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WordGirl is an American children's educational animated television series produced by the Soup2Nuts animation unit of Scholastic Entertainment for PBS Kids. The series stars WordGirl, a girl with superpowers whose secret identity is Becky Botsford, a student.


Short episodesEdit

The Wrath of TobeyEdit

[Becky comes in and interrupts Tobey's conuting]
Becky:: Well Tobey, you kind of have me in an awkward predicament. I don’t want to see my house get demolished, but I don’t have any superpowers!
Tobey: Hmm...demolish! Why didn’t you just say destroy?
Becky: “Destroy” is so overused.
Tobey: ..What about wreck?
Becky: I like demolish!
Tobey: Smash? Annihilate? Decimate?
Becky: Demolish, demolish DEMOLISH!
Tobey: [looks at watch] Oh my, I lost count. How long before I demolish your house?
Becky: I’m not telling you.
Narrator: 45 seconds.
Becky: Hey!
Narrator: I have to keey the story moving.
Tobey: All right, you have 15 second left. 15… 14…
[Becky points at the top of the house across the street]
Becky: Look! It’s WordGirl!

[A car horn begins honking, and Mrs. Botsford walk toward it with an angry expression]
Tobey: All right, I can have another robot here in two minutes, then we’ll start the countdown at 20 this time! 45 seconds is ridiculous!
Tobey's Mom: [offscreen] He did WHAT?!?
Tobey Oh, dear. [His mother's arm is seen reaching toward him, and she grabs him by the ear.] No, Mom, I-I can explain…it’s all her fault! [He points at Becky as his mother drags him to his his mother’s car] I’ll get you and WordGirl, if it’s the last thing I ever do! [car drives off]
Mrs. Botsford: Phew! I guess we owe a big thanks to WordGirl!
Becky: I’m sure wherever she is, she’d say… you’re welcome!

Season 1Edit

Tobey or Consequences/High Fat Robbery [1.01]Edit

[At Tobey's house, Huggy is still doing charades, trying to explain what’s happening in the city.]
Babysitter: [talking to Tobey’s hologram] Are you having as hard a time as hard a time understanding him as I am? [The hologram again nods at an appropriate time. She then talks to Huggy] If Tobey can’t understand you, then nobody can. He’s like the best kid I ever babysitted, and I’ve babysitted them all… wait--is it babysitted, or babysat, I can never remember… [As she is talking, the hologram flickers, and Huggy tries to get the Babysitter’s attention, but she just goes on talking.] ...and he’s like the best kid ever, he’s so quiet, I don’t think he even said two words since I’ve been here. It’s so funny his mom even thinks I need this! [holds up a remote] I don’t even know what it does, something about robots, but… [Huggy beams at the sight of the remote. He grabs it from her and runs.] Hey! [She starts to run after him, but trips on a power cord, which unplugs the hologram generator. She watches as Tobey’s image disappears, then picks up the device that she unplugged, and realizes she has been had.] Why, you little-- !

[A whistle is heard nearby. Both Tobey and WordGirl look over and see Huggy holding the remote control that he got from the babysitter… one that shuts down the robots.]
WordGirl: Great job, Huggy!
Tobey: Give me that! [jumps Huggy, and they get into a tug of war over the remote. He finally gets it from him] A-HA! [He prepares to start up the robots again, when a car pulls up. His mother steps out and walks toward him.] Oh, my. [clears throat] Uh, hi Mom! Uh, you look great! Did you have a nice trip? [notices her looking at all the robots lying around] What? Oh--these! These aren’t mine. I--I was just out for a walk… minding my own busi--- [The babysitter, who had come along with Mrs. McCallister, dangles the hologram machine in front of him.] ---ness… uh, OK… these are mine, but I wasn’t going to-- uh-- oh, forget it. [his mother grabs him by the ear and drags him away] Ow, ow, ow!

Super-Grounded/Mouse Army [1.07]Edit

Mr. Botsford: Becky! Why didn’t you clean your room when I asked you to last week?
Becky: Umm… I was busy? [thinking about battling Tobey’s robots]
Mr. Botsford: Well, you certainly had enough time to eat all these bananas! [Bob looks away innocently.]
Becky: [trying to hide the WordGirl emblem on her shirt] I’m sorry Dad, I promise I’ll do it after I get back from the-- uh, library! I have to return a book.
Mr. Botsford: Becky, the library has plenty of books. I’m sure they can get by for now without that one.
Becky: But it’s-- their best one! And it’s overdue! What will they think of me?
Mr. Botsford: I’m sure the librarian will be just as disappointed in you as I am. You’ll stay here until you’ve cleaned up this mess! I’ll just go to the discount cookie store by myself. [leaves]

Shrinkin' in the Ray/Department Store Tobey [1.11]Edit

[Dr. Two-Brains and his henchman are getting shrunk]
Dr. Two-Brains: Look! LOOK! The cheese is getting even bigger! BIGGER! BIGGER! Oh, my plan is working beyond my wildest dreams! [pause] Uh, something is not right here. [WordGirl scoops them up in a jar.]
Unnamed henchman: I think we’ve been shrunk!
Dr. Two-Brains: Shrunk? Ahh! We’ve been shrunk! You’ll never take me, WordGirl!
WordGirl: Ah, put a lid on it! [She puts a lid on the jar with air holes in it.]
Dr. Two-Brains: Hey! No fair!
WordGirl: Huggy, catch! [Throws the jar to Huggy, who catches it.]

[Tobey is still grounded in his room sitting in his rocking chair, looking through a scrapbook with images of WordGirl.]
Tobey: Oh, you think you’re SO perfect, don’t you? Always trying to show me up with excellent grasp of vocabulary and your dark, glossy locks! Well, your cleverness and beauty won’t be enough to stop me this time, WordGirl! This time.
[A knock on the door]
Claire: [offscreen] You’d better have your coat on, young man! We are leaving for the department store in five minutes!
Tobey: Ready when you are mother! [closes the book on his thumb and cries out, then starts sucking on it]

[WordGirl returns carrying the hand of the robot.]
Tobey: Plagued by malfunction! Okay, fine, well you won’t solve my next riddle so easily!
WordGirl: Are you gonna use the doll one now?
Tobey: No! Maybe. Yes. But it won’t matter! You’ll taste the bitter taste of def-- [The changing room door flies open, and Claire McCallister stands there towering over Tobey.] Feat. And I, for one, will be writing to the management. This, uh, mannequin arm has been lying here just waiting for someone to trip over. Uh, ready to go? Good! Because this shopping trip is taking a lot longer than you promised! Or-- I suppose, if you had just a few more things you wanted to try on-- a few more… [Claire grabs Tobey by the ear and drags him off.] Ow, ow-ow-ow-OW!

