The Set-Up (1949 film)

1949 film by Robert Wise

The Set-Up is a 1949 American film noir about an aging boxer who always loses. Without telling him, his corrupt manager takes bribes from a betting gangster, to ensure a pre-arranged dive-loss in the next match.

Directed by Robert Wise. Written by Art Cohn, based on a 1928 narrative poem written by Joseph Moncure March.
I Want a Man... Not a Human Punching Bag!  (taglines)

Bill "Stoker" Thompson

  • Well, that's the way it is. You're a fighter, you gotta fight.


Stoker: Yeah, top spot. And I'm just one punch away.
Julie: I remember the first time you told me that. You were just one punch away from the title shot then. Don't you see, Bill, you'll always be just one punch away.

Red: I tell you, Tiny, you gotta let him in on it.
Tiny: How many times I gotta say it? There's no percentage in smartenin' up a chump.


  • I Want a Man... Not a Human Punching Bag!
  • The Sensational Picture You've Been Hearing and Reading About!


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