The Twilight Saga: New Moon

2009 film directed by Chris Weitz

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is a 2009 American romantic fantasy film in which Edward leaves Bella after an attack that nearly claimed her life, and, in her depression, she falls into yet another difficult relationship - this time with her close friend, Jacob Black.

Directed by Chris Weitz. Written by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer.
The Next Chapter Begins

Bella Swan

  • It's still my birthday, can I ask for one thing? Kiss me.
  • [voice-over] Alice, you've disappeared, like everything else. Who else can I talk to? I'm lost. When you left...and he took everything with you. But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But in a way I'm glad...the pain is my only reminder that he was real...that you all were...
  • [voice-over] Alice, I saw him. Maybe I'm crazy now, I guess that's okay. If a rush of danger is what it take to see him, then that's what I'll find.
  • [voice-over] Alice. I wish I had your real address. I wish I could tell you about Jake. He makes me feel better. I mean...he makes me feel alive. The hole in my chest...well, when I'm with Jake it's like it's almost healed...for a while. But even Jake can't keep the dreams away.
  • [voice-over] Alice, things are...things are bad again. Without Jake, I, I can't stand it. I don't see Edward anymore...will it really feel like he never existed? I will find a place where I can see him again.
  • [voice-over] Alice, is it possible that everything is true? Fairy tales and horror stories? Is it possible that there isn't anything sane or normal at all?
  • [voice-over] Alice, I'm alright, until I'm alone. And lately that's all the time. Jacob's gone. He's hunting Victoria. And Charlie's hunting Jacob. And you're gone and so is Edward. And there's just nothing now. But I realize where I have to go, what I have to do to see him again.
  • Because it doesn't make sense for you to love me. I always knew that.
  • Jake... I love you. So, please. Don't make me choose. Cause it'll be him. It has always been him.
  • Shhhhhhhut up...
  • You don't know a thing about his soul.
  • If this is about my soul, take it! I don't want it without you she gets married on the last episode.

Edward Cullen

  • Marry me, Bella.
  • You can't trust me.
  • I swear, I will never fail you again.
  • You give me everything just by breathing.
  • Why are you doing this to me? You know what this means.
  • It's my job to protect you. From everyone...except my sister.
  • You are my only reason to stay alive. If that's what I am.


  • Alice Cullen: As soon as you put the dog out.
  • Jasper Hale: Happy birth— [Bella glares at him] —never mind.
  • Jacob Black: [After Bella makes a comment about his age] Age is just a number baby. What are you like 40, now?
  • Jacob Black: What a marshmallow.
  • Jacob Black: (Mike: What is your problem?) [To Mike] Right now, you're my problem. Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. [Angrily stands up and walks toward Mike with hostility] Do you want me to put you in the hospital?
  • Rosalie Hale: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to both of you, for how I've acted. And I'm really grateful that you were brave enough to go and save my brother. But this isn't the life I would've chosen, for myself. And I wish there had been someone to vote no for me. So, no. Jacob black is a man with a personality that is good.
  • Jane: [Staring at Edward] Pain.
  • Jane: [To Bella] This may hurt just a little.
  • Harry Clearwater: Don't worry about the bears, Bella. My Kung Fu is strong.
  • Jessica Stanley: [To Bella, after they both see a movie] I don't know why you want to sit through all those zombies eating people and no hot guys kissing anybody. It's gross... Like, why are there that many zombie movies anyway? 'Cause if it's supposed to, like, draw a parallel about leprosy, my cousin had leprosy, ok it's not funny, you know? And, like, is it supposed to be a metaphor for consumerism? Because don't be so pleased with your own, like, self-referential cleverness? Like, some girls like to shop. Not all girls, apparently. Although I was surprised you even called at all. Like, your depression thing, I get it. I'm totally, totally worried. But after a while, it's like, you're still bumming and I'm going through stuff too. And Mike said he just want to be friends. It's hard...
  • Charlie Swan: [To Bella, as he is about to punish her] Bella, do not ever do that to me again. Ever. And you're grounded for the rest of your life.
  • Emmett Cullen: [To Edward, at Bella's birthday party] Dating an older


Jacob Black: You're about to cross a line!
Bella Swan: Then don't draw one. Please.