Mousezilla/Villain School [1.23]Edit

Dr. Two-Brains: Op, sorry, pardon me. On a quest for cheese here.
Tobey:: You’re Dr. Two-Brains.
Dr. Two-Brains: Right the first time!
Tobey: I- I’m a big fan of your work. I read your article about “Escaping the Scene” in last month’s Modern Villain Monthly. Good stuff!
Dr. Two-Brains: Oh, pish-posh. So, what’s your schtick?
Tobey: Uh, giant robots?
Dr. Two-Brains: Catalog or homemade?
Tobey: Homemade.
Dr. Two-Brains: Nice! Wait a second, you wouldn’t happen to be Tobey the boy genius robot-- builder-- kid, would you?
Tobey: More or less.
Dr. Two-Brains: Well, this is a pleasure! [shakes his hand forcefully] I’ve been following your career! Not too shabby, kid.
Tobey: So, tell me, what brilliant and evil inventions have you been working on lately?
Dr. Two-Brains: Oh, you know, this and that, gravity machine, time travel, brie blintzes… oh, and I recently tried turning platinum into cheese, but all I got was a strong, super-thin metal with a bitter steel aftertaste. [eats another piece of cheese]
Tobey: Hmm… you know, I’ve been trying forever to develop a material just like that!
Dr. Two-Brains: Really?
Tobey: Well, I am a robot man, of course. And with your new metal, I would be able to build my most indestructible robot yet! Uh, any chance, Doctor, that you would be interested in a collaboration?
Dr. Two-Brains: Tobey? Can I call you Tobey? Why not? I’ve got a few days to kill. [shakes hands with Tobey]
Tobey: Excellent!

[Two-Brains and Tobey are still bickering below them.]
Tobey: Oh please, I did ninety percent of the work! So much for an equal collaboration!
Dr. Two-Brains: You’re right, child, it wasn’t equal, because I did all of--
[A security person walks past them, holding Bootsy. Two-Brains freaks out, tossing the remote which Tobey catches.]
Dr. Two-Brains: AHHHH! A CAT!
Tobey: Oh, are we afraid of a little cat? A little bitty kitty cat?! [he programs Mousezilla to flex his tail, pick up Bootsy and carry the cat back to him. Tobey sets the remote down on the tail, and holds Bootsy up in front of Two-Brains, taunting him.]  Kitty, kitty, kitty!
Dr. Two-Brains: Keep away, keep away!
[Huggy jumps onto the back of Mousezilla and slides down the tail, He grabs the remote, unnoticed]
Dr. Two-Brains: Oh yeah, well at least I don’t love WordGirl, like you do!
Tobey: Well, you’re afraid of a little kitty, kitty kitty! Meow, meow, meow!
Dr. Two-Brains: Love, love, love!
Tobey: [singing] Dr. Two-Brains, he sees the kitty and he goes "eek"--
[Huggy looks at the remote, and presses a button which releases WordGirl from the whiskers.]
WordGirl: Great job, Huggy! Let’s see if this mouse can swim!   HYAH! [She picks it up by the whisker and heaves it far out into the ocean. Down on the ground, Tobey is still tormenting Two-Brains, oblivious as to what has happened.]
Tobey: [singing] Meow, meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow MEOW!
Dr. Two-Brains: [singing to the tune of "Here comes the bride"] Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love--
[WordGirl whisks them both into the back of police paddy wagon]
Tobey: That’s it-- our collaboration is OVER!
Dr. Two-Brains: Hmph! Finally we agree.
Tobey: Uh-- where are we?
Dr. Two-Brains: And why are we in handcuffs?
[The barred doors closes to the back of the paddy wagon, and it starts to drive away. WordGirl is holding Bootsy.]
Dr. Two-Brains and Tobey: Whoops.

Granny Mayor/Tobey Goes Good [1.25]Edit

Judge: First, I want to thank all the contestants for their wonderful inventions. There are no losers here, only kids who didn’t win. Now the winner of this year’s Young Inventor’s Challenge and Friendly Competition is-- the apple corer and egg slicer in one! [He presents the trophy to Violet. Tobey is in shock.]
Tobey: What?
Judge: [trying to calm her down] Thank you, Violet… very good, very good...
Tobey: Hold on, stop! [clears throat and tries to gather himself] Heh-heh, there-- there must be some mistake. Did you guys forget about my robot?
Judge: No. Don’t get us wrong, your robot is pretty amazing. But the apple corer and egg slicer in one? Whoa-oh-oh! It’s so practical!
Tobey: [getting more irate by the second] Eh--er--- this is ridiculous! There is no way that thing is better than my robot!
Judge: Oh, sure it is! Okay, let’s say you got two bags-- one is full of apples, and one is full of eggs…
Judge: I’m sorry, Tobey… I just don’t think we can.
[Violet holds up a sliced apple for the judge. WordGirl and Huggy arrive.]
Tobey: That-- is--- IT! I’ve tried to be good...
WordGirl: Uh-oh.
Tobey: ...but I REFUSE to lose this contest to that-- that hunk of metal masquerading as a kitchen utensil! Robot--
WordGirl: Wait for it…
Tobey: --DESTROY!
WordGirl: And, there it is. (flies off with Huggy)
[Everyone screams flees from the stage except for Violet, who walks off slowly by herself. One of the robot’s feet lands beside her.]
Violet: Oh, is it time to go already?

