The Powerpuff Girls Movie

2002 film by Craig McCracken

The Powerpuff Girls Movie is an American animated superhero comedy-drama film produced by Cartoon Network Studios. It is a prequel to the TV series, tells the origin story of how the Powerpuff Girls were created, and how Mojo Jojo became a supervillain.

Directed by Craig McCracken. Written by Charlie Bean, Lauren Faust, and Paul Rudish.
Sugar, spice and everything nice...these were the ingredients to create the perfect...crime-fighting little girls?


  • [after Buttercup "accidentally" punched Rocko Socko, freeing the dog] Buttercup! You're a genius!
  • [spotting Ojo's orango-tank about to crush the people] Better yet. Watch! [explodes the top]
  • Come on, girls, let's put an end to this gorilla warfare!


  • That was amaz--! [the Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos spit at them] Hey! Eww, gross! Cut it out! [shoots her laser vision at them]
  • [as the Professor grabs her] Eep!


  • [repeated yelling]
  • [stuttering] I didn't mean it! It was an accident! He wouldn't let go! And the dog!

Mojo JojoEdit

  • [tilting the Professor's neck] That's better. It's good you little freaks know when you're beaten. Now if you'll excuse me, I, Mojo Jojo, have a town to take over.
  • As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I, Mojo Jojo, have succeeded in my first, greatest, and most brilliant plan ever. And I, Mojo Jojo, shall be king!


