The Spy Who Loved Me (film)

1977 film by Lewis Gilbert

The Spy Who Loved Me is a 1977 film in which James Bond investigates the hijacking of British and Russian submarines carrying nuclear warheads with the help of a KGB agent whose lover he killed.

Directed by Lewis Gilbert. Written by Christopher Wood and Richard Maibaum.
He's Bond. He's Back. He's 007. taglines

James Bond edit

  • [after a motorcycle Rider falls off a cliff to his death] All those feathers and he still can't fly.
  • [after Karl Stromberg fires his bolt] You shot your bolt, Stromberg... Now it's my turn.
  • [finding Jaws hiding in a closet] He just dropped in for a quick bite.

Dialogue edit

M: Moneypenny, where's 007?
Moneypenny: He's on a mission sir. In Austria.
M: Well, tell him to pull out. Immediately.
[scene cuts to Bond making love to a woman]

Q: Right. Now pay attention, 007. I want you to take great care of this equipment. There are one or two rather special accessories...
James Bond: Q, have I ever let you down?
Q: Frequently.

Stromberg: Well gentlemen, now that the moment has come to bid you farewell, I congratulate both you, Doctor, and you, Professor, on your brilliant work in the development of the submarine tracking system. Thanks primarily to you, I am happy to say that the first phase of our operation has met with considerable success. I have instructed my assistant to have paid into your Swiss bank account the sum of ten million dollars each.
Prof. Markovitz: Thank you, sir.
Dr. Bechmann: Thank you indeed.
Stromberg: And that, I think, concludes our business. Before you go, however, I very much regret to inform you that a dangerous development has recently been brought to my notice. Someone has been attempting to sell the plans of our tracking project to competing world powers; someone intimately associated with the project. [to his pretty young blonde assistant] My dear, it would perhaps be more seemly if you were to leave us. Thank you. [The young woman leaves and goes to an elevator. A trap opens under her and she is plunged into a shark tank, while Stromberg and the professors are watching her punishment on a screen] It was you who betrayed me!
Assistant: No!
Stromberg: You had access to all the information. And now you will pay the penalty. [closes the screen, leaving the assistant to her horrible death; to professors] Once again, gentlemen, my most profound thanks.

[after meeting in a bar and guessing each other's secret identities]
James Bond: The lady will have a... Bacardi on the rocks.
Major Anya Amasova: For the gentleman, vodka martini - shaken, not stirred.
James Bond: Touché.
Major Anya Amasova: Commander James Bond, recruited to the British Secret Service from the Royal Navy. Licensed to kill and has done so on numerous occasions. Many lady friends but married only once. Wife killed-
James Bond: All right, you've made your point.
Major Anya Amasova: You're sensitive, Mr. Bond?
James Bond: In some cases, yes.

James Bond: [Amasova has just used a Bond car gadget to kill an enemy] How did you know about that?
Major Anya Amasova: I stole the blueprints to this car two years ago.

[After discovering Bond killed her lover]
Bond: In our business, Anya, people get killed. We both know that. So did he. It was either him or me. The answer to the question is yes. I did kill him.
Anya: Then when this mission is over, I will kill you.

[Having infiltrated the Liparus, Bond takes out two guards inside a room where the British H.M.S. Polaris crew are kept]
Bond: Where's your captain?!
Commander Talbot: [climbs up] Here.
Bond: Release the other crews, then make for the armoury.
Commander Talbot: Right. [to crew] Follow me, men, on the double! [the British crew break out the US and Soviet sub crews]

[M and General Gogol recover an escape pod from Stromberg's lair but see Bond and Anya in bed together]
M: 007!
Gen. Gogol: Triple X!
Sir Frederick Grey: Bond, what do you think you're doing?
Bond: ...Keeping the British end up, sir. [closes the curtains]

Taglines edit

  • It's the Biggest. It's the Best. It's Bond and Beyond!
  • He's Bond. He's Back. He's 007.
  • 007 Blasts Back
  • It's Bond And Beyond.
  • Nobody does it better.

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