The Tale of Desperaux

American children's novel, 2003, featuring an anthropomorphic mouse

Quotes edit

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a brave, little mouse who loved honor and justice and always told the truth. No, that's not him. [Roscuro yawns] That's a rat. And anyone who knows anything, knows there is a big difference between a mouse and a rat. First of all, rats hate the light. [Roscuro climbs on a barrel and looks at the sun] They spend their lives in the darkness. Also terrify the people which is why they're slinking and cover all the time. [Roscuro goes to near of a sailor named Pietro] And as far as telling the truth as concerned, well, that is impossible, because as everyone knows [Roscuro clears his throat] a rat can't talk.
Roscuro: Tell me that thing again, please.
Pietro: Come on.
Roscuro: Just once, I promise. Tell me one more time and I won't ask you ever again, I swear.
Pietro: Fine. We are headed to Dor, one of the most magical places in the whole world.
Roscuro: No, that's not what you said before. You know, every place has something special and in Dor, it's the soup!