The Science of Sleep

2006 film by Michel Gondry

The Science of Sleep, or La Science des rêves (literally The Science of Dreams), is a 2006 film about a man entranced by his dreams and imagination who is lovestruck with a French woman and feels he can show her his world.

Written and directed by Michel Gondry.
Close your eyes. Open your heart. taglines

Stéphane Miroux

  • I am your neighbor and a liar. By the way, do you have Zoe's number?
  • Tonight I'll show you how dreams are prepared,............. love, friendships, relationships. All those ships.
  • Would you marry me when we are seventy? You have nothing to lose.
  • I like your boobs. I think they're very friendly and unpretentious.
  • Are you trying to mock me on the air?
  • P. S. R. Parallel Synchronized Randomness. An interesting brain rarity and our subject for today. Two people walk in opposite directions at the same time and then they make the same decision at the same time. Then they correct it, and then they correct it, and then they correct it, and then they correct it, and then they correct it. Basically, in a mathematical world these two little guys will stay looped for the end of time. The brain is the most complex thing in the universe and it's right behind the nose. [plays drums] Fascinating!
  • I like it when you cry, because it means you have to wear your glasses. No, actually I don't like it when you cry. I find it horrible. Especially when it's not for me.
  • I love her because she makes things. You know? She makes things with her hands. It's as if her synapses was married directly to her fingers. [wiggles fingers] Like this. In this way.
  • This girl is at once all the women that broke my heart. She is so beautiful and generous and she is asking me to leave because she is dumping me. She is dumping me because I am a cheap drug dealer. And I am a drug dealer because she wants to leave me.
  • I am collecting beautiful objects. A pair of shoes. Some glasses. Telephone. Typewriter. They are made from wool and felt. With apparent stitches. Their delicate, unfinished appearance is friendly. And they are quiet.
  • No, I can't speak French with you. I'm too shy. The only thing I can say is: "I like your tit. It erects me in my pants."
  • Well in my case the problem is that I don't have a girlfriend. And I'm not dead.
  • Stephanie, can you hold my hand? I cannot sleep...She takes it.
  • I'm exhausted, I'm going to wake up now.


  • (1:06:11): Distraction is an obstruction to the construction.
  • (1:20:48): Things will turn out the way you want, if you could just stop doubting that I love you. Call me home, next door. Doot. Doot. Doot. Doot.


Stephane: [Shows 3-D glasses] You can see real life in 3-D.
Stéphanie: Isn't life already in 3-D?
Stephane: No but, yeah but, come on.

Stephane: It's like touching your penis with your left hand.
Stéphanie: I don't have a penis.
Stephane: But you have a left hand.

Stéphanie: Randomness is very difficult to achieve... organization always merges back if you don't pay attention.
Stephane: Death to organization.

Stéphanie: How's your head?
Stephane: It's okay. It's not normal though...
Stéphanie: It's never going to be.

Stéphanie:I'm not sure I should accept this gift. Why do I deserve a present anyway?
Stephane: Because...for the occasion that you are pretty.

Guy: [after throwing his TV into the canal] It floats!
Stephane: Yeah, it floats.
Guy: Maybe the fish will enjoy that crap.

Stéphanie: I have big hands.
Stephane: That means you have a large penis. [embarrassed] ...That was inappropriate.

Stéphanie: Why me?
Stephane: Because everyone else is boring. And because you're different. You don't like me, Stéphanie.

Stéphanie: Stephane, wait. Do you feel better?
Stephane: I'm going to work
Stéphanie: I just wanted to know if you're okay.
Stephane: Yeah I'm super fine thanks.
Stéphanie: So I get it, so you dont want to be my friend anymore?
Stephane: No! I don't want to be your friend anymore!I don't want to be your friend anymore! Do I have to nail it on your door? "I don't want to be your friend."
Stéphanie: No you, you can't, you can't stop being my friend. It's not something people can decide.
Stephane: Oh yeah they can. People have an argument and they stop talking to each other.
Stéphanie: Okay then lets have a date or something and we can talk about things if thats whats you want.
Stephane: Whats the point you'll just want me as your friend and then you'll have a really nice boyfriend and that will kill me.


  • Close your eyes. Open your heart.
  • In dreams emotions are overwhelming.


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