Season 2Edit

The Two-Brains Boogie/Field Day Fun With Robo-Tobey [2.02]Edit

Ms. Ripley: Well then, I say, let’s get this party started! But first, I’d like to announce the grand prize. The student who earns the most points at the end of the day will win-- THIS! Authentic, super-deluxe teacher-only magic markers! Woo! [She pulls a package of magic markers from inside the trophy, and holds them up. Becky's eyes light up.]
Becky: [sighs] Only the teachers get those! Think of all the beautiful words I could write!
Tobey: That’s the prize? You expect me to slave away in the direct sunlight to win some magical ink pens? [raises his hand] Mrs. Ripley? I- I’m afraid I’m unable to participate in your day of silly games. [He starts to walk away, but she jumps in front of him.]
Ms. Ripley: Unable to participate? What’s the matter?
Tobey: Uh… side ache. Yes, oh, my side. It aches.
Ms. Ripley: Ohhh, I’m so sorry! Go to the nurse’s office immediately!
Becky: What’s the matter, Tobey? Afraid you won’t win?
Tobey: What? O- Of course I can win if I wanted to, I just don’t want to.
Scoops: It’s okay if you don’t win, you know. I’m just looking forward to having a good time with my friends.
Violet: Yeah, don’t be afraid. Just playing the games is fun.
Becky: I’m in it for the markers.
Tobey: Well, thank you all for sharing! Now before I go, let me assure you I am stronger, faster, and just generally better than all of you. I have the agility of a cougar and the strength of a lion, goodbye. [As he walks off, he trips on something and hits the ground. The kids laugh, causing him to get angry.] Fine. I’ll take part in the competition, but mark my words, I’m going to win those markers, not because I want them, but to show you that I, Tobey, am a winner! Ha-ha-ha-ha! And-- I’ll be right back.

Ms. Ripley: And now, it is with great pleasure that I present to Tobey McCallister the grand prize!
[the real Tobey is now standing beside Ms. Ripley and the other kids clap.]
Tobey: I just want to say to all of the people who doubted me… I WIN! Because I’m better than all of you! At winning! Ha-ha! Fools! Fools!
[WordGirl and Huggy show up.]
WordGirl: Not so fast there, Tobey!
Tobey: Why, WordGirl! What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here?
WordGirl: I just happened to be flying by the neighborhood, searching for crime to fight… yeah.
Tobey: Hmm. Too bad you weren’t here a few minutes ago. You missed my spectacular performance. See? [holds up the markers] I won the grand prize!
WordGirl: Tell me, Tobey, was your victory today authentic, or did you cheat during the competition? [She grabs the markers from him]
[Ms. Ripley gasps.]
Ms. Ripley: WordGirl!
Tobey: Why, that’s absurd! Of course I didn’t cheat.
WordGirl: Then how do you explain your sudden athletic ability?
Tobey: Vitamins.
[Huggy grabs the remote from his pants pocket, and presses a button.]
WordGirl: What if I said you used a robot-- a robot that looks just like you?
[Robo-Tobey walks over to them. Everyone gasps.]
Robo-Tobey: Prepare to lose.
WordGirl: Prepare to lose is right, Tobey! Since Tobey cheated, these magic markers belong to whoever finished second in the competition.
[Tobey tackles Huggy, and takes the remote back from him.]
Tobey: I’ve been embarrassed once today, WordGirl, and it’s not going to happen again! [He presses a button on the remote, and Robo-Tobey launches itself at her. The markers go flying. Then Robo-Tobey lassos her with a rope.]

Ms. Ripley: Young man! Your performance in today’s competition was not authentic! You cheated! Which means you are disqualified! Therefore, the winner of field day is-- Becky Botsford!
WordGirl: I’ll be sure Becky gets her grand prize markers. In fact, I’ll deliver them to her personally!
Ms. Ripley: [to Tobey] And as for you…
Tobey: Yes?
Ms. Ripley:: I think we’ll be telling your mother about your behavior today!
Tobey: No-- please-- I’ll do whatever you want! Fifty push-ups! One hundred squat-thrusts! Just don’t tell mother!

Slumber Party/Line Lessons With Lady Redundant Woman [2.03]Edit

Becky: Um, okay. Hi everyone, and welcome to my slumber party.
Eileen: Slumber birthday party!
Becky: I think everyone’s met Eileen…
Eileen: I’m Eileen. And today’s my birthday! Welcome to my birthday slumber party!
Becky: Well, I’m sorry, but I’m already having my slumber party right now! So if you’d like to just--
Eileen: It’s MY party! MY party! MY party! Mine! Mine! Mine!
[She starts to get bigger, and everyone has a horrified look on their face.]
Becky: Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, okay, tell you what. Um, since it’s your birthday, it can be both our parties!
Eileen: Hurray! [Becky and Violet let out a sigh.] I brought a birthday card for ME! Everyone sign it!

Eileen: WordGirl’s not so gweat! She’s just a nuisance! And it’s not even her birthday! It’s MY birthday! Mine! MINE! [She continues to grow as she gets angry.] MINE! MY PARTY! MY FRIENDS! MY CAKE! ALL MINE! MINE! MINE!
[Becky zips off as she watches Eileen grow. Eileen grabs three of the girls in one hand, and grabs Violet, TJ and Bob in the other. WordGirl flies out of the house and hovers nearby.]
WordGirl: Word UP!
[Eileen’s head pushes off the upper floor of the house. WordGirl zips over to catch it.]

