get out of this rain. Elena:just give it a sec it'll get better. (damon leans in and kisses elena) Elena:promise me that this is forever. Damon:i promise. (damon leans in and kisses elena again)

Caroline : Please don't ask my mother for her opinions. Stefan : You heard that? Caroline : Yeah. I've got superhearing. I hear everything. Stefan : Only when you listen. Why? Caroline : Why was I listening? Stefan : Why do you have a thing for me? Caroline : I don't. Stefan : Ok. Um... Why did you have a thing for me? Caroline : We said that we would never talk about this again, so just... Stefan : Look, Caroline, please just talk to me. Tell me how, tell me why. Please just make me understand how it is that I missed it. Caroline : What kind of a stupid question is that? Why did I have a thing for you? I don't know, Stefan. Maybe it's because I thought you worth having a thing for, because when I woke up as a vampire you told me that I would get through it and I did, because when I watched Elena move on with your brother I couldn't imagine why she would let anyone like you go, because you were practically my best friend, because I trusted you. Stefan : I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not seeing it, I'm sorry for not... Caroline : Feeling it back? Stefan : No. I didn't say that. I... I... Look. I don't know what I felt. You know, my head was all over the place, but I am incredibly sorry for the way that I treated you. Caroline : Yeah. Well... I know what you felt, Stefan, because even if just a little tiny piece of you felt for me what I was starting to feel for you, you wouldn't have walked away, and I don't hate you for that. I don't hate you for mourning your brother, I don't hate you for being the biggest jerk on the planet while doing so, and I accept your apology. Stefan : But you do still hate me. Caroline : Yes. Yeah, I hate you because if I don't hate you for ruining our friendship, then I have to hate myself for ruining it, and I think that I deserve better than that.

Fade Into You [6.08]Edit

Elena: You should have brought me with you. Well, first you should have told me that Bonnie was alive. And then you should have brought me with you.
Damon: Well Ric had more frequent flyer miles, and Ric didn't deliberately forget our entire relationship.
Elena: (pause) Yeah, I deserved that.

Elena: So you and Bonnie spent the last four months together?
Damon: Yeah.
Elena: What did you do?
Damon: Bickered, mostly. Cooked. Ate. We went through a Tetris phase, but I beat her and she got mad. (pause) We talked. A lot. Apparently there are a lot of words in the english language, and Bonnie knows just about all of them.
Elena: Yep. I know this is gonna sound...pretty strange, but...I'm really happy that the two of you had eachother.
Damon: She sacrificed herself so I could come back. (pauses) Wow. And when she wasn't talking she was listening. She's listen for hours and hours and hours. So...when the opportunity presented itself for me to come back...she made sure I took it.
Elena: What did you talk about?
Damon: (looks at her) What do you think?

Elena: I broke up with Liam.
Damon: Doctor Future-Humanitarian-Award wasn't good enough? What went wrong?
Elena: (looks at him) What do you think? (sighs) Look, I'm at a crossroads right now, where I could go live my life the way I think I probably should - be successful and safe, and probably very happy. Or I could risk all of that for this tiny glimmer of a feeling inside that...I just can't shake.
Damon: Well, Robert Frost...what's it gonna be?
Elena: (pauses) I don't know.
Damon: (sighs)
Elena: But I do know someone who could give me some pretty sound advice. Any chance you'd be willing to help me bring my best friend Bonnie back, so I could ask her?
Damon: (nods) Sure.

I, Alone [6.09]Edit

Christmas Through Your Eyes [6.10]Edit

Jeremy: (as they drag Enzo into the basement) Wouldn't it be billion times easier just to stake him in the heart?
Matt: Yeah, but he wouldn't suffer.

Woke Up With a Monster [6.11]Edit

Prayer For the Dying [6.12]Edit

[Tyler and Liv, who is looking in her compact mirror, are walking.]
Tyler: Why did you tell me your birthday was in two weeks?
Liv: To avoid this exact conversation. Am I wearing too much eyeliner?
Tyler: If you and Luke are 22, that means you're old enough to merge.
Liv: That's why Luke and I are gonna bust our wonder-twin powers of persuasion, make Dad think that Jo's powerful enough to overpower Kai, and Luke and I won't have to do the Merge.
Luke: [Walks up beside Tyler and Liv and points to the latter] You're wearing way too much makeup. [Points to Tyler] And he shouldn't be here.
Liv: He's not staying, and why are you wearing a tie?
Luke: I'm about to ask the leader of the Gemini Coven to let us out of a centuries-old tradition. I kind of need him to take me seriously.
Tyler: You should let me talk to him.
Liv: Really bad idea. Promise me that you'll stay out of it.
Tyler: What happens if you don't convince him?
Liv: We will.
Tyler: You die. You and Luke merge. Luke wins, you die.
Liv: Do you trust me?
Tyler: Do I have a choice?
Liv: Then don't worry. You're not gonna lose me.
[Tyler and Liv kiss. Liv and Luke walk away. Tyler watches on.]

