The Tower of Druaga (anime)

Japanese anime television series

The Tower of Druaga (2008–2009) is a fantasy adventure anime series, produced by GONZO and directed by Koichi Chigira. The show is set 80 years after the events of the classic 1984 Namco arcade game of the same name and follows the adventures of Jil, a young man who seeks to climb the eponymous tower and defeat the demon rumored to lie in wait at the top. The series was split into two parts. The first is subtitled The Aegis of Uruk and originally aired from April to June of 2008; the second is subtitled The Sword of Uruk and originally aired from January to March of 2009.

Season 2 (The Sword of Uruk)


Meskia, Capital City [2.2]

[Uragon has just broken down the door to Kelb's restaurant; in response, Utu draws his weapon.]
Kelb: Hey...hey! That is a new axe!
Utu: Not bad, right? I used up most of my prize money buying this thing, but it was worth it!

[Jil has just picked an object up off the ground to use in self-defense.]
Jil: What do I always end up with the stick?

Meltland, City of Dreams [2.3]

Narrator: The Tower of Druaga - the colossal, mythical structure created by human hands - cast its long shadow over the land. Jil, the young hero who succeeded in defeating the evil god, Druaga, met the enigmatic girl, Ki, and together they began climbing the tower once again. Unfortunately, none of them has a clue as to what lies ahead. Little do they know, this episode ends with an avalanche.

At the Dream's End [2.9]

[Kaaya is lamenting her failure to stop her friends from following her into the Tower of Fantasy.]
Coopa: You're in so much pain, so miserable that you want to crawl into a dark hole somewhere and die, don't you? Because you were supposed to be the one and only tragic heroine who sacrificed herself for a much higher cause, but now we've screwed everything up.
Kaaya: No! That's not what I mean!
Coopa: Your body hurts all over and you're starving to death and there's something terribly wrong with your bowel movements as of late, and your chronic athlete's foot is acting up again, and it's more than your tender little heart can bear, right? Is that closer to what you're saying?
Kaaya: I do not have athlete's foot! And my bowel movements have consistently been...wait, what am I saying?

Coopa: (to Kaaya) Your smile's great. It looks kind of evil!

He Who Shoots the Gods [2.11]

Shadow of Gilgamesh: Ki, be on my side. It's pretty fun to be the bad guy, you know.

Shadow of Gilgamesh: Those eyes! The eyes of an innocent fool who still believes in this world.
Jil: Yeah? What's your point?
Shadow of Gilgamesh: They really piss me off!

Shadow of Gilgamesh: Your name?
Jil: I am Jil, son of Marka.
Shadow of Gilgamesh: Jil, is it? Hahahaha! So, Gil and Jil are fighting to the death!

Shadow of Gilgamesh: A person who has never been alone...cannot defeat me!

Without Letting Go [2.12]

Neeba: There is something empowering about blowing up a mountain.

Neeba: All this time, I managed to mistake my sibling rivalry for a God complex. I really must be crazy.
Jil: Why didn't you ever just tell me how you felt?
Neeba: Ha, don't be stupid. You know I've got too much pride to be honest.
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