[A shot of the skyline of Townsville at night. Amidst the shadows and lighted windows of the skyscrapers, a light emanates from the center of the shot]
Narrator: [first lines] The city of Townsville…
[An explosion is heard, and a red hue emanates down on Townsville streets. An alarm is heard in the distance]
Narrator: …is in some serious, serious, serious trouble!
[The camera zooms in on a burning building, followed by a donut shop, and several other buildings. The alarm continues in the background]
Narrator: Day after day, crime, lawlessness and evil are running rampant. It's citizens have lost all hope. They are utterly helpless and in desperate need of a true hero. But who? Is there no one who can help this forsaken town and make it a better place?
[The camera transitions to a long shot of a grocery store aisle, with a light music background, as the Professor slowly walks into the scene, rising high above the camera]
Narrator: Fear not, fair viewers, for there is a man, a man of science. A forward-thinking man who looks back, back to a sweeter time, when there was a spice to life, and everything was…
[Fuzzy Lumpkins cocks an elephant gun at the distressed cashier woman]
Narrator: Nice.
[The woman nervously hands Fuzzy the money as he smiles evilly. The Professor looks on in sadness and slumps his back as he exits]
Narrator: I must profess, sir, this man holds the ingredients to Townsville’s salvation!
[The Professor looks back in fear, confronted by the imposing Gangreen Gang]
Narrator: This man is known simply as…
[Ace lands a punch to the Professor’s face as the view cuts to black]
Narrator: the Professor.
[The scene cuts to an extreme close-up of Jojo's face, screeching wildly in a psychotic frenzy. He's in a laboratory in the basement of the Professor's suburban home. Jojo leaps from table to table to floor, destroying beakers and other fragile objects in his wake in his crazed rampage. Pan to the Professor, grocery bag in one hand and head in the other, looking very tired and distressed from what happened outside Malph's with the Gangreen Gang as he watches Jojo's destruction with a distant sadness. As each scene pauses, Jojo destroys a TV, unreels an old-fashioned magnetic tape computer, removes papers from a file cabinet, destroys a glass tubing set by hanging on it until it collapses from the stress, and punches a wall clock while the Professor adds in the infamous ingredients of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice, and mixes it in angles similar to the cartoon opening. Jojo pushes the Professor in the back, causing his stirring rod to smash into a beaker of thick black liquid suspended over the pot. The words "Chemical X" are seen in black lettering as the liquid drains from the beaker. The Professor stands hunched over the concoction, a look of combined horror and fascination written on his face as it bubbles and churns in an eerily pink glow. Sensing the reaction becoming more agitated, he backs away from the pot, as Jojo looks on in curiosity. The Professor runs for cover, as Jojo's watches the now violently bubbling mixture, fixated, pretty much staring at it up close, oblivious to what is about to happen. A loud explosion is heard as the screen cuts to black again. Each familiar giggle from three little girls is heard. The Professor is thrown back into the wall from the explosion. He lifts his head and opens his eyes to look up at something, then bolts to his feet. He approaches the creations with his eyes wide and jaw dropped, he cocks his head. From the Professor's point of view, three adorable, pint-sized girls with big heads and eyes, and stubby arms and legs face him, smiling. They have different hairstyles, colored dresses which match their irises, matching socks and shoes, and the first girl has a red bow on her hair]
Blossom: [first words] Hi!
[The Professor screams]
Blossom: What's your name?
Professor: [first words] Oh. Um, my name is, um… Uh, Professor. Professor Utonium. Hello.
[He bows to the girls with a shrug]
Girls: Hello, Professor Utonium, it's very nice to meet you.
Professor: It's very nice to meet you too. Um, uh, what are your names?
Blossom: Well, you made us. So shouldn't we also name us?
Professor: Um, OK. Oh, this is so cool. Well, now, let's see. Because of your directness and opening right up to me, I think I'll call you Blossom.
[The pink girl, Blossom, looks pleased. As the blue girl giggles, Blossom and the green girl watch her with puzzled looks]
Professor: Well, aren't you all cute and bubbly? That's it, you'll be my little Bubbles. So, we have Blossom, Bubbles and…
[The green girl, who is about to be named, blinks patiently]
Professor: Buttercup. Because it also begins with a B.
Buttercup: [first words] Hmph.
[Buttercup glares as she crosses her arms]
Professor: And together, you're 3 perfect, little g-- G-- Gifts! Birthday! It's your birthday, I should get gifts!
[The Professor runs upstairs]
Professor: Wow, I can't believe it! I wanted to create some kids I could teach good and bad, right and wrong, and in turn, maybe they'd do some good for this terrible town, and now I can!
[The Utonium house is a three-blocked house with a tall middle piece with no windows]
Professor: All I've gotta do is be a good parent!
[He drives his car away from the house for a moment, then returns]
Professor: Note to self - good parents don't leave their kids home alone.
[The Professor runs back downstairs to the lab with wrapped gifts]
Professor: Sugar, spice and everything nice? Who would've guessed that's what girls are actually made of? I still can't believe it worked, that I've actually made 3 perfect little girls! 3 perfect, normal little g--
[The Professor slips off the stairs and falls as he screams. From a flash of pink light, Blossom catches him]
Blossom: Professor, you should be more careful when you're coming down the steps. You could get hurt.
[Buttercup and Bubbles each hold 3 wrapped presents with each color]
Buttercup: Hey, are these for us?
[The Professor nods and the girls each zoom off]
Buttercup: Yeah!
Bubbles: [first words] Yippee!
Blossom: Thanks, Professor!
[The Professor lifts a hand as if to say something then drops to his knees as he watches the girls rapidly rip the wrapping paper off of the gifts while laughing and giggling. He looks over at the broken beaker of Chemical X, then smiles]
Buttercup: [holding a pile of various toys] Hey, thanks!
Blossom: [holding a globe of the Earth on a stack of books] Yes, Professor, thank you!
Bubbles: [holds a plush purple octopus with a top hat, whose name is Octi] This is the best gift ever, Dad.
[She kisses his cheek and floats upward. The Professor smiles warmly and looks up at his newly created daughters]
Professor: Yes, it is.
[The camera slowly pulls back, with the girls flying happily above the Professor. We see a profile of Jojo, his silhouetted brain obviously sticking far out of his skull, a definite side-effect of when he was looking too closely at the mixture that created the girls when it blew. He does not know what to make of this, and slowly skulks away into the darkness. The view fades to black. Daytime, the Professor instructs the girls to paint the wall]
Professor: OK, girls, now watch me.
[The girls speedily paint the wall pink with the Professor camouflaged like a chameleon. The girls cover their mouths in embarrassment as if to say, "Oops!"]