The Day I Tried to Live [6.13]Edit

[Bonnie enters the garage, with Jeremy behind her. She closes the door, then starts the engine of Damon's car. Bonnie sits down behind the right side of the car, and as she prepares the video camera, Jeremy crouches down next to her.]
Jeremy: [Tries to touch Bonnie, but his arm passes through her] No, come on! You don't wanna do this. Just turn off the car, Bon. You can't die.
Bonnie: [Starts recording a message] It's probably a waste of time even recording anything, but Damon, Elena– whoever, you find this and you figure out how to work this stupid thing. Please tell everyone that I'm sorry.
Jeremy: Bonnie–
Bonnie: Tell them that I tried. I really tried to make it work. Um– [Starts crying] You know, I just miss too much. I miss saying hi to strangers–
[Jeremy sheds a tear.]
Bonnie: Ordering dinner– in a restaurant– laughing with my friends. But, um– spending every day here alone– with no one to talk to– going weeks without speaking– it's just the loneliness. It's– I can't take it. And I only know one way to turn it off. I'm sorry.
[Jeremy touches Bonnie's arm.]
Bonnie: Jeremy– I– I hope you're living your life– with no regrets. I hope you fight for the life you want– and don't ever give up on yourself– and stay strong. [Remembers something] Something my grams said. [Starts coughing] Stay– strong. [Turns off the video camera and continues coughing]
[Jeremy gets up. Bonnie tries to stand up, but the car exhaust fumes are too strong.]
Jeremy: [Desperately] Come on, Bonnie, get up. Come on!
Bonnie: [Starts crawling to the door] Gonna stay strong. I'm not gonna die in this place!
Jeremy: [Repeatedly tries to press the button to open the door, but his hand repeatedly passes through it] Bonnie, come on! Get up!
[Bonnie starts gasping and coughing as a result of inhaling the fumes.]
Jeremy: Bonnie, get up! Open! Come on! [Bonnie collapses and continues coughing] COME ON! [Finally succeeds in pressing the button to open the door]
[Bonnie stares at the sun, and as she gasps in relief while staring at the sun, Jeremy smiles at her.]

[Matt gets into the car where Enzo is.]
Enzo: So– how was your little coffee date? [Chuckles] You fancy her, don't you?
Matt: What was the point of this?
Enzo: You were a test. I wanted to see what kind of a person the last remaining Salvatore really is.
Matt: What kind of person she is?
Enzo: Well, she spurned your comically inept attempts to charm her and yet proved to be a good Samaritan when you needed assistance. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say her purity ranks about 9.5. When I'm through with her, she'll be a one.
Matt: So, what? You're gonna compel her to be bad?
Enzo: I'm not gonna compel her. I want Sarah to know that everything she did was of her own free will.
Matt: [Confused] What are you talking about?
Enzo: I'm going to insinuate myself into her life, make her do things she'd never dream of doing until she begs me to make her a vampire. [Chuckles] Stefan thought he could protect her. I'm gonna show him how wrong he is. [Starts the engine]

Stay [6.14]Edit

Damon:where are you going? Elena:i need some air or water or something Damon:elena..... Elena:caroline's mom almost died in my arms damon she almost died in my arms. (after a little while she turns around kisses him and he kisses her) Damon:i thought you wanted to start over not pick up where we left off. Elena:i don't care life's too short i don't wanna waste another minute.

Let Her Go [6.15]Edit

The Downward Spiral [6.16]Edit

A Bird in a Gilded Cage [6.17]Edit

I Could Never Love Like That [6.18]Edit

Because [6.19]Edit

I'd Leave My Happy Home for You [6.20]Edit

Wed You in the Golden Summertime [6.21]Edit

I'm Thinking of You All the While [6.22]Edit

Elena;" What are you doing?" Damon:" Waiting for you" Elena:" On the ground, where we first met?" Damon:" I was feeling symbolic"

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