Mr. Big's Dolls and Dollars/Great Granny May [2.04]Edit

WordGirl doll voice: “Go buy me an official WordGirl toothbrush protector.”
Mr. Botsford: Honey, remind me to go to the store tomorrow and pick up a WordGirl toothbrush protector.
Mrs. Botsford: Good idea, hon! Let’s get two.
TJ: Why not thirty-two? One for each tooth? [He and the parents raise their hands in victory]
TJ, Mr. Botsford and Mrs. Botsford: [together] Yay!
Mr. Botsford: Sounds good!
Becky: Uh, aren’t there better things to spend our money on than silly toys and accessories?
WordGirl doll voice: “Buy me the WordGirl remote control pickle jar!”
Mr. Botsford: First thing in the morning!
Mrs. Botsford: Oooh, pick one up for me while you’re at it.
TJ: Oh, pickle one up for me too! [laughs]
Becky: [shouting] Everybody stop! [in a normal voice] Mom, Dad, you’re not acting like yourselves. You’re constantly spending money on frivolous, silly things just because the doll tells you to!
Mr. Botsford: Constantly?
Becky: Yes, constantly. You’re doing it again and again. As in, constantly buying Walk-and-Talk WordGirl accessories.
Mr. Botsford: But honey, this is WordGirl, and WordGirl never lies. If she says we need something, we need it!
Becky: Do you need it, or just want it, Dad? I mean, shouldn’t we be spending our money on more important things like, I don’t know, food?
Mrs. Botsford: Oh, don’t get indignant, honey. What’s so great about “food” anyway? We’re buying the WordGirl tree shaker instead!
Becky: The tree shaker? What does that even do?
TJ: Shakes trees! Trees sold separately.
WordGirl doll voice: “Buy the WordGirl glow-in-the-dark suntan lotion!”
[This time the eyes of the dolls glow green, and the eyes of TJ and Mr. and Mrs. Botsford turn green as well. They start to speak in a monotone.]
Mr. Botsford, Mrs. Botsford and TJ: [together] Glow-in-the-dark suntan lotion.
Becky: Okay, something’s going on here. It’s like the dolls have you under some sort of--
Mr. Botsford, Mrs. Botsford and TJ: [together] Suntan lotion.
Becky: Mind control! Come on, Bob. Time to pay another visit to Mr. Big!

Tobey's Tricks and Treats/Escape Wham [2.09]Edit

Mr. Dudley: Okay, kids. Will the contest finalists line up in the front of the class-- the front is up here-- in front of me? Okay, uh, don’t touch anything on Mr. Dudley’s desk. Settle down. Everyone’s costume looks so good-- not as good as my costume, but alas, there can only be one winner. And the winner is-- [does a pretend drum roll with his fingers]
Tobey: [to himself] Me, me, let it be me!
Mr. Dudley: Violet, as WordGirl!
Violet: I won?! Oh, oh, oh, oh!
[Mr. Dudley bring over a ribbon and pins it on her outfit.]
Mr. Dudley: Here you go. Uh-- I’m gonna need that back later on…
Tobey: Wh-- di-- Mr. Dudley, she cheated! Everyone knows she’s really WordGirl, she had that outfit in her closet!
Mr. Dudley: Tobey? Do we need to call your mother?
Tobey: No-- that’s quite alright. I’ll manage. [to himself] ...manage to ruin Halloween for everyone, that is! He-heh-heh-heh-ha-ha-ha! [he stops laughing as he realizes that everyone is staring at him.]

Robo-Camping/The Stew, The Proud [2.11]Edit

[Tobey and his mother pull up in their vehicle.]
Mrs. McCallister: This is going to be an important trip for you, Tobey, because you’re going to learn to appreciate nature. And hopefully grow out of this silly robot phase.
Tobey: Yes, Mother. That would make sense, except that nature is a thing of the past! Technology and robots are--
Mrs. McCallister: TOBEY! No robots! I don’t want a repeat of what happened last summer at basketball camp!
[#1 flashback scene from basketball camp. Johnson is trying to play defense against one of Tobey’s robots, but it leaps over him and dunks the basket. Tobey exclaims, “I win again!”]
Mrs. McCallister: Or two summers ago at baseball camp!
[#2 flashback scene from baseball camp, showing Johnson pitching to one of Tobey’s robots, which uses a telephone pole as a bat and sends the ball flying. Tobey exclaims, “I win again.” and Johnson says, “Aw, that was our last ball!”]
Mrs. McCallister: Or last, last, LAST summer at drama camp!
[#3 flashback scene from drama camp as Johnson dressed as Macbeth and holding a skull, exclaiming, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” The robot responds, “My data indicates the answer is ‘to be’.” Tobey exclaims, “I win again!” Johnson shouts, “That doesn’t even make sense in this situation!”]
Mrs. McCallister: I mean it, Tobey! No giant robots, end of story! You need to be more independent, and learn to do things on your own!
[Tobey is now standing outside the car talking to her.]
Tobey: Okay Mother, I promise. No giant robots!
[She drives off. Once she is gone, Tobey ponders to himself.]
Tobey: I didn’t say anything about SMALL robots that turn INTO giant robots! Heh-heh-heh-heh!
[He retrieves a small robot from his pocket and sets it on the ground. He presses a button on a remote, and the robot grows to giant size.]

Who Wants Candy?/Chuck's Brother [2.12]Edit

[TJ is in Becky's room playing with one of her unicorns and Becky comes into the room with Bob.]
Becky: TJ, I told you to quit going into my room! [gasps] And why are you holding Angelface?
TJ: Because I like him! He’s cool!
Becky: Put him down, please!
TJ: Wait, wait, watch. He can do tricks!
Becky: No-no, d--
[He tosses Angelface into the air and catches it.]
TJ: Air somersaults!
[He tosses it again, but misses. This is followed by a slow-motion reaction shot from Becky.]
Becky: Nnnnnnn-oooooooo!
[The unicorn slowly falls to the floor and shatters. Becky’s face changes from panic into anger.]
TJ: Uh-oh.
[She grabs him by the shirt.]
Becky: TJ Botsford, you’re NEVER allowed to go into my room AGAIN!
[Their dad comes up to them.]
Mr. Botsford: For the love of jellybeans, what’s all the ruckus? You know I need quiet when I’m working on my Sudoku's.
[Bob holds up the shattered pieces of the unicorn.]
Becky: Look!
[Mr. Botsford gasps and hides his face]
TJ: Becky, it-- it was an accident!
Becky: Well, it never would have happened if you stayed out of my room like you’re supposed to!
Mr. Botsford: She’s got you there, son.
TJ: But, I like to play with the unicorns. And if they’re in her room, that’s where I’ve gotta go.
Mr. Botsford: Hmm. Looks like we have a sibling disagreement on our hands.
Becky: I wish I never HAD a sibling!
[Becky goes back into her room and slams the door shut.]
TJ:: She hates me.
Mr. Botsford: You know, getting along with a sibling isn’t always easy.
TJ Why do you keep saying that word? What is a sibling?
Mr. Botsford: Oh, a sibling is a-- um… well you see, TJ, in a family--there are...
[Becky impatiently opens her door.]
Becky: I’LL DO IT! A sibling is an individual who shares one or both parents with another person!
[Becky goes back in her room and closes the door, but then she opens it once again.]
Becky: So a sibling is a brother or sister just like a parent is a mom or dad!
[She closes the door, then opens it again.]
Becky: Mom and Dad are both our parents, so that makes us siblings! UNFORTUNATELY!
[She closes the door again.]
Mr. Botsford: I was just about to say… all the things she just said. Wow, that-- good job, Becky!
Becky: [through the door] You’re welcome.

