The Twilight Zone (2002 TV series)

2002 American TV series

The Twilight Zone (2002–2003) was an American science-fiction/fantasy anthology television series based on Rod Serling's classic TV anthology show, The Twilight Zone. Like the original series and the second series, this show contains mostly ironic or special situations with a twist at the end, which show the human nature, coupled with science fiction, horror or fantasy.

Opening narration edit

You're traveling to another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound...but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are only that of the imagination. You're entering...the Twilight Zone.

Season 1 edit

Evergreen [1.01] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet the Winslows, a family searching for a way to control their troubled teen. How far they're willing to go will take them to a gated community whose address can only be found in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: The Winslows have finally taken back control of their family, but it cost them one teenage daughter. A deal brokered the Twilight Zone.

One Night at Mercy [1.02] edit

Forest Whitaker: Our congratulations to Dr. Jay Ferguson, who has just saved his first life. But tonight, he will meet a patient who will challenge all his assumptions about living and dying in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Life and death walk side by side. They are partners in the cycle of existence. If you don't believe it, just talk to Dr. Jay Ferguson, now a first-year the Twilight Zone.

Shades of Guilt [1.03] edit

Forest Whitaker: Portrait of Matthew McGreevey, a man who looks in the mirror and sees a decent, upstanding citizen. But appearances can be deceiving and tonight, Matt's about to get a reality check at an intersection known as the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: The old saying goes "You don't know a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes." Matt McGreevey went one better. He got to walk in another man's skin. A simple lesson in compassion, courtesy of the Twilight Zone.

Dream Lover [1.04] edit

Forest Whitaker: The blank page. For some, it's a nightmare. Our story tonight is about a writer caught in just such a nightmare. Desperately in search of inspiration, he has taken up refuge in a secluded chalet, dead center in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: For some, the blank page can be a source of dread, but for Sondra Lomax, it was on her way to another bestseller. That nightmare is in the past thanks to her own resolve and a sturdy eraser. Tools of the trade in the Twilight Zone.

Cradle of Darkness [1.05] edit

Forest Whitaker: What if you had a chance to go back in time, to save millions of lives by killing one man? Andrea Collins will soon discover this mission to be more difficult than she ever imagined, as she takes a one-way trip into the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: A moment of silence for Andrea Collins. She sacrificed her life for the good of mankind, but she also created the very monster she sought to destroy. History can never be changed. Not even in the Twilight Zone.

Night Route [1.06] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet Melina Croner, a young woman out for a late-night walk, unaware that she's about to reach a fork in the road, where she'll face a life-altering decision that can only be made in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Pity. Poor Melina Croner. She spent her entire life too afraid to live it and lost all hope at happiness. Making the wrong choice can be fatal in the Twilight Zone.

Time Lapse [1.07] edit

Forest Whitaker: Zack Walker was a simple man with simple problems until today. In the blink of an eye, he's lost the last two days of his life. Where is he? How did he get here? Zack will soon discover the unsettling answers to these questions in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Two lives have been exchanged to save one young woman, making Zack Walker the most unlikely of heroes. Unfortunately, Zack will never know why it had to be this way because the answer only resides in the Twilight Zone.

Dead Man's Eyes [1.08] edit

Forest Whitaker: Born into a life of wealth and privilege, Laurel Janus has always gotten exactly what she wants. But with the murder of her husband, Laurel's life of luxury has been shattered. Now all she wants is to see justice done. A justice that can only be found in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Laurel Janus' vision of justice has finally come into focus. The verdict: guilty. Guilty of a life lived in complete denial. And now serving out her sentence in a lonely corner of the Twilight Zone.

The Pool Guy [1.09] edit

Forest Whitaker: Name: Richie Almares. Job description: Pool guy. In just a moment, Richie's mundane daily routine will become a never-ending nightmare, one that will give new meaning to the word victim. That nightmare begins now in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Richie Almares' prison has no walls, no bars, not even a single guard. It's simply a state of mind from which there can be no escape. Sweet dreams, Richie.

Azoth the Avenger Is a Friend of Mine [1.10] edit

Forest Whitaker: Craig Hansen's only refuge from his abusive father is a fantasy realm, home to that heroic protector of the weak, Azoth the Avenger. But Craig is about to discover what happens when fantasy becomes reality in the Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Sometimes we pray for a hero to deliver us from evil. Armed with nothing more than his new-found courage and a powerful imagination, Craig Hansen discovered that hero was none other than himself. Chalk one up for the good guys in the Twilight Zone.

The Lineman [1.11] edit

Forest Whitaker: Tyler Andrew Ward, a telephone lineman and charter member in the fraternity of lonely dreamers. Tyler is about to test what he wishes for to the breaking point and beyond. You might say what you're about to see is impossible. Probably in most places, but not here in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Be careful what you wish for. They say the drives of the human primate are to breathe, eat, find shelter and mate. But what part of the psyche is it that never learns when it's had enough? Insurance companies say lightning strikes are acts of God. Hey, maybe he or she has nothing to do with it. Maybe they are just doorways into the Twilight Zone.