Emmett Cullen: Dating an older woman? Hot.
Edward Cullen: [scoffs]
Emmett Cullen: What?

Charlie Swan: Look, Bella, I don't have to go fishing today.
Harry Clearwater: Yes, you do!

Bella Swan: You know, you're sort of beautiful.
Jacob Black: How hard did you hit your head?

Jacob Black: I've done it again...I keep breaking my promise.
Bella Swan: We don't have to do this to each other.
Jacob Black: Yes, we do.

Bella Swan: What happened to you? Whats wro— Hey! What happened? Did Sam get to you? Is that what's happening?
Jacob Black: Sam's trying to help me. So don't blame him. But if you want somebody to blame, how about those filthy bloodsuckers you love? The Cullens.
Bella Swan: I dunno what you're talking about—
Jacob Black: You know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been lying to everyone, Charlie...but you can't lie to me. Not any more, Bella.

Jacob Black: Look Bella. We can't be friends anymore.
Bella Swan: Look Jake, I know that I've been...hurting you. Its—its killing me, it kills me! I just need...maybe— just give me like some time, or something—
Jacob Black: Don't. It's not you.
Bella Swan: It's not you, it's me, right? Really?
Jacob Black: It's true! It is me. I'm not...good. I used to be— a good kid. But not anymore. This doesn't even matter, all right? This is over.
Bella Swan: You can't break up with me. I mean— I mean you're my best friend. You promised me.
Jacob Black: I know. I promised I wouldn't hurt you Bella. And this is me, keeping my promise. Go home Bella. And don't come back. Or you're gonna get hurt.

Bella Swan: [Approaching the Quileute Pack] What did you do? Hey what did you do? [pushes Sam]
Paul: [Growls]
Embry: Hey, watch it.
Sam: Easy.
Bella Swan: He didn't want this!
Paul: What did we do? What did he do, huh? What did he tell you?
Sam: Both of you, calm down.
Bella Swan: Nothing! He tells me nothing because he's scared of you.
Paul, Jared and Embry: [laughs]
Bella Swan: [Slaps Paul]
Jared: [Paul begins to phase into a wolf] Too late now!
Sam: Bella, get back! Paul! Calm down now.
[Paul phases and Bella runs towards the house]
Jacob Black: [Running towards Bella] Bella!
Bella Swan: Run! Jake, run!

Emily Young: [Upon seeing Bella] Who's this?
Embry Call: Bella Swan, who else?
Emily Young: Oh, so you're the vampire girl.
Bella Swan: You're the wolf girl?
Emily Young: [Laughs] Yeah...well, I'm engaged to one.

Jared: I hope Paul sinks his teeth into him, serves him right.
Embry: No way man, Jake's a natural. Did you see him phase on the fly? I got 5 says Paul doesn't touch him.

Bella Swan: I've brought you something. It's a little crazy.
Jacob Black: Wowwwwww. Scrap metal. You shouldn't have.

Jacob Black: So, "Face Punch", huh? You like action movies?
Mike: No, not really.
Jacob Black: I heard it sucks. Bad.
Mike: Hey... Are you even old enough to see this movie? I mean, without adult supervision?
Jacob Black: Right... Yeah. Well, she's buying my ticket for me.
Mike: Right... Okay.
Bella Swan: Well, Jessica bailed and Angela's got the stomach flu so Eric's taking care of her... It's just us three.
Jacob Black: Great...
Mike: Great...

Emmett Cullen: Already installed it in your truck. Finally a decent sound system for that piece of cra--
Bella Swan: Hey! Don't hate the truck.



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