Professor: I think you missed a spot.
[He paints his face as the girls giggle]
Professor: I'll go wash up, then we'll bring in the furniture.
[He washes his hands without his lab coat. Behind him, through the open door, the girls zoom downstairs]
Professor: Girls, wait. You should let me... help?
[The furniture is thrown into the girls' new bedroom as the girls themselves zoom in. The Professor impressed with the girls' bedroom. The light shade that was thrown in is already on the ceiling, a bed is at the far back with a cover of pink (for Blossom), blue (for Bubbles) and green (for Buttercup) spread onto it with three pillows each for the girls. A vanity table with a heart-shaped mirror is stood a foot or two away from the bed, a few cupboards and dressers sit in the corner of the room near the door. A few shelves have some toys sitting on them filling the spaces. By the closet door, sits a pile of toys and a bedside table with a lamp on top is seen on the left side of the bed]
Professor: Whoa! This looks pretty good. What do you think?
Bubbles: Hmm... I think it's a little dark.
Buttercup: Well, I like it dark.
Blossom: Some windows might be nice.
Professor: Yeah. I could see some windows right about here. I'll call a contractor tomo-
[Just as the Professor is about to say the word "tomorrow", the girls's pupils glow red and matching red laser beams creature circular windows. The Professor's hair is cinched from the laser beams]
Professor: Or, heh, that works, too. Who's hungry?
[In the kitchen, Blossom is seen to hold a bag with pieces of bread in it]
Blossom: Ready?
Bubbles and Buttercup: Ready.
Blossom: Go!
[The girls rapidly make Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches while the Professor gets milk and apples. Afterwards, the girls use laser eyes to break the crusts of the sandwiches. The Professor comes to the table, covered with peanut butter and jelly. Then they have a laugh. Day turns to night]
Professor: [drying his hands with a towel] OK, girls, time for...
[He sees the girls knocked out to sleep]
Professor: ...bed.
[The Professor gets the girls ready for bed. First, he washes Blossom's face with a rag, puts Buttercup in a nightgown, and tucks Octi under Bubbles's arm. She grins appreciatively in her sleep and nestles her new toy closer. The Professor tucks the girls in, and turns off the lights, closing the door behind him smiling sweetly all the way. He returns downstairs to attend to the mess. Picking up books, he focuses on a piece of paper left on the floor, then smiles warmly. It is a drawing of them done by Bubbles. The view fades to black. Daytime, the Professor enters the room, carrying three colored dresses with black belts]
Professor: Wake up, girls, it's time for school!
Girls: [in unison] What's school?
[Elsewhere, an outside view of an elementary school building. A large sign outside reads Pokey Oaks kindergarten. Inside, a young brunette lady with big blue eyes hunches next to her new students, with the Professor standing behind. She's obviously the teacher and speaks with a nice caring toned voice]
Ms. Sandra J. Keane: This is school. I'm your teacher, Ms. Keane, and this is where kids come to learn! See?
[Keane shows the girls a group of kids, who are chatting happily]
Boy #1: Hey, you wanna play?
[The girls look uncertain for a moment at the boy, look to Keane for approval, who nods, then their faces light up in joy. They run off happily with him. The Professor doesn't seem to share their enthusiasm, and expresses his concerns to Keane]
Professor: Umm, do you think they'll be OK? Cause I'm new at this parenting thing, and I wanted to come and meet you, and see them off on their first day, cause they're really special. I mean really special, and I just want to make sure they'll be OK so, so what do you think? Do you think they'll be OK?
[The girls have easily acclimated to the group; one would not notice them standing out at all. Keane shrugs him off]
Keane: They'll be just fine, Professor. We'll see you at noon!
[Keane pushes the professor out the door as he looks back nervously at his girls]
Professor: OK, bye, girls! Bye! Bye! Buh-bye! Bye! Uh, bye!
[Keane shuts the door behind him. She then addresses the class. The Professor can be seen waving in the window nearest the door]
Keane: OK, class, take your seats.
[A girl and a boy at one table gesture to Keane]
Girl #1: Ms. Keane, can Blossom sit with us?
Girl #2: Can we sit with Bubbles?
[A brown-haired boy, with a gruff Popeye-like voice, gestures at Buttercup. His shirt says "Mitch Rocks", implying but not stating his name. This is Mitch Mitchelson, one of the classmates seen in the show]
Mitch Mitchelson: Can Buttercup sit over here?
[Keane walks over and places the girls at an empty table in the center]
Keane: The girls can sit right here in the middle, so they'll be next to everyone!
[The kids cheer]
Keane: Now, let's begin!
[Keane focus on the clock, which fades from 9 am to noon. She hears a knock on the door. It's the Professor, waving sheepishly with a silly grin]
Keane: Hello, Professor, right on time! Your girls are right outside with the other children.
[The Professor spies the messy classroom, and becomes distraught]
Professor: Oh no! Look at this mess! Ohh, I knew the girls would be a handful, but I'm so sorry.
Keane: What, this? [scoffs] This is what happens when you put 20 little kids in one room. Your girls were perfect. Perfect, normal, well-behaved little girls.
Professor: Nothing out of the ordinary?
Keane: No, like what?
[The scene cuts to the girls, with another child, named Kim. Buttercup and Blossom watch on as Bubbles plays hopscotch, throwing a stone to the second square and hopping there. Blossom approves while Buttercup frowns]
Blossom: That was sweet!
Buttercup: What's the point of this game anyway?
[Mitch runs up, and bumps Kim]
Mitch: Tag! You're it!
[Kim giggles as she runs after him. The kids all run away from the girl in a circular pattern, while the Utonium kids stand still in confusion]
Blossom: Whoa! Everyone's running from that girl! It's like she's been infected!
Buttercup: Maybe she's a freak.
Bubbles: Yeah, and they hate her!
[A nondescript girl appears, and touches Bubbles on the arm. She looks very distressed]
Girl #3: Tag, you're it!
Bubbles: Oh no! I've been infected!
[Mitch walks in.]
Mitch: All right, what's going on here?
Bubbles: I've been infected.
Mitch: [smacks head] You're not infected, it's just a game!
Bubbles: It is?
Mitch: Yeah!
Blossom: A game; neat!
Buttercup: Yeah, how do we play?
Mitch: [groans] OK, look. It's very simple. Bubbles, tag me.
[He outstretches his arm to Bubbles. She looks hesitantly at it.]
Mitch: Come on, it's okay.
[Very slowly, she reaches forward and pokes him quickly before quickly withdrawing]
Mitch: All right, now I'm it. And all you gots to do to play is tag someone else.
[He tags Buttercup]
Mitch: And they're it!
[He walks out and back]
Mitch: By the way, you're it!
[He runs off. Buttercup shakes her arms]
Buttercup: Awesome, I'm it! What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?!
Mitch: [running away] Just tag someone else! And they're it!
[Buttercup looks at him a bit uncertainly. Then her eyes shift over to her sisters, as her brows furrow in a mischievously wicked smile. Blossom and Bubbles look at each other uneasily, then back at Buttercup, nervous smiles planted on their faces. Then run off slowly, as Buttercup breaks into a big smile and pursues them. The other two girls giggle as they run. Looking back, Blossom sees her green sister catching up to them]