Harsh Mistress [1.12] edit

Forest Whitaker: Cory Williams dreams of being a rock star and all that it brings: fame, fortune, an endless parade of women. But for some, this dream comes with a price. For Cory, that price will be something far greater than he ever bargained for.

Forest Whitaker: A warning for all you wannabe rock stars: make sure you have the talent to back up your ambitions because sometimes, dreams die hard. Just ask Cory Williams, currently on tour in the Twilight Zone.

Upgrade [1.13] edit

Forest Whitaker: Perfection. Isn't that something we all yearn for? Annie Macintosh does. She wants the perfect house, the perfect family, the perfect life. But she's about to learn that perfection is an illusion...and a terrifying one at The Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Just a game? Or is it? How do we know we aren't all just characters in some computer game called life? And at any moment, each of us could be replaced by someone a little smarter, a little younger, a little more...perfect?

To Protect and Serve [1.14] edit

Forest Whitaker: Eric Boggs, policeman. These are his streets, his people. He sees himself as their guardian angel, but Eric's sense of duty and his sanity are about to be tested by a most uncommon criminal in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Officer Eric Boggs became a policeman to protect and serve the innocent, a duty he took very seriously, which is why he is still on patrol. His new beat? The Twilight Zone.

Chosen [1.15] edit

Forest Whitaker: Now that's a sales pitch Vince Hansen doesn't hear every day. But what exactly did they mean by chosen? In the Twilight Zone, Vince is about to find out the answer, whether he wants to or not.

Forest Whitaker: In a world about to end, Vince Hansen was given a chance for salvation, but leave it to Vince, one of life's perpetual losers, to make the wrong choice and wind up just another cinder on an ash heap the Twilight Zone.

Sensuous Cindy [1.16] edit

Forest Whitaker: Sexual fantasies. Every one of us has them. Harmless enough most of the time. On the eve of his marriage, Benjamin Baker has decided to indulge himself. He's about to get very, very lucky. Or is he?

Forest Whitaker: Benjamin Baker narrowly escaped his fantasy, while his fiancée explores her own sensual nature. A glimpse into the future of modern romance, for better or for worse, courtesy of the Twilight Zone.

Hunted [1.17] edit

Forest Whitaker: Welcome to the near future, where a society, free of violence, suddenly finds itself threatened by a savage enemy. Now Jeffrey Freed is about to get a taste of the bad old days as he journeys into the wilds of the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: God created humanity in his image. Humans created Jeffrey Freed and his kind in their image. Extinction or evolution? I guess it all depends on your point of view.

Mr. Motivation [1.18] edit

Forest Whitaker: Charlie Stickney has never had quite enough confidence to stand up for himself. But today is different. Today is a day of reckoning, a test of character, a battle of wills, thanks to a very unusual toy made in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: By listening to that little voice, Charlie Stickney won the battle of wills with his boss and with himself. Another success story courtesy of...
Mr. Motivation: The Twilight Zone.

Sanctuary [1.19] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet Scott Turner, a hotshot sports agent who thinks he knows the path to success is happiness. But Scott will discover that these two things don't necessarily go hand in hand as he makes a detour off the beaten path and into the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Most of us dream of paradise at one time or another. Scott Turner actually found his. Unfortunately, he was unable to hold onto it and found himself back in the game of modern life.

Future Trade [1.20] edit

Forest Whitaker: Martin Donner doesn't realize it yet, but he's just been offered the deal of a lifetime. All he has to do is walk through a door and into the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Next time somebody offers you a deal too good to be true, make sure you read the fine print, especially when that deal is brokered in the Twilight Zone.

Found and Lost [1.21] edit

Forest Whitaker: Sean Moore, a man on the eve of attaining a level of wealth that most of us can only dream about. But the choices Sean made to get to this point are about to come back to haunt him, courtesy of the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: They say you can't go home again. But tell that to Sean Moore, who traded his fortune for the most precious gift of all: a chance to wipe the slate clean and start life anew.

Gabe's Story [1.22] edit

Forest Whitaker: William Shakespeare once wrote that the fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves. However, Gabe O'Brien, a man who just can't get a break is about to learn the fault may actually lie somewhere else.

Forest Whitaker: Shakespeare observed that all the world's a stage, its men and women merely players. But Gabe O'Brien proved that sometimes you can grab the pen from the poet and write your own story. A lesson learned in the Twilight Zone.

Last Lap [1.23] edit

Forest Whitaker: Marco Flores and Andy Perez are about to drive their last lap together in a race against destiny. But this particular course has an unexpected detour into the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: It's natural to fear death. But with a little help from his family and friends, Andy Perez learned to accept the inevitable. Rest in peace, Andy.