[Becky and Bob are sitting on the couch watching TV, and Becky still looks upset. TJ comes into the room, and quietly sits next to her.]
TJ: Hi. [No response.] Hi. [Becky shuts off the TV, and picks up a book. Bob does the same.] Hi. [yelling] Dad, could you make Becky stop ignoring me? Dad? Dad!
[Mr. Botsford is in the kitchen eating sandwiches made with crustless bread.]
Mr. Botsford: Becky, will you watch some television with your brother?
Becky: Come on, Bob. Let’s go back to my room and stare at the shattered pieces of my unicorn! [She and Bob leave the room. TJ walks over to his dad.]
TJ: See, Dad? Still mad.
Mr. Botsford: Well, if I were in your shoes, I’d take some money from my piggy bank and buy Becky a replacement unicorn.
TJ: That’s a great idea, Dad. How about driving me down to Unicorn Land so I can buy her a replacement?
Mr. Botsford: You bet, son, and while we’re in town, I’d like to stop at the button store. [whispering] I’ve been eating so many crustless sandwiches I keep popping my buttons. Oop, there goes another one!

The Wrong Side of the Law [2.13]Edit

Commissioner: And a young girl... who fits the profile... of course! [to WordGirl] Freeze, WordGirl! Don’t make a move!
WordGirl: Huh?
Commissioner: Same goes for you, bunny rabbit! [Huggy groans.] Both of you-- empty your pockets!
[Huggy pulls out a banana and drops it, followed by a brush, a rubber chicken, and a stick with WordGirl’s head on it. Then he pulls out a traffic cone and a lobster.]
Commissioner: Okay... that’s a little odd, but-- you’re clean. How about you, WordGirl?
WordGirl: My-- my pockets? But-- all I have in my pocket is-- this evidence! [She holds up the Penelope Pony figurine. The commissioner and the other officers gasp.] What? Oh-- oh, you think I-- because I had this in my-- no, no, no, no, no. Listen, this is seriously the funniest story...
[Eileen looks through the door with an evil grin.]
Commissioner: I don’t think I want to hear any more of your stories, WordGirl! You’re under arrest!
WordGirl: WHAT? No, you don’t understand!

Mrs. Botsford: WordGirl, this report was written by the police commissioner. It says the doll thief was a little girl. Tell me, are you a little girl?
WordGirl: Uh, [clearing throat] yes I am.
[The observers gasp.]
Mrs. Botsford: Oh. Well, little girl, this report also says that the doll thief had super strength-- do you have super strength?
WordGirl: Yes I do.
[More gasps, and the judge visibly reacts to her statement.]
Mrs. Botsford: Interesting, and didn’t the police find THIS doll in your pocket?
WordGirl: [panicking] I was only holding it as evidence! I was helping to solve the crime!
Mrs. Botsford: But isn’t it true that you LOVE the Pretty Princess Magic Pony Power Hour?
[She holds the figurine in WordGirl’s face. After a long dramatic pause, WordGirl answers.]
WordGirl: Yes, I DO love it! I love it more than ANYTHING!

Wishful Thinking/Lady Redundant Woman Gets the Blues [2.24]Edit

Seymour: And what's your name, my friend?
TJ: TJ Botsford. And I'm really excited because I just got a bunch of money for my birthday.
Seymour: Birthday money? Today is my mother's birthday. Okay, TJ, I'm going to grant you a wish, anything you want.
TJ: But, how do I know my wish will come true?
Seymour: I'll prove it to you. Give me a dollar and close your eyes. All right. Now, make a wish for $2.00. And... Voila!

Seymour: Now I'm sure you want more than just $2.00, don't you?
TJ: I wish for the new WordGirl Superkit with cape, helmet, and power pack.
Seymour: Oh. So you like WordGirl.
TJ: Do I!
Seymour: Well, have I got good news for you. Today, and today only, I'm granting WordGirl wishes.
TJ: Whoo!
Seymour: Now, how would you like the WordGirl superkit with cape, helmet, and power pack and the all-new WordGirl Supersonic Jet Autographed by WordGirl herself?
TJ: Eh! Are you kidding me? That would be the best birthday ever.
Seymour: Well, it can all be yours for the low, low price of all of your birthday money.
TJ: There you go.
Seymour: You, are my friend, are free to go.
TJ: Yeah! But where's my WordGirl stuff?
Seymour: Ho, ho, ho! What am I a magician? Supersonic Jets and Peking Duck take 24 hours. My friend. The WordGirl Supersonic Jet will be delivered first thing in the morning.