Blossom: Time to put it into overdrive, Bubbles!
[The duo speed up in tempo with the music, quickly passing by Ms. Keane, the Professor, and the other school children. Buttercup senses this and likewise increases her speed. The other two girls see where this is going, and again increase their speed, their eyes clenched shut in concentration. As the girls continue to increase their speed, the music reaches a frantic pace, and the scenery becomes a speedy blur. As Buttercup races forward, a green trail begins to emanate behind her, and a streak of fire issues from her feet. Bubbles, blissfully unaware of her sister's proximity, is caught unawares as Buttercup gives her a full-force shove, sending her careening out of control]
Buttercup: Tag! You're IT!
[Accentuating her last word, Bubbles is sent grinding into the pavement and blasting a huge wall into the side of the school. The schoolyard audience leaps back in shock and fear. Bubbles comes bursting out of the roof in a blue parabolic arc, feet jackknifing downwards as she falls]
Bubbles: I'm gonna tag you guys now!
[The other girls quickly break through the schoolyard fence, narrowly avoiding capture as Bubbles slams into the pavement, creating a dust cloud and a large crater. As she slowly pops her head out of the hole, Buttercup and Blossom are a good ten yards away, standing straight and looking at their deposed sister]
Buttercup: Haha! You missed us!
[Bubbles stands there pensively for a moment, then quickly smashes them into a house across the street.]
Bubbles: Haha! Tag! You're it!
[The scene zooms back to show the desiccated house and the skyline of Townsville. As the girls' voices fade out, the results of their mayhem become apparent, as explosions, crashes, flying trees, cars, and cows evidence their destruction]
Blossom: No! No, I'm not! Tag, you're it!
Buttercup: Tag!
Blossom: Missed me! No, you're it!
Buttercup: Missed me!
Blossom: Tag!
Bubbles: Tag!
Buttercup: Gotcha!
Blossom: Missed me!
[Their voices trail off into the distance, as a slow pan shows the school children looking onward in gaping astonishment and shock at what they just witnessed. The scene zooms in on the Professor and Ms. Keane. As the teacher stares blankly at what has just transpired, the Professor grins sheepishly again, and takes this convenient opportunity to leave unnoticed through the quite-ample new doorway. The scene cuts to the Professor rushing off from home in his car. His license plate reads "PRFDADY" (a reference to either the words "Professor, Daddy", or a sly reference to Craig McCracken's handle "Puff-Daddy" on PPG forums.) Bubbles and Buttercup, flying at super speed, rush through the city and over a sign that reads, "You are now leaving the City of Townsville".]
Bubbles: Whee!
[Blossom busts right through the sign, clearly the one who is it. The Professor, moments too late, speeds down the nearby street.]
Professor: Girls, no! Wait!
[Bubbles and Buttercup zip around buildings to avoid their tagged sister. The view focuses in on Blossom, hairbow swept back by the wind as she makes several hairpin turns. In a rear view, as she starts to catch up to her other sisters, they speed up, setting all three off in a dazzling whirl of 90 degree turns through the city streets. As they fly, they drag items from papers to cars in the vacuum of their wake. A red ball is also seen bouncing merrily along. At one point, Blossom gasps and grinds her feet to a halt in front of two very surprised people. Using her super hearing, accentuated by animated sonar waves, Blossom cups her arm to her ear, hearing Buttercup's joyful laughter, and a taunting "can't catch me" from Bubbles. (The building reads 801 a reference to PPG801, the codename and web address for the PPG movie before the official website.) Pausing momentarily to decide where to go, Blossom zips off to the right, leaving the two onlookers to stare at her trail, before narrowly avoiding the flying debris that strikes the building's front, notably a car, whose collision is accentuated from several angles. The Professor, still in control of his vehicle, is not far behind, hanging a hard right to follow Blossom. His face is marked with worry.]
Professor: Oh no!
[The same red ball bumps into the Professor's car and continues down Blossom's path. The scene changes to Blossom, keeping her at a fixed distance and focus as she nimbly zooms down city streets. As the camera stops, the roadway behind her glows red and cracks, erupting into flaming debris. Becoming more careless now, Blossom zigzags down a street, leaving a canyon-sized streak behind her. The scene briefly shifts to Buttercup, who has chosen to flee by flying. At a three-way intersection, Buttercup turns left, and the rampaging Blossom just passes her on the straightaway. Turning back o.c., she pummels her way back down Buttercup's path. Following Blossom fixedly behind again, she pursues her flying sister down several twisting streets. Inside a car, a tall thin long-haired young male driver and his shorter, fatter black-haired male friend cry out as the two girls zoom out right in front of them and into busy traffic. (Their appearance could be a reference to Jay and Silent Bob, makers of and actors in such fine titles as Clerks and Mallrats) The driver brakes hard and jerks left, ramming into a large store windowpane. Destroying several more cars, Blossom admires her handiwork, then gasps as she looks forward and notices the traffic jam in front of her. She narrowly zigs between the car lanes, and up onto the side of the adjacent buildings, leaving a similar gouging pattern behind her. The view adjusts sideways, as Blossom runs parallel to the ground across the buildings. Bubbles, for her part, seems to be enjoying this immensely, eyes closed and arms outstretched as she lets out a girlish "whee!" Blossom sees her fly by in the opposite direction, and returning to the ground again, she briefly stops at a street corner before returning alternately to the buildings and ground. Now on her blonde sister's tracks, she pursues the unseen Bubbles down several more streets. Something catches her attention, and she stops, looking upwards with a gasp. The camera focuses in on her head. Her pupils contract rapidly, with a sound similar to a lens instrument focusing in on a distant object. It's a large glass dome ball atop a building, similar in form to a disco ball. Seeing Bubbles' trail in its reflective surface, Blossom zooms in closer and closer to calculate her sister's location]
Blossom: Subway, huh?
[Her eyes re-dilate, and she scopes the nearest subway entrance, and she darts down the tunnel in a spiral fashion, leaving her customary trail. Bubbles is still blissfully unaware of her would-be captor, continuing to fly without heed to direction. Blossom exits the subway and stands confidently at its exit. Bubbles gasps, suddenly aware of her sister's plot, and hitting the pavement, grinds to a halt mere inches from her sister]
Blossom: Tag! You're it!
[She flies off slowly, an air of smugness written all over her as she blows a raspberry at Bubbles, who for her part takes this in for a moment, then looks quite angry, bursting upwards at high velocity and leaving a massive crater behind her. The debris hits several buildings, and narrowly misses the Professor's car. He gasps as he spots the girls]