The Path [1.24] edit

Forest Whitaker: The future. We'd all like to know what's in store for us. Ally Warner has just been given a glimpse into hers. Now she's about to go down a path that will lead her deep into the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: By seeking the path to her future, Ally Warner put her destiny into the hands of another. And now that path has become a dead end filled with helplessness, despair, and boundless dread. Miss Ally Warner, facing the bleakest of futures in the Twilight Zone.

Fair Warning [1.25] edit

Forest Whitaker: When you're in love, the world seems perfect. Just ask Tina Bishop. But unrequited love, that's a different story altogether. And Tina's about to find out just how painful and dangerous it can be.

Forest Whitaker: Sometimes it's just a voice that whispers in our ear, an impulse for decency residing in even the darkest of souls. And that voice can sometimes make the difference between life and death. Just ask Tina Bishop.

Another Life [1.26] edit

Forest Whitaker: When you're at the top of your game like Marvin Gardens, the only thing left to conquer is fear: fear that your success won't last, that maybe, just maybe, you might fall back into a life you once escaped.

Forest Whitaker: For Dwayne Grant, a.k.a. Marvin Gardens, justice was just an illusion. So he escaped into an illusion of his own making. Dwayne out his the Twilight Zone.

Rewind [1.27] edit

Forest Whitaker: Jonah Beach has a problem. All of his adult life, he's been trying to beat the house and always coming up short. But Jonah may have just found the edge he needs to win, courtesy of the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: In chasing the big score, Jonah Beach forgot the one unchanging rule of the game: the house always wins, especially in the Twilight Zone.

Tagged [1.28] edit

Forest Whitaker: Marcus Fisher is a tagger, an advance man, if you will, for the A Street Deuces, a gang armed with the usual vices and willing to do anything to show the world just who rules. Marcus is about to get schooled in a little thing called consequence. Because tonight, just down that alley, he'll make his own mark in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: A mark on a wall, ink under the skin. Easy enough things to remove with enough pain and effort. But only an act of contrition could erase the tag on Marcus Fisher's soul in the Twilight Zone.

Into the Light [1.29] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet Rachel Stark. She may think she's ready to quit her job and leave her students behind, but today this teacher's going to learn a lesson in commitment, courtesy of the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Rachel Stark didn't ask to be special. She didn't want to be a hero. But sometimes fate reaches out a cold hand to tap your shoulder from the Twilight Zone.

It's Still a Good Life [1.30] edit

Forest Whitaker: Forty years ago, Rod Serling introduced us to a monster, a monster so powerful he was able to make the world disappear just by using his mind. For the residents of Peaksville, Ohio, the nightmare had begun. The monster knew their every thought, could feel their every emotion; and when they made him angry, which was often, he would banish them into a cornfield from which there was no return. And the most frightening thing about this monster was that he was only six years old. Now it's forty years later, and the people of Peaksville are still in Hell. Oh, yes, there's one other thing: The monster now has a child of his own, and though she possesses none of her father's powers, he still loves her very, very much.

Forest Whitaker: No lesson to be learned here. No morals to be taught. Just an update from Peaksville, Ohio, where Anthony and Audrey Fremont want you to think happy thoughts. And you better do as you're told. Otherwise, you might wind up in that cornfield known as the Twilight Zone.

The Monsters Are on Maple Street [1.31] edit

Forest Whitaker: Maple Street, U.S.A. A suburban community on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. But in a few moments, everything will change for the residents of Maple Street as they discover that the monsters they fear may already be among them.

Forest Whitaker: It isn't enough for a sole voice of reason to exist. In this time of uncertainty, we're so sure that villains lurk around every corner, that we will create them ourselves if we can't find them. For while fear may keep us vigilant, it's also fear that tears us apart. A fear that sadly exists only too often outside the Twilight Zone.

Memphis [1.32] edit

Forest Whitaker: Ray Ellison just got the kind of news all of us dread. But on the worst day of his life, Ray Ellison's luck is about to change. He's going to have a chance to save his future by altering the past.

Forest Whitaker: Ray Ellison was looking for a fresh start and he only had to go back 35 years to find one. Sometimes the key to our future lies in the past. A lesson courtesy of the Twilight Zone.

How Much Do You Love Your Kid? [1.33] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet Donna Saicheck, just another person living beyond her means in uncertain times and looking for a short break from the reality of her existence. We're about to see just how far Donna is willing to go, when another kind of reality intrudes, in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: There's reality and there's entertainment. There's a life you lead and the fantasies you're led to, by a small but powerful group of people known as television executives, who recently discovered the entertainment value of real life. And in the future, if you think there's a risk they won't take, a line they won't cross, then we have an offer to make and some time for you to spend in the Twilight Zone.