WordGirl: Stop right there, Smooth!
Seymour: Zing!
WordGirl: Gleaming smile, Huggy!
Seymour: Eh? Ah! Ah! Fling.
WordGirl: Ugh. We're stuck in a cacoon of hair gel.
Seymour: That's right, WordGirl. I wish I could stick around, but I have to go spend the town's money. Ha, ha! Maybe I'll buy a gold pool for my new mansion. Ha, ha, ha!
TJ: Seymour Orlando Smooth, welcome to the show. What would you say if I told you I had the last dollar in town? And it could be-- Yeah--yours.
Seymour: Hmm. Okay, okay. I'll play along. How do I get the last dollar?
TJ: All you have to do is give me, TJ Botsford, one more wish.
Seymour: Well, my bright young friend, you are in luck. Because today, and today only, I'm granting wishes for the low, low cost of $1.00.
TJ: It's a deal! Here's my wish. That you set WordGirl and Captain Huggyface free.
Seymour: Oh. Hmm. Oh, I don't know.
TJ: Huh?
Seymour: Oh! All right. Wish granted.
TJ: No.
WordGirl: Take that, Seymour!
Seymour: Hey!
WordGirl: Those handcuffs are the only kind of bracelets you'll be wearing for a while.
TJ: Handcuffs! Bracelets! Good one, WordGirl.
WordGirl: Wow. Thanks, TJ. And we couldn't have gotten this villain You really had him hoodwinked. And here's your birthday money back. [Hands TJ his birthday money]
TJ: How did you know about my birthday money, WordGirl?
WordGirl: No time to answer, helpful friend. Huggy and I have to go... Somewhere... Now!

Win a Shiny New Car/The People vs. Ms. Question [2.25]Edit

[On the street outside the studio, Seymour and the brothers are making their getaway.]
Seymour: Ha ha! We’re getting away!
Harry: In this really fun car! It’s got everything we wanted.
Chip: Yeah. And look at this! It even flies.
Seymour: Right. It-- wait a minute. Cars don’t fly!
WordGirl: This one does! [She is below the car with Huggy, carrying it with her through the air.]
Seymour: WordGirl. Well, I’m certainly not related to see you here.
WordGirl: You shouldn’t be.
[Seymour repeatedly bangs his head against the windshield as WordGirl carries the car inside the walls of the prison.]
WordGirl: Narrator, tell them what they’ve won.
Narrator: You’ve got it, WordGirl. For breaking the rules, you three cheaters have won a long vacation right here in not-so-luxurious county jail!
Seymour: [sarcastically] Great.
Narrator: That’s right, jail, where you’ll spend your days and nights making license plates, eating disgusting food, and sleeping on some of the most uncomfortable beds in the world! Congratulations!
Seymour and the Brothers: [together] Thank you.
Chip: Yeah.
WordGirl: [to the warden] Our work here is done. Now, let’s go. Word UP! [ss she leaves, Dr. Two-Brains walks over to the car and admires it. WordGirl picks up the car and carries it off.]

Season 3Edit

Bummertime/The Homerun King [3.01]Edit

WordGirl: Tobey, what are you-- What are you wearing?
Tobey: Oh, this outfit? It's cruise-wear. Pretty spiffy, huh?
WordGirl: Heh. Uh, well, it's--it's something. Is that your robot?
Tobey: Chronos! You were going to be my first mate!
WordGirl: Your robot almost destroyed the whole city!
Claire: [pops up] That's it! You're grounded for a week!
Tobey: A week?!
WordGirl: You know, for someone who calls himself "The World's most formidable boy genius," your plans seem to go away a lot.
Tobey: Fine. I admit, the robot didn't quite work as expected. I programmed him to stop time, but there must have been some glitch. All I wanted was to prolong summer. You know, forever?
WordGirl: Prolong summer?
Tobey: Yes. If you don't know what prolong means I would happily define it for--
WordGirl: Prolong means to increase or extend. So if you tried to prolong summer vacation it means you wanted it to last longer, and I can't blame you for that.
Tobey: You can't? You mean, you understand what I'm feeling?
WordGirl: I-I guess I do.
Tobey: Since we're getting along so well perhaps you'd like to come by for a little game of shuffleboard.
WordGirl: Wow, that sounds like a great time, but we've really got a lot to do. See you! [she and Huggy leave]
Tobey: Call me! [Claire grabs Tobey by the ear and storms off with him]

Bampy Battles Bots/Truth, Revision, and the Lexicon Way [3.11]Edit

Tobey: Well, let's just get over with. Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ooh, next time, WordGirl and sprightly old man-- Oh, ow! Don't! Ow!

Meat-Life Crisis/Mobot Knows Best [3.12]Edit

Claire: "Mrs. McCaliister, there is no need to attend the upcoming parent-teacher conference because Toby is a boy genius and a perfect student. But you will still need to pick up Tobey up at the end of the school day. Thank you. Robots forever." Good job, Tobey!

Tobey: Next time, make sure robot mom get less peeved when insulted.
Claire: [offscreen] I HEARD THAT!
Tobey: [looks at his mom] MOTHER!
Claire: [grabs Tobey's ear and leaves] You're coming with me young man!

Season 4Edit

Sonny Days with a Chance of Showers/Seymour ... Right After This [4.01]Edit

Seymour: Brothers, this is the greatest day of my life. We stole all the money in town and we got away from that pesky WordGirl. Ha, ha! I'm so happy, I can't stop smiling!
WordGirl: Now, Huggy!
Seymour: Ahh! I've been blinded by my own bright, white smile! Don't worry, guys. My eyesight is slowly coming back, and I don't see WordGirl anywhere. Ha, ha, ha! I guess we got away! We're home free! We're home free!
WordGirl: You're home, alright, but you're not free.
Seymour: You picked up my car and dropped us in jail, didn't you?
WordGirl: Pretty smooooth, huh, Seymour?
Seymour: [Grunts] Now let me guess. You're going to make us give back all the money we stole?
Harry: Even the enromous amount of money in this suitcase?
Seymour: Oh, heh! Let's just keep that suitcase closed, shall we?
WordGirl: Aha ha, ha, ha, ha! Hair gel and orange sport coats. I had a feeling there was no money in there.
Seymour: Of course there wasn't. If I had an enomous amount of money, I wouldn't have had to steal money, now would I?
WordGirl: Well, Seymour, you may never get to spend an enermous amount of money, but there's one thing you will get to spend-- An enrmous amount of time in jail! Ha, ha! It's good.