Professor: There they are!
[Before he can finish, he hits the crater left by Bubbles, and his car does a complete backflip with a perfect landing. The red ball hits his car again]
Blossom: Watch out, here she comes!
[Bubbles is now the pursuer. Narrowly missing her sisters, she backpedals by pushing off of the glass globe, which we can now clearly see is the logo of Olive Corp. The impact shatters the narrow base, and the sphere rolls off the building top. As pedestrians scream in horror, the globe smashes into a street way and starts rolling downwards, the surroundings mirrored in its surface. It hits a building at a street corner, and turns onto another road, smashing stores left and right as it bumps back-and-forth down the street. A distant shot shows the girls continuing to flee from Bubbles, smashing into various buildings along the way. As they head towards ground, the force of one impact actually causes the road to curl upwards, sending cars hurling upwards as the wave of asphalt hits them. Buttercup, stationary, pops her head out from behind a corner building, laughing to herself for giving her sisters the slip]
Buttercup: Hah, suckers!
[The road wave reaches Buttercup, and she is sent spinning vertically into the air, with a blank expression on her face. Bubbles zooms up to her and tags her just at the height of her climb]
Bubbles: Tag, you're it!
[The scene cuts to inside a rather swank looking home high above the city, where a smooth-talking gentleman is wooing a young lady. A car is seeing hurtling towards the room's full-wall windows]
Smooth Man: You know, I've got a nice car.
[The scene cuts away right before the car hits, and from down below, the Professor looks upwards at the high-story impact, as glass rains down on his car. He spies the girls, finally stopped, high in the air in a circle]
Professor: Huh?
[Blossom and Bubbles tag Buttercup]
Both: Tag, you're it!
Buttercup: Hey!
[The two girls disappear behind a post-modern style building, and Buttercup, looking left and right, gives a banshee scream as she angrily realizes she's lost them. Tired of playing around, she smashes a beeline right through several buildings. Blossom and Bubbles are standing calmly above a building similar to the Seattle Space Needle]
Blossom: She'll never find us up here!
[Buttercup smashes through several more buildings in a fury of anger]
Blossom: Do you hear something?
[The pursuer smashes through a sign labeled gas, which for some reason, is actually filled with a flammable substance. She zooms forward, trailing the edge of the giant fireball billowing out behind her]
Blossom: Whoa! Run!
[As the two anxiously flee, Buttercup zooms behind them and taps them both. Their forms are silhouetted behind the massive fireball emanating in the background]
Buttercup: Tag, you're both it!
[The three stop, and argue as a fire rages on behind them]
Blossom: Hey! We can't both be it!
Buttercup: Why not?
[Bubbles touches Blossom]
Bubbles: Tag!
Blossom: What?! I can't be it twice!
Bubbles: Why not?
Blossom: OK then, tag! Now you guys are it!
Buttercup: [to Bubbles] Tag!
Bubbles: [to the other two] Tag!
Buttercup: Hey, no tag backs! [to Blossom] Tag!
Blossom: [to Bubbles] Tag!
Girls: Tag, tag, tag, tag, tag, tag, tag!
[The Professor turns a corner and screeches to a halt. He has a good view of the girls from a giant hole through several buildings]
Girls: Tag, tag, tag! You're it! No, you're it!
[They take off again, in an elaborate design of flying patterns, as the scene slowly pulls back, moving inside a stately room, where the Mayor looks at the raging destruction]
Mayor of Townsville: Oh, boy.
[The Mayor throws open a set of large double doors, his now-visible face revealing a bald head, top hat, white mustache and single monocle with one eye clenched shut. A sash across his chest says "Mayor". As he scuttles his small legs across the red-carpeted floor, he continues to chant to himself]
Mayor: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
[The scene cuts quickly back to the girls, then to the Professor driving, and then back to the Mayor as he walks down a long room with tall windows, then the order repeats itself]
Mayor: Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy.
[At this point, a orange-haired woman in alluring red outfit walks into the scene. Her face is conveniently off camera. Her name is Sara Bellum. She matches the Mayor's quick little trot as they head down a large flight of stairs]
Sara Bellum: "Oh boy" is right, Mayor. It's terrible, the town is being destroyed by three girls with freakish powers. This is a very serious situation. What action do you propose we take?
[The action continues to switch between the girls, Professor, and Mayor once more. Several concerned businessmen are shoving papers in Bellum's off-screened face]
Ms. Bellum: Don't worry, gentlemen, the Mayor and I have the situation under control.
Mayor: Oh, boy.
Ms. Bellum: I know, sir.
[The scenes rotate again. Now, a large crowd of people is surrounding the two politicians]
Mayor: Oh, boy.
Ms. Bellum: You tell them, Mayor. Townsville will not stand for this kind of behavior.
[The scenes rotate again. Now, the mayoral group is outside, led by the diminutive public official]
Ms. Bellum: Uh, Mayor? Hello? City being destroyed? Where are you going?
Mayor: Oh, boy!
Ms. Bellum: Mayor, what are you doing? We're in a serious pickle.
Mayor: Exactly.
[The group stops mid-stride. The mayor is in front of a food cart. The Professor rushes behind the girls.]
Professor: Girls, no!
[The vendor is seen busying himself inside the food cart]
Mayor: [clears throat] Hello.
[The vendor pops his head out. He looks like the Mayor, but with a black mustache, a bad Italian hat, and an even worse Italian accent]
Cucor: Hello.
Mayor: The usual, Cucor.
[At this point, we can see that Cucor's nose looks like a giant bumpy pickle]
Cucor: [approving smack; mwah] Ahh, yes. I have a fine vintage for you here. Picked fresh today.
[Heavenly music plays as a detailed view of a moist green pickle is lofted high with a pair of tongs, brine dripping off its bumpy surface]
Mayor: Oh, boy!
[Glimpses show the continually tagging girls and the Mayor slowly bringing the pickle towards his mustachioed lips. As the girls barrel forward, they strike the pickle cart outside Town Hall, the resultant explosion blasting everyone backward. As the smoke clears, it reveals a giant impact crater left by the girls' impact, and the vendor cart demolished. The girls are lying down in the center, laughing giddily and rapidly talking about the game. The Professor runs into the scene and over the pile of dazed bodies]
Professor: Girls, girls, are you OK?
[All three get up and touch the Professor]
Girls: Tag! You're it, Professor! [laughing]
[Somber music plays as the Mayor is shown lying prostrate on the ground, his beloved pickle tumbled out of his grasp. In a long zoom out from Town Hall, the true extent of destruction is shown, as the glass ball smashes into another building and comes to a halt. The camera does an extreme zoom out, showing the entire city of Townsville, and revealing the true extent of the damage. Buildings are pockmarked with house-sized holes, and the Space Needle building's top takes this opportunity to fall over and jabs into the ground like an oversized dart]

