The Sons of Eilaboun

2007 documentary film directed by Hisham Zreiq

The Sons of Eilaboun (2007) is an award winning documentary film by Palestinian artist and film maker Hisham Zreiq (Zrake), that tells the story of the Eilabun massacre, which was committed by the Israeli Army during Operation Hiram in October 1948. The film tells the story of the Palestinian exodus of 1948 in Eilaboun, a village in the Northern Galilee between Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee. In the incident, fourteen men were killed and twelve of them were executed. The villagers were expelled to Lebanon and became refugees for few months, before managing to return clandestinely.

Salem Zreiq

  • They started calling young men. "You, come here. You, come here. You, come here." My late brother sat near me. He stood up. He wore a tie, it was spotted. That was the last time we saw him... Enough. I don't want to talk.
  • The end result of this was, in the end we know that 531 Palestinian villages were destroyed, 11 towns were destroyed, and more than three quarter of a million Palestinians became refugees.

Melia Zreiq

  • I hope God will bring peace to this land, and let the peoples live together — a good life. I hope there will be peace.
  • It is good we are still sane. The agony, running Faradiya's slope, and carrying two children, while they were shooting at us.

Botros Matta

  • They killed each three in a different Location.
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