The Unbearable Lightness of Being

1988 film by Philip Kaufman

Directed by Philip Kaufman. Screenplay by Jean-Claude Carrière based on the novel by Milan Kundera

Sabina : I've met another man. He's the best man I've ever met. He's bright, handsome and he's crazy about me. And, he's married. There's only one thing; he doesn't like my hat.

Tereza : I don't understand how someone can MAKE love without BEING in love.

Tomas: Take off your clothes.

"In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine"

"It is more important to save a half-buried crow from the ground than to send petitions to a president."

"...and Sabina knew she would leave Paris, move on, and on again, because were she to die here they would cover her up with a stone, and in the mind of a woman for whom no place is home the thought of an end to all flight is unbearable." --

"The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become."

"But when the strong were too weak to hurt the weak, the weak had to be strong enough to leave."

"Culture is perishing in overproduction in an avalanche of words, in the madness of quantity."

"I don't want to be jealous. I suppose I'm just not strong enough to stand up to it. Help me, please!"

"When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object."

"Only the most naive of questions are truly serious. They are the questions with no answers. A question with no answer is a barrier that cannot be breached. In other words, it is questions with no answers that set the limits of human possibilities, describe the boundaries of human existence."

"Love is a battle. And I plan to go on fighting. To the end." - Marie-Claude

"The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to earth, the more real & truthful they become."

"We can never know what we want, because, living only one life, we can neither compare it with our previous lives nor perfect it in our lives to come."

"what happens but once, might as well not have happened at all"

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