Have Snob, Will Travel/Tobey's Playground Calamity [4.08]Edit

Ms. Davis: First up, I think I need to thank WordGirl for saving the day. And I want Tobey to promise that he will never use robots to do his work again. Will you do that for me, Tobey?
Tobey: No, I won't do that.
Ms. Davis: Yeah, well, I thought you might say that. Mrs. McCallister?!
[Tobey's mom pops up from the tree and walks up to Tobey]
Tobey: What? Oh, hello, Mother. What brings you here? Did I leave my lunch at home again? I'm so forgetful sometimes. [grabs Tobey by the ear] Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow! You don't know the whole story. Those aren't my robots--Ow!

Wordbot/Mount Rush Here [4.11]Edit

Wordbot: I am Wordbot.
Tobey: Yes, indeed, you are, and with your super strength, your ability to fly, and your excellent vocabulary, we shall destroy WordGirl!
Wordbot: Tobey is the smartest boy genius in the world.
Tobey: Oh, thank you. Please. I don't-- You see, Wordbot, not only are you faster and stronger than WordGirl, but you have also programmed to show me the respect and devotion that I deserve. Shall we? Hmm. Somehow we must attract the attention of WordGirl. Any ideas, Wordbot? Oh, you are so creative. Oh, and so destructive.
Wordbot: And so devoted.
Tobey: Yes. Devoted. Bravo!
Wordbot: Wordbot will do anything for Tobey.

[after Wordbot got defeated]
WordGirl: Huggy, we did it!
Tobey: Well, I must say we make quite a good team. I'm smart, handsome, a brilliant inventor, and, if I do say so myself, quite independent.
Claire: Tobey! Have you been causing trouble with your robots again?
Tobey: Oh, Mother, what a pleasant surprise.
Claire: [grabs Tobey's ear] You're coming with me! [walks away with Tobey]
Tobey: Ow. Ow, ow, ow! Ow! Owww! [walks off camera and his head reappears] We should work together again! Call me! Ow! Mom! [his mom drags him off]
WordGirl: Sorry, Tobey, no can do. My devoted sidekick and I are already the perfect team.

Season 5Edit

Seize the Cheese/Miss Question's Riddle Rampage [5.01]Edit

Claire: Theodore McCalister III, you promised me you would stop with this robot nonsense!

Ms. Question: Looking for me, WordGirl?
WordGirl: Ms. Question?!
Ms. Question: Expecting someone else?
WordGirl: Well, yes, actually. Tobey, you know, the kid who makes these robots.
Ms. Question: Do you think Tobey is the only villain who can control his robots?
WordGirl: What are you up to, Ms. Question?
Ms. Question: Isn't it obvious? People want to cross the bridge, don't they, to get to the beach? And isn't this the perfect place to play a devious game I call riddle or stranded?
WordGirl: Riddle or Stranded?
Ms. Question: I'll ask each driver a riddle, and if they answer it correctly, they can go to the beach, but if they get wrong, they'll be stranded here on the bridge! Ha, ha? Ha, ha, ha? Say there, Citizen, want to cross the bridge?
Citizen: Yes, please. I want to go to the beach.
Ms. Question: Well, then let's play riddle or stranded. What has rings but no fingers?
Citizen: I have no idea. What has rings but no fingers?
Ms. Question: A telephone! It rings but has no fingers! Now guess who doesn't get to cross the bridge?
Citizen: Me? But I'll be stranded here.
Ms. Question: Hmm. And won't that be annoying?! Hey, Metal Face, what do we do to people who don't know the answer?

WordGirl: Okay, Ms. Question. I've got the answer to your riddle.
Ms. Question: Huh. You do? Care to lay it on me? Ha, ha? How much you want ro be she's wrong?
WordGirl: Okay. What goes on 4 legs in the morning, 2 at noon, and 3 at night? The answer is a person! A baby crawls on 4 legs when they're small, and a person walks on two legs when they grow up. But when people get older, sometimes they use a cane, or third leg!
Ms. Question: How could you have figure out the most difficult riddle? What is this world coming to?!
WordGirl: A deal's a deal, Ms. Question. You've been defeated. Now give me my sidekick back.
Ms. Question: Did you really think I would hold up my end of the bargain? Aren't I a villain? Isn't being devious and untrustworthy part of my job description?! So see you next time?
WordGirl: I don't think so! Hyah!
Ms. Question: Whoa! What is this?
WordGirl: Come here, you!
Ms. Question: Can you put me down?!
WordGirl: Now who's stranded? Have fun waiting for the police! Come on, Huggy. We've got a beach to get to!

Who's Your Granny/Win a Day with WordGirl [5.12]Edit

[WordGirl and Huggy arrive back after defeating Tobey's robots]
WordGirl: Great work, Captain Huggy face!
TJ: It was all his fault! I was trying to save you!
Tobey: I didn't have anything to do with...
Scoops: Please. I'm a journalist.
TJ: How'd I do with the saving?
WordGirl: Ahem. Well, boys, I think we all earned a valuable lesson here today, didn't we?
Tobey: If you spin robots around, they get dizzy just like people. A definite flaw in my design, I agree.
WordGirl: Must fix that. Uh, I was thinking more like don't waste squabbling over silly, unimportant things. Now why don't you all try something up for the contest? Writing about an experience is fine, but using your imagination can be equally amazing. And also, robots crimes are not okay!
[Mrs. McCallister opens the library door angrily as she walks up to Tobey]
Tobey: Oh. Ha, ha! Hello, Mother. You see, I was just entering a contest. [TJ runs off as Mrs. McCallister grabs Tobey] Ow, ow, ow, ow! [walking away with his mom] WordGirl, maybe we can still get sushi sometime-- [gets pinched in the ear] Ow! Ow! Mom! Ow!
TJ: [arrives] So, uh, WordGirl-- WordGirl?
[WordGirl gets ready to fly off with Huggy]
Scoops: Where'd she go?!

Season 6Edit

The Rise of Miss Power Part 1/The Rise of Miss Power Part 2 [6.01]Edit

The Rise of Miss Power Part 3/The Rise of Miss Power Part 4 [6.02]Edit

Miss Power: We're the ones with all the power, so that means we can do whatever we want to whoever we want!

Miss Power: And together, you and I were going to rule this planet in an awesome, 'We Get To Do Whatever We Want' kind of way!

