The Story (film)

1972 Bruce Lee's enacted storyline for The Game of Death

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The Story is a 2001 short film, directed in South Korea by John Little, distributed with the documentary DVD Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey.

Narrator Edit

  • While we may never know how The Game of Death would have turned out had Bruce Lee lived we do know, with unimpeachable certainty, the vision Lee had for the film during the time that he was filming its finale. According to his 12-page storyline the film would begin on an airplane that hade departed from Hong Kong. The character that Bruce Lee was to play in the film was named Hai Tien a retired, undefeated martial arts champion. Accompanying him on the flight would be his sister and young brother. The family are preparing to take a tour of Southheast Asia. When en route an annoucement is made that there will be a one-hour stopover in Korea. The plane then touches down and taxis into the gate at South Korea's Kimpo Airport.
  • [ Dialogue ]
  • Later, in the training garden of the Boss,s home avery member of the team is training but Hai Tien who is still reticent and worried about the safety of his family.
  • [ Dialogue:
  • Hai Tien: I want you to remember me
Hai Tien's brother: Why? I see you everyday
  • (The day after)
  • Hai Tien: Good morning Fellas! ]
  • Upon arriving at the compound the team must first fight their way through 10 guards all black belts in Karate. After dispatching the Karate men, the team heads for the pagoda. On man, the locksmith, opens the door to the temple. The martial artists enter the pagoda to do battle while the locksmith stands watch below. It was within the pagoda that the epic battles in The Game of Death were to take place as each floor of the pagoda was to be guarded by as killed martial arts stylist. On the first floor, one of the team would be killed. The second floor, The Floor of the Praying Mantis would see what was now the quartet lose another member of the team. Fortunately, the battle on the third floor of the pagoda and on the remaining floors as well, Bruce Lee captured on film.
  • [1972 original footage]
  • At the end of the film an exhausted Hai Tien Staggers down the steps from the pagoda and departs the village. Although Bruce Lee never finalized the details for the ending of the film it is evident from his scene breakdowns that the boss would be arrested. Hai Tien, his sister and brother would be reunited after returning of the Korean airport. The storyline perfectly justified the action that would be required in the film while the choreography of the fight sequences served to related Lee's message of personal liberation in the art of combat.

Hai Tien Edit

  • Good morning Fellas!

Tien Edit

  • [ Announcer: Attention: there is a call for Mr. Tien. Mr. Hai Tien, please pick up the white courtesy phone at gate 16.(Hai Tien answers)] Voice (Tien): We've got your sister and little brother. Listen carefully - there is a car waiting for you outside. I want you to calmly walk out and get into the car. The lives of your sister and brother depend on you doing exactly what you are told.

Other Edit

  • The Boss: This Is The Temple of the Leopard. It Is located there hours from here. This Temple contains one of our national treasures - It's irreplaceable and worth many millions of dollars to the Korean government. Your job will be to get it for me. As no guns are allowed here, the temple is guarded by trained fighters - martial artist. The temple has five floors - and we believe that the treasure Is on the top floor. The martial artists guard each level of the temple. I have acquired footage of some of them to let you know what you'll be up against. This man's specialty Is Escrima - a Filipino stick fighting art. He Is very dangerous and, I'm told, guards the third level of the pagoda the Hall of the Tiger. He has also been known to be an exponent of the nunchaku - a weapon I'm sure most of you gentlemen are familiar with. This man is a Hapkido master, 7th degree. He guards the fourth level. His skill Is axtraordinary. It may take all of you to subdue him. The first floor will be protected by this man. As you can see, his kicks are devastatingly powerfull and incredibly fast. The entranceway will be blocked by karatemen. But you should be able to get past them. The real talent Is within the pagoda. If the door to the temple is locked Is locked - which It has been since our last attemp to get the treasure - our locksmith here should be able to pick the lock and let you in. Once inside the temple, I don't really know what you will be facing. There was a prior group that attempted to make It to the before you. Only one man from that group, Mr. Huang, survived. Seeing the members of his team killed by whomever guards that last level caused him considerable mental stress. He has since been committed to a local asylum. All he could tell us was Unbelievable agility and power. We don't know who guards the upper level, but whomever he is - he is extremely dangerous and skillful. Mr. Huang was a formidable martial artist in his own right - a very effective kicker - one of Hai Tien's students, I believe. I'm hoping that where the student fails, the master will succeed. Hai Tien and Mr. Tien will be in charge of the operation. That's It, gentlemen.

Dialogue Edit

  • Hai Tien: I want you to remember me
Hai Tien's brother: Why? I see you everyday

Quote about The Story Edit

Cast Edit

  • Hak-kyu Kim — Hai Tien
  • Byung-joo Kim — Tien
  • Sung-woo Park — Yuan
  • Sun-man Bae — First Tung
  • Hee-soo Hwang — Sister
  • Kang-kook Lee — Wong
  • Se-kyn Oh — Second Thung
  • Tong-il Pang — The Boss
  • Marty Rhodes — Narrator
  • Ho-you Yun — Kid
  • Bill Katz — American Fighter
  • Bruce Lee — Written by (for The Game of Death, 1972)

The Game of Death (1972) Edit

  • Bruce Lee — Hai Tien (only a 1972 short footage in credits cloused without dialogue)
  • Hwang In-shik — (1rd Floor Guardian: only a 1972 short footage outdoors without dialogue)
  • Dan Inosanto — (3rd Floor Guardian: only a 1972 short footage outdoors without dialogue)
  • Ji Han-jae — (4rd Floor Guardian: only a 1972 short footage outdoors without dialogue)

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