The Replacements (band)

American rock band

The Replacements were an American rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1979. Initially a punk rock band, they are considered one of the pioneers of alternative rock. The band was composed of the guitarist and vocalist Paul Westerberg, guitarist Bob Stinson, bass guitarist Tommy Stinson and drummer Chris Mars for most of its career.

The Replacements in 2013

Song lyrics


All tracks are written by Paul Westerberg, except where noted.

  • How young are you? How old am I?
    Let's count the rings around my eye.
    How smart are you? How dumb am I?
    Don't count any of my advice.

    Oh, meet me anyplace or anywhere or anytime.
    Now, I don't care, meet me tonight.
    If you will dare, I might dare.

  • Here comes Dick, he's wearing a skirt.
    Here comes Jane, y'know she's sporting a chain.
    Same hair, revolution.
    Same build, evolution.
    Tomorrow who's gonna fuss?

    And they love each other so
    Closer than you know, love each other so

  • Brag about things you don't understand,
    A girl and a woman, a boy and a man.
    Everything's sexually vague.
    Now you're wondering to yourself if you might be gay.

    Your age is the hardest age.
    Everything drags and drags.
    One day, baby, maybe help you through.

Tim (1985)

  • If being wrong's a crime, I'm serving forever.
    If being strong's your kind, I need help here with this feather.
    If being afraid is a crime, we hang side by side
    At the swingin' party, down the line.
  • God, what a mess, on the ladder of success
    Where you take one step and miss the whole first rung.
    Dreams unfulfilled, graduate unskilled,
    It beats pickin' cotton and waitin' to be forgotten.

    Wait on the sons of no one, bastards of young.
    Wait on the sons of no one, bastards of young.
    The daughters and the sons.

  • Well, a person can work up a mean, mean thirst
    After a hard day of nothin' much at all.
    The summer's passed, it's too late to cut the grass,
    There ain't much to rake anyway in the fall.
    And sometimes I just ain't in the mood
    To take my place in back with the loudmouths.
    You're like a picture on the fridge that's never stocked with food.
    I used to live at home, now I stay at the house.
    • "Here Comes a Regular"
  • Cerebral rape and pillage in a village of his choice,
    Invisible man who can sing in a visible voice.
    Feeling like a hundred bucks, exchanging good lucks face to face,
    Check-checkin' his stash by the trash at St. Mark's Place.

    And children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes 'round, 'round.
    They sing, "I'm in love, what's that song?
    Well, I'm in love with that song."

  • I'm the boy they can't ignore,
    For the first time in my life, I'm sure.
    All the love sent up high to pledge
    Won't reach the ledge.
    • "The Ledge"
  • Lights that flash in the evening
    Through a hole in the drapes.
    I'll be home when I'm sleeping,
    I can't hardly wait.
  • And if it's just a game,
    Then I'll break down just in case.
    Hurry up, (hurry up) we're runnin' in our last race.

    Well, I laughed half the way to Tokyo,
    I dreamt I was Surfer Joe.
    And what that means, I don't know.
    A dream too tired to come true
    Left a rebel without a clue.
    And I'm searching for somethin' to do.

  • Well she's kind of like an artist
    Sittin' on the floor...
    And she's kind of like a movie
    Everyone rushes to see
    And no one understands it...
    Well she dances alone in nightclubs
    Every other day of the week...
    She closes her mouth to speak
    and Closes her eyes to see
    • "Achin' to Be"
  • In fall, you knew how much it cost.
    A trouble doll
    Around your neck when you lost.
    You wouldn't make a sound,
    But I could hear your little heart pound
    And I watched your feet slip off the ground.

    Merry go round in dreams,
    Writes 'em down, it seems.
    When she sleeps, she's free,
    Merry go round in dreams.

  • Rip out the table,
    We need room to move.
    In a life unstable,
    You're so easily amused.
    Anywhere you hang
    Yourself is home,
    Throw in a tape, fix the tone.

    Someone take the wheel
    And I don't know where we're going.
    Anybody say what you feel,
    Back home I guess it's still snowin'.

    • "Someone Take the Wheel"
  • Stop at a light that shine bright blue
    And where you've been is still in view.
    You stop at nothing at your first chance,
    Now it's nothing like when it began.
    When it began,
    When it began,
    When it began.

    Long ago, or yesterday,
    The queen sits quietly as the jester plays.
    She plays off with their heads and on with my pants.
    Oh and it was something, when it began.
    Oh when it began,
    When it began,
    When it began.

    • "When It Began"
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