Miss Power: You don't deserve to wear this! [rips off WordGirl's star insignia] You see that, everyone? WordGirl is done, finished, defeated! Miss Power rules!

[Miss Power hosts her news show on TV]
Miss Power: Citizens of Planet Earth, guess what? Someone new is in charge. Me.
Man: Hey, what if we don't want you?
Miss Power: You'll get to go to jail.
Man: [gets taken away by Captain Giggle Cheeks] Hey!
Miss Power: You guys aren't really smart enough to be running things on your own. You'll need a new leader. And guess who that is. I nominate me.
Woman: We don't need a new leader. We have WordGirl! She can stop you.
Miss Power: [laughs] No, she can't. I defeated WordGirl! And now this planet is mine! And if you don't like that, well, there's a nice, cozy jail cell for you. Just ask District Attorney Botsford.

Sally: You know if you're all together. There's no way she'd be able to handle you.
The Villians: Yeah!
Sally: And guess what you are right now!
The Villians: All together!
Sally: Time to show this Miss Power why the rest of this city can't stand with you guys!

Sally: Let's go get her! Charge!
Miss Power: Right. Bring it on!

WordGirl: So you're saying I'm going to be triumphant?
Miss Power: Yeah. Yes, that's right you're going to be triumphant. Ha!
WordGirl: I think so too. You know why? Because being triumphant actually means winning!
Miss Power: What? No it doesn't.
The Butcher: [offscreen] Oh yeah it does! WordGirl taught me that just last week!

Miss Power: I'm not losing, I don't lose. If I quit, I won't lose, so there, can't beat me, won't beat me, never!

Who Wants to Get Rid of WordGirl?/The Talented Mr. Birg [6.03]Edit

Seymour: So, WordGirl. It looks like you're finally trapped. Ha ha ha! We got you after all.
WordGirl: [offscreen] Stop! Stop! We're coming out!
Seymour: Ok, we'll stop. Just keep your hands where we can see them.
[WordGirl uses her shiny teeth to shine the villains]
WordGirl: [appears on TV] This arrest was brought to you by Seymour Smooth Brand Teeth Whitener.

Season 7Edit

Guess Who's Coming To Thanksgiving Dinner/Judging Butcher [7.09]Edit

TJ: Hey, Tobey, is that remote control for one of your famous robots?
[Mrs. McCallister stares at Tobey.]
Tobey: This has nothing to do with robots. It's, it's merely... a radio.
Becky: A radio? Really? Let's hear it then.
Tobey: Right. Good idea. Let's hear the radio. [pretends to be the radio announcer] Thanksgiving is here... Da, da, this is the song we play on Thanksgiving on the radio. Da, da, drums.

Season 8Edit

Patch Game/Girls Night Out Throws Chuck [8.05]Edit

Tobey: Scout Leader Botsford, there has to have been an error. My robots worked... I mean, I worked tirelessly. And Violet, she was playing in a field somewhere.
Mrs. Botsford: Getting her stop and smell the roses badge.
Tobey: And then I saw her tickling a chipmunk.
Mrs. Botsford: And that's the coveted tickling a chipmunk badge. Very difficult.
Tobey: Oh, WordGirl was going to see me.
Mrs. Botsford: Oh, I'm sorry, Tobey. There will be another chance to win the key to the city eventually.
Tobey: [angrily] Eventually? Eventually?! [he pulls out his controller] Robots attack!
Mrs. Botsford: [gasps] Oh, my!
Tobey: [presses his controller] Robots attack! Robots attack! [nothing happens and he looks around confused.] Well, congratulations, Violet. Much deserved. Got to be going. Ta ta. [he walks off as Mrs. McCallister pops up from a tree and grabs Tobey by the ear]

Trustworthy Tobey/The Tooth Hurts [8.07]Edit

Miss Dewey: Oh, I'm also sorry I didn't believe you, Tobey.
Tobey: Apology accepted. Now, if you have a spare moment, I'd like to check out that ten volume series on super advanced robotic engineering.
Miss Dewey: I'll be happy to loan you those books.
Tobey: Splendid.
Miss Dewey: Once you put back each and every one of these books where they belong.
Tobey: That would take all day! Tell you what, if you give me the rest of the weekend, I can program my robot to do the work for me.
Miss Dewey: You will be doing it without the help of a robot. The only helper you'll have is... Becky.
Becky: [shocked] Me? What did I do?
Miss Dewey: Says you accused Tobey of losing your book without any evidence, so you can help him clean up. Now, get to it, you two. And please be quiet, this is a library. [leaves]

Rhyme and Reason [8.12]Edit

[last scene changes back to school playground, the next day. Becky and Huggy sit sadly on the swings, TJ and Johnson run by again. Suddenly, Violet walks up.]
Violet: Oh, hello, girl I don’t know! My name is Violet! Is this swing taken? [Becky looks stunned and Bob invites Violet to sit.] Thank you kind monkey, sir! [sits next to Becky on the empty swing.]
Becky: Uh, Violet? What are you doing?
Violet: Well… I just thought maybe it would be nice if you and I started over. So… I’m Violet. What is your name?
Becky: I’m Becky! [Violet gives her a look, expecting more.] But… sometimes, I fight crime as WordGirl!
Violet: Wow! That’s some pretty amazing info to give someone you just met!
Becky: [jumping up from the swing] What can I say? I have a feeling you and I are going to be best friends!
[Violet gets up from the swing, and gives Becky a big hug.]
Becky: Ahh… Are we really going to start our friendship over from the beginning?
Violet: Nah… but people always say that in the movies, and I just wanted to see how it sounded!
Narrator: And so… once again, chaos is averted, and our hero is no longer forlorn. [Bob joins the two of them.] Anyway… gather up your best friends, and join us next time for another amazing, colossal adventure of… WordGirl!
[A five-headed robot shows up. On top of it are Chuck, Granny May, Tobey, Dr. Two-Brains, and The Butcher. Becky looks over at Violet, and she gives her a nod. Becky changes into WordGirl and goes after the robot. Violet puts her hand onto Bob’s shoulder.]
Violet: Since we’re coming clean, I always knew you were a monkey.

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