The Umbrella Academy

comic book series

The Umbrella Academy is a limited series comic book created by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. It follows the story of seven children who were adopted by the mysterious Sir Reginald Hargreeves and raised to save the world.

Issue 1: The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Berserk

  • The Umbrella Academy Featuring Sir Reginald Hargreeves A.K.A. The Monocle, in... The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Berserk Being Part One of Six in the Story: Apocalypse Suite
  • It came from an atomic flying elbow.
  • To this, Hargreeves relied-- To save the world, of course.
    To which the world asked -- From What?
    They received no answer. For it was the last time Sir Reginald and the children were seen.
    Until that day...
    The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Berserk.
    • Leading lines towards the title.

00.01 (Spaceboy): But I believe we can be of assistance.
French Police Officer: Who the hell are YOU?!
00.01: It's your Eiffel Tower...
...It's gone insane...
...and must be stopped at all costs.
Police Officer: What--? It is you children who are insane.
00.01: Allow me to introduce my subordinate, Number Three...
00.03 (The Rumor): Citizens of Paris...I heard a rumor that the Musée D'Orsay is giving away many of its finest paintings. They're also serving crepes.

00.07 (Vanya Hargreeves): Dad...? I mean...Mr. Monocle, sir? Why can't I play with the others?
Sir Reginald Hargreeves: Well, Number Seven... there's just nothing special about you.
00.07: "Oh. Where's Number Five? I don't see him down there...
Sir Reginald: The future, I away from home, no doubt. I can't be sure...nor can I be bothered. Why don't you go play your violin?

Sir Reginald: What's wrong, Number One?
00.01: Mr. Monocle, sir...when I grow up...I want to go into Space.
Sir Reginald: And so you shall, Number One... you shall.

Spaceboy: First boy in space. Here to save the Earth.
    • Title and tagline from one of the old posters hung in Space's "home" on the moon.
  • Extra Ordinary: My life as NUMBER 7 by Vanya Hargreeves
    • Title of book written by Vanya

Vanya': [answers sleepily] Hello?
The Conductor: You know your father is dead, right?
Vanya: [sits up, alert] Who is this?
The Conductor: I suppose I didn't expect you to be broken wrote a lot of nasty things about your family in that book of yours.
Vanya: [looking out the blinds suspiciously] What do you want?
The Conductor: I'm conducting a suite--the first of it's kind. It appears my chair for first violin has been rendered...vacant. I'd like you to audition.
Vanya: And why would I do that?
The Conductor: Revenge. Be at the Icarus theater at noon tomorrow. [hangs up]
  • This is the end of the first part of the Umbrella Academy adventure: Apocalypse Suite. There are five more chapters to the series, with twenty-two pages. There are seven members of the Umbrella Academy, and seventy-two names on the Eiffel Tower. Thre is no connection between these numbers.
    • Ending note from Gerard Way on the Apocalypse Series

Issue 2: We Only See Each Other At Weddings And Funerals

  • The Umbrella Academy Featuring the Mortal Remains of Sir Reginald Hargreeves A.K.A. The Monocle in: We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals Being Part Two of Six in the Story: Apocalypse Suite
  • Everything I own is black."
    • 00.04 (The Séance)
    • Terminaut Titus in response to Terminaut Cornecius' observation in lack of concern in the citizens about the Terminaut's arrival in the carnival.

00.05 (The Boy Who Disappeared): [narrating] Dad always warned me not to go too far into the future...
Because he told me I could never go back.
And even though I hated him, and tried to prove him wrong...
[standing a top a pile of rubble] I knew I shouldn't have run away from home.
[narrating] Because what I found wasn't just a place where I could hide.
What I found was the end of the world.
  • But it's the one thing about you that's 'Extra Ordinary.'
    • The Conductor during Vanya's audition for violin first chair.

LThe Conductor: Hmph, lacking in finess, but adequate... Can I interest you in destroying the world?

Vanya: Wh-what? Who are you...?
The Conductor: We are The Orchestra Verdammten. The finest musicians in all of the world. But very unique...a collection of madmen and murderesses. Hearts and deeds as black as the very instruments we play. I am The Conductor. I've written a new piece. The Apocalypse Suite. My life's work. Two parts Faust, three parts La Bohème, a dash of messiah, and a bit of my own cantata. The exact combination, if played in the right key, with the precise dynamic, will destroy the world. It's just missing one thing--you.
Vanya: What?
The Conductor: Could your father have been wrong about you, after all? Could you really be...capable of something great?
Vanya: Find yourself another violin...and don't follow me. [leaves]
The Conductor: [stops a henchman] Let her go...she if most likely going to her family for which case we should expect her back very soon.
  • Maybe I haven't made myself clear-- What I learned in the future-- The world was destroyed just three days after Hargreeve's death! Time is running out.
    • 00.05, attempting to stop Spaceboy's and the Kracken's fighting.

