The Spiderwick Chronicles (film)

2008 film directed by Mark Waters

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a 2008 film about twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, along with their sister Mallory, who find themselves pulled into an alternate world full of faeries and other creatures, including Mulgarath, a shape-shifting ogre, and Van Pelt, a jungle game hunter bent on hunting people, notably the Grace family themselves.

Directed by Mark Waters. Written by Karey Kirkpatrick, David Berenbaum, and John Sayles, based on the series by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.
Their World Is Closer Than You Think.

Jared Grace edit

  • [reading the warning note on the book] Do not dare to read this book, for if you take a fearful look, you'll barter at your life's expense, and face a deadly consequence.
  • [after seeing his brother being captured by goblins] What the hell?!
  • [seeing Thimbletack lose his temper] And they say I've got anger issues.
  • [after Mallory hits the wall and a piece of it fall to the floor] Great, I'll get blamed for that!
  • [seeing Mallory fighting the goblins, so he tosses the stone to her] Here, Look through this!
  • Yes! Thank you!
  • [after saving Mallory from the goblins] Now do you believe me?!
  • Yeah.
  • I think he means... we all die.
  • Why can't I see you?
  • [To Helen after their argument] I hate you, and I don't want to live with you!

Simon Grace edit

  • [refusing to help Jared attack Mallory] I'm a pacifist.
  • I don't do conflict.
  • [in Spiderwick's house] Ugh, It's got that old people smell.
  • [petting the Griffin] Cool pet.
  • [seeing Arthur Spiderwick for the first time] Whoa.
  • Ow! Well, that's not fair. He distracted me.

Hogsqueal edit

  • [repeated line] Death to the ogre!
  • Vengeance or death! Hopefully vengeance.
  • [as the griffin is soaring far overhead] Fly while you can, griffin! I swallowed an ogre whole. You could be next!
  • Look...I...I talked to Spiderwick. I shared Hobgoblin secrets. But Mulgurath stole just that one page and used it to kill my entire family!
  • [As Jared sees Mulgarath in the form on an old man] Don't be fooled by what you think you see. That's just what he wants.

Mulgarath edit

  • Give me the book!
  • Give me the book now!
  • [as Van Pelt] Don't move or I'll blow your blinking brains out!

Dialogue edit

Jared: [after seeing the dumbwaiter] Simon, don't you wanna know where this thing goes?
Simon: Not really.

Jared: [handing his mom knives] Steel. It cuts and burns.
Helen: Good thing we're New Yorkers.

Jared: Why can't I see you?
Thimbletack: You don't see us, now you do, but only if we want you to.

Tow Truck Driver: [after running over a troll] Did I hit somebody?
Jared: Yes! Thank you!

Jared: What happens when Mulgarath gets the book?
Thimbletack: I die. You die. We all die. Bye-bye.
Mallory: [turns to Jared; voice quavering slightly] What does he mean, "we all die"?
Jared: I think he means we all die.

Thimbletack: Master must destroy the book!
Arthur Spiderwick: NO! No, we need to protect it! Keep it inside the circle, and safe from the ogre! I just need more time, Thimbletack. I need more time.

Red Cap: The circle is broken. The circle is broken! THE CIRCLE IS BROKEN! ATTAAAAACK!!!

[Mulgarath turns back into his true form]
Mulgarath: Now, give me the book!

[Mulgarath turns himself into Van Pelt, complete with a rifle]
Mulgarath: [to Helen] Don't move or I'll blow your blinking brains out!

Hogsqueal: Do birds live in these little houses?
Jared: Yeah.
Hogsqueal: Oh, my gosh, that's genius! Who thought of that? You can stick your tongue right in it! [begins slobbering over a birdhouse]

Taglines edit

  • Their World Is Closer Than You Think

Cast edit

Voices edit

The Grace Family edit

  • Richard (father)
  • Helen (wife)
  • Mallory (daughter)
  • Simon & Jared (twin sons)

The Villains edit

  • Mulgarath
  • Red Cap
  • Goblins
  • Van Pelt - A villainous jungle game hunter character that exists outside of the The Spiderwick Chronicles universe, and one of the many forms took on by Mulgarath.

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