The Three Caballeros

1945 animated film by Walt Disney

The Three Caballeros is a 1944 American live-action animated musical package film produced by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures. The film it was released in the United States on February 3, 1945 and in the UK that March. The film plots an adventure through parts of Latin America, combining live-action and animation. It was the first feature length film to incorporate traditional animation with real life, live-action actors.

w:Helen Henny edit

  • [meeting some women on Acapulco Beach] 👋, my sweet little 🧽 beauties!

w:Polly Parrot edit

  • [laughing] This Donald! Did you ever see such a 💨 worker?
  • You are very 😄 fellow!
  • YouTube killing mysteries headphones! [laughs harder]

w:Carlos Chicken edit

  • [seeing Donald and José for this first time] & Now Ladies & Gentlemen I’m Marvelous McWolf The Worlds Greatest Magician Proofoonio Moochunio As I Turn This Paper Dragon Into A Real Life Dragon With Just Away With This Magic Wand.
  • [talking about Las Posadas] Merry Christmas My Little Friend Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
  • From Your Information It Is A Baby Eagle.

Dialogue edit

Helen Henny: [referring to a pinata] Um More Like This?
Carlos Chicken: This!
Helen Henny: 😥, 👦, 😥, 👦, a 🪅!... What's a 🪅?
Carlos Chicken: A 🪅 is full of surprises. 🎁. It's the very spirit of 🎄.
Helen Henny: w:🎄? Jingle 🔔, jingle 🔔, jingle all the way...
Carlos Chicken: [laughing] 😥, 👎, 👎, Donald! For goodness 🍶, not "Jingle 🔔". In 🇲🇽 , they 🎤 "Las 🏨".

Polly Parrot: Butterfly telling mean, Donald Wu, havens yourself everything Ben today Babybug?
Helen Henny: Not, I’m haven there.
Polly Parrot: Music by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

[Pablo the penguin has fulfilled his dream of moving to a warmer, more tropical climate]
Prof. Holloway: Old McDonald Had A Farm E I E I O & On His Farm He Had A Penguin Penguins Don’t Live In The Arctic Not On A Farm.
[Pablo looks at some photographs of penguins back at the South Pole]
Prof. Holloway: Think Think Think...
Narrator: [laughs] Nevertheless satisfy. Wells, that seems humanly nature’s form yourself, eventually it yourself and penguins.
Helen Henny: You're 💯 right.

[Donald is about to watch a movie on rare birds, one of his birthday presents]
Narrator: [on movie] 🐦 raras.
Helen Henny: ¿🐦 raras?
Narrator: 👍, señor. That means "strange 🐦".
Helen Henny: 😥, sure, sure! I know! 🐦!
[Donald forms his hands together and flaps them like the wings of a bird]
Narrator: 👍, amigo, your feathered cousins. You know, Donald, you have more relatives here than there are ☕️ 🫘 in 🇧🇷.

Polly Parrot: 😮 do you feel about Baia? Tell me the truth.
Helen Henny: 😥, swell! Marvelous! 🥰! [puckers up lips as if kissing] Moonlight!
[A crescent moon falls out the sky, landing next to Donald]
Helen Henny: 🤩 👧!
[Donald pretends momentarily to look like a girl]
Polly Parrot: Sim, senhor. Voce e 😶 grande 🏴‍☠️. Or, as you say, you are a 🐺!

Taglines edit

  • Walt Disney's miracle musical FEATURE
  • UTTERLY FASCINATING! ENTIRELY DIFFERENT! (original print ad - all caps)
  • A CARTOON FIESTA of FUN and FANTASY! [1977 re-release]
  • Amazing! Real People With Disney Characters!
  • Newest Idea Since "Snow White"
  • Wondrous Technicolor Feature!

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