[A stack of newspapers hits the street. It's the Townsville Tribune. On the top half of the cover is a cut-off picture of Buttercup, with the words "Freaky Bug-Eyed Weirdo Girls Broke Everything" in large bold print, ala New York Times. In the shadows of an alley, the pink eyes of Jojo are seen reading the paper. (The paper is a wealth of inside jokes. The face of Craig McCracken, the series creator, is seen in a watermark in the upper left corner. The paper also reads July 3rd the opening date of the Powerpuff movie. And the back has a picture of a Gorillaz poster.) Jojo's voice has obviously lowered]
Jojo: Hmm. [laughing maniacally]

[The girls' reflections are mirrored in the large glass dome as they walk by it. The camera zooms in on Buttercup]
Buttercup: Well, it's official. I have no idea where we are.
Blossom: Well, I can't say it's been the best day.
Bubbles: But it probably couldn't get much worse.
[On the cue, it starts to rain hard. Buttercup starts to yell out and Bubbles begins to cry.]
Blossom: Hey, it's OK. Maybe there's a box we can get in around back. Come on.
[The girls walk behind what looks like Malph's Market]
Blossom: See, there’s a whole bunch of boxes.

[After Jojo, who is a hobo, saved the girls from the Gangreen Gang, they pursued him down the rainy alley. Jojo seeks refuge in a box. As the girls run up searching in his direction, Blossom is the first to spot him]
Blossom: Hey, guys, over here! Hi! What's your name? I'm Blossom.
Buttercup: Buttercup.
Bubbles: And I'm Bubbles!
Jojo: [first words; with Japanese accent] Go away, please. Don't look at me.
Blossom: But we just wanted to thank you for saving us from those green gangsters back there.
Buttercup: Yeah, that was amazing with the trash can lid! It was all fwish, bang, crash, bam, boom!
Bubbles: Yeah, you rock!
[The scene slowly zooms in on Jojo. His eyes open in the darkness]
Jojo: No, please, I dare not listen. For I have been lashed by harsh tongues for too long. Alas, my little ones, I do not rock. For I, Jojo, am a monster.
[As Jojo scowls, lightning flashes briefly revealing his face]
Blossom: You're not a monster. Monsters are evil.
Buttercup: Yeah, and anybody who would save us like you did is so not evil.
Bubbles: You're no monster, mister. You're just really dirty.
Jojo: Please, you're just trying to make me feel better. But my pain is not for you to understand. Besides, how could you? For you are pure and innocent, and most certainly loved.
[The girls glance at each other]
Jojo: How could you know what it is to be cast out into a world that only offers misery? How could you know what it's like for people to fear and despise you for the very things that make you special?
[The girls drop their heads in a silent understanding]
Jojo: Because you don't fit in! Because you are... A FREAK!!
[Jojo emerges from his box, his grocery bag in hand, revealing his huge brain after the explosion that originally created the girls]