Dr. Pogo: Look! The carnival! It's on fire--!
Spaceboy: ...the Terminauts...
00.05: The what?
Spaceboy: Dr. Terminal's farewell 'gift.' He told us all about it the last time we fought him--before Hargreeves sent him away, he built and programmed the Terminauts to activate should we ever re-form...which means Vanya must be somewhere in the city.
Dr. Pogo: But Space-- The Kracken--
Spaceboy: Let him go...maybe he'll get himself killed. Everyone else to the Televator...because according to the Terminauts--we're a team again.

  • In closing, I'd like to point out that I never desired to break the children. I merely sought to foster their potential--which was unfortunately never that vast.
    • Sir Reginald Hargreeves, during his acceptance speech at the National Thallium Awards.

Issue 3: Dr. Terminal's Answer

  • The Umbrella Academy Featuring The Terminauts in: Dr. Terminal's Answer Being Part Three of Six in the Story: Apocalypse Suite
    • Issue Three title
  • I never considered myself a lucky man...never won a raffle, never made a dime on the ponies...but then the doctors told me I developed a rare disease...Eisenstein Syndrome. It affects one in two-point-five million eats you from the inside...starting with the nervous system...ending with the brain. How's that for lucky?
    • Dr. Terminal explaining his disease to a tied-up and gagged 10-year-old 00.03 (The Rumor)
  • Get the children out of here!
    • Spaceboy yelling at The Rumor, during the battle against The Terminauts.
  • Observation_! There are fewer numbers of the Umbrella Academy than expected_! And there'll be fewer momentarily_!
    • Terminaut J pointing out the missing members of the Umbrella Academy.
  • The carnival--it's on fire...! I bet it's my family... Drive me there. And drive fast."
    • Vanya Hargreeves

00.05: [watching a news report of the Terminaut's battle, sitting in a hospital-style room] I should be down there with them...they need me.
Dr. Pogo: [grasping paper froma machine with wires attatched to 00.05] I would advise against action until we figure out what's going on with your biology--which appears to be that of a perfectly healthy sixty-year-old man trapped in the shell of a ten-year-old child. But here's the facinating aren't aging. Scans show no signs of cell death, yet no signs of cell growth. It's as if your body is stuck in time.
00.05: [getting up, puting his shirt back on] Well, the clock may have stopped ticking on me, but it's still ticking on the world... closing in on destruction. We need to start searching for clues...anything...
Mom: I don't think that's such a good idea, Number Five...
00.05: [adjusting his tie] With all due respect, Mrs. Hargreeves, I am not only and actual human being, But a good thirty years older than anyone in this room. I appreciate you naming and raising my siblings, but I have little use for 'mothering.' [putting his uniform jacket back on] May I suggest you worry yourself with the wearabouts of The Kracken... or bake a soufflé. Let's go, doctor...

The Séance: [hiding behind a piece of a ride with Space, Rumor and several children, avoiding fire from The Terminauts] I was better off at Shinyview--at least you get a sponge bath from a large ex-con.
Spaceboy: Séance-- I don't think this is the time or place--
Terminaut Lucius: Cowardance_!
The Séance: The papers all said I was cracked, but I checked myself in...Comatose ward...I preferred the company.
The Rumor: Jesus, Klaus...

Vanya: [running towards Spaceboy] My God...SPACE!!
Terminaut V: [coming out from behind a trashcan] Patience is a virtue_! Target 00.07 acquired_! [shoots several missles]
Spaceboy: [turning around, spotting Vanya] Vanya?
The Kracken: [pushing Vanya away from the missles] DAMMIT! [staring angrliy at a shocked Vanya beneath him] What the hell are you DOING here?! You think you can just show your face after all these years?!!
Terminaut V: Amazement_! Astounding stupidity_!
Vanya: I--I wanted to help... There's something I need to tell you!!
The Kracken: YOU LEFT!!! [standing up] The only thing you're going to help us with is getting killed...and there's nothing you can tell me that I want to hear. I used to think I had a sister...but I've got nobody. Get lost.

The Conductor: [holding a gun after shooting a violin player] Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong! How many times must we DO this?! I'm running out of bullets!!!
Vanya: D-do you have room in this orchestra for one more? [walking up on the stage] I used to thing I had a family...but I have nobody. Let's give them a performance they'll never forget.
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