The Placebo Effect [1.34] edit

Forest Whitaker: Dr. Leslie Coburn has always treated Harry with a placebo: an imaginary cure for his imaginary illnesses. But what will this young doctor do when her patient contracts a real disease? A disease found only in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Dr. Leslie Coburn had a brilliant idea: use an imaginary cure for an imaginary illness. But like the virus itself, Harry took her cure to heart and he made it real.
Dr. Leslie Coburn: What have I done?
Forest Whitaker: A testament to the amazing powers of the mind in the Twilight Zone.

Cold Fusion [1.35] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet Dr. Paul Thorson, man of reason. A man used to solving problems others deem impossible. He's about to find himself tested at a forgotten outpost in a frozen wasteland somewhere deep inside the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: The border between sanity and insanity is sometimes marked not by our reason but by fear. Fear of ourselves and our own capacity for destruction. An empirical observation recorded and filed by Dr. Paul Thorson in the Twilight Zone.

The Pharaoh's Curse [1.36] edit

Forest Whitaker: Magic is an art based on deceit, on illusion disguised as reality. Tonight Mario Devlin will question what he's always taken for granted: the difference between artifice and reality. Because tonight Mario will get his first real magic lesson in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: There's a place where blind ambition is forced to see. A place where if you're not careful, that climb to the top will age you beyond your years. But it's also a place where those who believe in real magic can stay forever young. A trick whose secret lies hidden deep within the Twilight Zone.

The Collection [1.37] edit

Forest Whitaker: Miranda Evans has a bond with children. She understands their problems, their fears. But tonight she will meet a special little girl with a very unique problem that will stretch Miranda's bond with reality itself.

Forest Whitaker: Miranda Evans thought she could help a little girl overcome her fears. Now Miranda will be able to ponder the true meaning of fear from inside a glass prison known as the Twilight Zone.

Eye of the Beholder [1.38] edit

Forest Whitaker: You have been introduced to Miss Janet Tyler, who lives in a very private world of darkness. A universe whose dimensions are the size, thickness, and length of the bandages that cover her face. In a moment, we'll witness the removal of those bandages and we'll see what's under them. Keeping in mind, of course, that we're not to be surprised by what we see, because this isn't just a hospital. And this patient, Janet Tyler, patient number 307, is not just a woman, because this happens to be the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Now the questions that come to mind: Where is this place and when is it? What kind of world is this where ugliness is the norm and beauty the deviation from that norm? You want an answer? The answer is it doesn't make any difference, because the old saying happens to be true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this year or a hundred years hence. On this planet or wherever there is intelligent life. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesson to be learned in the Twilight Zone.

Developing [1.39] edit

Forest Whitaker: For Edie Durant, life as she knew it ended over a year ago on a wet country road. But today she'll get a second chance at happiness because Edie Durant's future is about to develop in a place where the clearest picture isn't always black and white, and still life isn't quite so still: the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Edie Durant thought her life was over, but a lost love gave her a new path to follow. Now Edie is taking her first step back into the world and out of the Twilight Zone.

The Executions of Grady Finch [1.40] edit

Forest Whitaker: How does it go? The truth shall set you free? But try telling that to Grady Finch, a man about to pay for a crime he swears he didn't commit. Now all he can do is put his faith in a higher justice and pray for a miracle.

Forest Whitaker: It's said that truth and justice go hand in hand. Just ask Grady Finch, who thought he could cheat them both. Consider Grady's fate nothing more than a sentence the Twilight Zone.

Homecoming [1.41] edit

Forest Whitaker: Sometimes we forget that the casualties of war can extend beyond the battlefield. A teenager, about to unconditionally surrender to a life of bitterness and failure, will become the beneficiary of a very special rescue mission, led by a force of one in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Who's the real hero of this story? A father or a troubled son? So, who is the real hero of this story? There's no need to choose. Because there's room for both in the Twilight Zone.

Sunrise [1.42] edit

Forest Whitaker: Five close friends looking for a last good time before graduating college and going their separate ways. But their light-hearted search is about to take a dark turn. For the cave they're exploring isn't an ordinary cave: it's a passageway leading directly into the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: The sun has returned and the grateful world is warm again. But for these four survivors, a bitter chill remains. Haunted by uncertainty, they can find no peace of mind, no escape from the shadows of doubt, no light to guide them out of the murky depths of the Twilight Zone.

Burned [1.43] edit

Forest Whitaker: Meet Scott Crane, a real estate mogul who thrives on the art of the deal. In Scott's world, everyone has a price and any problem can be solved through skillful bargaining. But he's about to learn that some debts aren't so easily settled in the Twilight Zone.

Forest Whitaker: Scott Crane thought he could bargain his way out of any problem, but as he and his associates learned, the price of justice can never be negotiated, especially in the Twilight Zone.

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