[Later that night, the girls fly back home]
Blossom: I'm so excited!
Buttercup: Yeah, we'll show 'em!
Bubbles: Hey, where's...?
[On cue, the Professor is thrown roughly head first into the house by the same policemen who arrested him earlier]
Girls: Professor!
[Buttercup melts the handcuffs off his wrists with her laser vision]
Professor: Oh, girls, thank goodness you're OK! I'm so sorry! I'm a terrible, terrible parent! You must hate me for not picking you up from school. But it's not my fault. It's this town. They've gone crazy. It's like they've never seen kids playing before. I knew your powers would take some getting used to, but jail? Lawsuits? Angry mobs? What's next?
Girls: Don't worry, Professor, things are going to get better. We promise.
[Back in his volcano top observatory, Jojo now sits in the center of the contraption, discarding his coat and bag, an evil grin spread across his face. He pushes a red button, and the tracking devices planted in the monkeys' fur come to life, transporting them away from the zoo, and into pre-arranged liquid-filled cages lined in a circular fashion about Jojo. Another flip of the switch and the large glass ball contraption comes to life. The Chemical X drains from the large beaker on top, and the glass balls, spinning rapidly, each fills with a smaller dosage of the black liquid. Another dial is turned, and the room is cast into a green glow as lightning begins to spark from the balls. The liquid drains from each of the globes, and the monkeys are enveloped in it. They screech in pain and agony under the assault. Lighting begins to issue from their bodies, and their skin begins to turn as green as Jojo's, along with their eyes taking on the same pink hue as Mojo's as well, while their brains grow out from their heads in a similar fashion to Jojo, who laughs evilly, as rapidly flashing red and green lights flash around him. The shot zooms out, revealing the monkeys now suspended quite prostate, their brains sticking far out from their heads. The shot continues back, showing the observatory, the city of Townsville, and finally back through the far-right window of the girls' bedroom, where they are sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of the events transpiring miles away in the city proper. Fade to black]

