The Story of Saiunkoku

Japanese light novel series

The Story of Saiunkoku (彩雲国物語, Saiunkoku Monogatari, lit. Tale of the Land of Colored Clouds) is a series of Japanese light novels written by Sai Yukino and illustrated by Kairi Yura, set in the fictional empire of Saiunkoku. A manga version, also illustrated by Kairi Yura, and an anime adaptation have been produced. Shurei Hong, a descendant of a noble family that has fallen on hard times, joins the imperial household as the young Emperor's consort and teaches the Emperor to be a responsible ruler. The story details Shurei's growing relationship with the Emperor and other members of the court, the intrigues of imperial politics, and her commitment to better herself and her country.

Kou Shuurei

  • A woman's word is a promise.
  • Wheat! I hate wheat! There's a little line going down the center mocking me saying that it's not rice!

Shi Ryuuki

  • A wise man knows to avoid danger.
  • We will wait for you.
  • Am I... not allowed to even touch the rose?

Si Seiran

  • I know exactly how to deal with a man you can neither kill... or let live.

Li Kouyuu

  • Did the building just grow wings and fly away?

Ran Shuuei

  • The Red-Light District is a very good place to gather information.

Rou Ensei

  • Your rivals aren't only the likes of His Majesty.

Tou Eigetsu

  • I'm sorry! It was just... it seemed like a private moment!


  • You're in the way. Move, stupid girl.


  • W-what? I'm only expressing concern over Shuurei-sama!


  • 'About thirty minutes ago, half of Kiyou has stopped. Come home immediately or I'll kill you.' -Li Kouyuu.
  • “Makeup is the war paint of a woman. Whenever you find yourself headed into battle, make sure you wear it. That way you’ll be certain you’ll never cry. If you cry, your makeup will run. And no matter how little you apply, your face will end up looking disgraceful. That’s why no matter how difficult things get, you’ll keep yourself from crying.”


Eigetsu: Was he of any help?
Everyone else: ...
Shuurei: Yes, yes! He was great.
Eigetsu: ... I am concerned about the uncomfortable pause.
Shuurei: Never mind the pause!
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