The Rapture (film)

1991 film by Michael Tolkin

The Rapture is a 1991 American psychological/religious drama film starring Mimi Rogers as Sharon, a young Los Angeles libertine who eventually finds God only to regret her conversion.

Written and directed by Michael Tolkin.


  • Sharon, it's just a drug. You're in pain, instead of doing heroin, you're doing God.
  • Sharon, don't you understand what's going on? The world's a disaster. We have no power to make it better. You hate your job; you hate your life; but you want to feel special. Instead of letting me do that, you're rushing off to something that's not even there.


Vic: You fell in love!
Sharon: Yes.
Vic: Wait 'til he finds out about you.
Sharon: Oh, he knows all about me.
Vic: Is he as bad a boy as I am?
Sharon: I think you should meet him.
Vic: You told him about me?
Sharon: I told you. He knows everything.
Vic: He's rich, right, he's some rich guy and you fell for some line of his.
Sharon: You could love him too, Vic.
Vic: You fell for some rich homosexual!
[doubles up laughing]
Sharon: He's the Lord Jesus Christ, Vic. He's the Son of God.


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