The Song of Sway Lake

2018 film by Ari Gold

The Song of Sway Lake is a 2018 American romantic drama film about music collector Ollie Sway, who recruits his only friend, a rowdy Russian drifter, to help him steal a 78 record from his own family's estate.

Directed by Ari Gold. Written by Ari Gold and Elizabeth Bull.


  • Are you trying to come to the party tonight at The Cab? You should come; I'm really into creeps.

Charlie SwayEdit

  • It's easier to lose a father than a son.


[Isadora moans after she confronts Ollie spying on her]
Ollie: What are you doing?
Isadora: Tantric breathing. It's empowering.

Isadora: Ollie! Why do you keep following me?
Ollie: Technically, you're following me. I didn't know you were coming. I didn't know you did this on a schedule.


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