[At this point, the girls reach downtown and are astonished and shocked by what they see. A quick zoom out reveals that there are now hundreds of monkeys ravaging the townsfolk. The camera focuses on Jojo standing confidently in front of town hall, the Mayor's head under one of his boots. He then points towards the girls as he speaks]
Jojo: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, I couldn't have done it without you!
[The girls are in shock]
Man #1: It's their fault!
Man #2: I knew they were no good!
[Jojo laughs maniacally]
Blossom: Jojo, what happened?!
Bubbles: This isn't making the town a better place!
Jojo: [last words] 'Yes, it is. For me, the hobo formerly known as "Jojo" is no more. From this day forward, I shall be known as… Mojo Jojo!
[Jojo, now known as Mojo Jojo, or Mojo for short, swoops his cape back in dramatic effect, the Mayor still crushed under his right boot. The girls gasp in astonishment]
Mojo Jojo: [first words] For too long, apes and monkeys have been under the thumb of man. Well, the time has come to oppose that thumb, and take hold of what is rightfully ours: THE WORLD!!!

Mojo: [after the girls zoom into space] Yeah! Whoo! Alright! I rock! I rock so hard. For I, Mojo Jojo, have succeeded in my first, greatest, and most brilliant plan ever. And I, Mojo Jojo, shall be King of the Planet of the Apes!
[At this point there is silence. None of Mojo's army is attacking the crowd anymore as all their attention has shifted to Mojo and his declaration of being king. Their expressions make it clear that none of them are willing to accept this declaration from Mojo of him being their leader and king when they've done all the work. A Bornean Orangutan speaks out from the nearby crowd, his bulging brain, spiteful glance, and tone of voice similar in form to Mojo's.]
Ojo Tango: You shall be King?! Preposterous!
Mojo: What?! How dare you?
Ojo: [while putting on Mojo's identical clothes] For it is I, who's the one most suited to be ruler.
Mojo: Those are my clothes!
Ojo: I, Ojo Tango, shall be simian supreme.
Mojo: No Ojo. Mojo!
Ojo: As I unleash the offensive omnipotence of the oppressive orango-tank!
[At this point, a lowland gorilla speaks up. His voice is very low and burly.]
Rocko Socko: [burly deep voice] Hold on!
Mojo: Oh, no.
Rocko: [while putting on metal fists and another variant of Mojo's clothes] It is I who shall get a grip on this situation.
Mojo: You'd better not.
Rocko: As I, Rocko Socko, seize control and rule. [smashes a hole in a building]
Mojo: Wait!
[All of the primates wear variants of Mojo's clothes]
[A lanky olive baboon speaks next.]
Baboon Kaboom: [getting into a baboon robot] I, Baboon Kaboom, with my Baboon-bot, will be the bomb!
Mojo: Uh-oh.
Baboon: And if you don't like it, you can sniff my Baboon-bot bombs! [as the Baboon-bot poops out 3 bombs, it throws them and they explode]
Mojo: [sarcastically] Oh, that's classy.
[A large barrel of White handed gibbons, in the same form as the famous Barrel of Monkeys toy, rolls down the street. A group of them speaks at once.]
Go Go Po-Trol: [all at once] Gangway, gangway! For we, the Go Go Po-Trol, as brothers-in-arms, are linked to form a chain of command that will reach out and take over the world.
[A Japanese Macaque is standing in a vat of boiling water atop a dam.]
Hotta Wata: I, Hotta Wata, am boiling mad for you're all wet behind your ears. [the dam breaks] Therefore, I shall unleash a scalding torrent to drown you all about. For I don't give a–
Mojo: Watch your mouth!
[Next is a West African chimpanzee with a pair of cymbals, moving sporadically like a toy as he clashes his cymbals.]
Cha-Ching Cha-Ching: I, Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, symbolize chaotic calamity. [bangs cymbals together]
[Next is a large group of Spider monkeys with flying rocket packs. They speak in unison.]
Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos: [all at once] We, the Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos, shall rain on your parade because… [they spit] we're the spit.
Mojo: [disgusted] Eww.
[A proboscis monkey speaks next, imitating Jimmy Durante, with a dance number playing in the background as he half-sings the words. A large array of banana peels lie before him.]
Hacha Chacha: [singing] ♪ My name is Hacha Chacha! ♪
♪ And here's my schpiel! ♪
♪ A diabolical plan with lots of appeal ♪
♪ Spreading bananas far and wide! ♪
♪ And fixing up the folks for a slippery slide! ♪
[A man and woman slip on banana peels]
Mayor: That's pretty catchy.
[A nervous young bonobo speaks next, clearly putting together his plan at the last minute.]
Blah-Blah Blah-Blah: I, Blah-Blah Blah-Blah, shall create a sauce of chaos, and stir up trouble with a destructive force known as the Tormato!
Mojo: Tormaato?
Mayor: Tormayto. [Mojo kicks him away] Woo-hoo!
[Quick pan to a monkey driving a two-wheeled vehicle with a large drill bit mounted in front.]
Killa Drilla: I, Killa Drilla.
[Another monkey runs down the street, delivering headbutts.]
Bonzo Bango: I, Bonzo Bango.
[A very fat monkey rolls over people.]
Rolo Ovo: I, Rolo Ovo.
[A small monkey bites someone’s thumb.]
Cruncha Muncha: I, Cruncha Muncha!
[a young monkey slaps a young man’s face.]
Wacko Smacko: I, Wacko Smacko!
[An old monkey in a tattered outfit slaps a senior citizen.]
Pappy Wappy: I, Pappy Wappy.
[Now we see a quick series of shots of various other monkeys, each of whom cries out, “I!”—more pretenders to the throne. The tempo steadily accelerates through this sequence, during which the ambient light goes from green to yellow and finally red. Finally the camera cuts to a long shot of Mojo and zooms in quickly. He has had entirely too much of this.]
Mojo: No! Stop! Cease! Desist! Don't continue with the ramblings. For my ramblings to be obeyed! For I am the king, supreme leader and all-around dictator, don't you see?! All you monkeys are my plan! So your plans are my plans because you made plans and my plans was to make you! I plan to rule the world, not to have my plans plan to stop me! I am your creator, I am your king, and I am Mojo Jojo! [pushes the Professor aside] Obey me!

[The shot cuts to a view of outer space. Despite the lack of air to convey sound, the sound of distant crying is heard. The shot zooms into the asteroid belt and focuses on a single rock. Bubbles is sitting on the surface, her head is thrown back in utter dejection and despair and is having a torrent of cries issuing from her mouth. The scene pulls back to show a saddened Blossom sitting on a rocky outcropping, and Buttercup fuming by herself in the distance. Their voices echo in the emptiness of space]
Buttercup: That jerk! That big, fat, dumb jerk. He duped us. He planned it all along and we fell for it.
Bubbles: [voice breaking] And now, everybody hates us even more.
[She continues crying, then stops when she looks at Buttercup]
Bubbles: What are you doing?
[Buttercup has started digging a crude wall in the asteroid]
Buttercup: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm building a house. Because now, we have to live here.
Bubbles: Live here?
Buttercup: Yeah, don't you see? This can be the bedroom, and this is my bed. [she slumps down on a crude jutting of rock, and points.] That can be your bed over there.

[A long shot now shows a massive amount of destruction being done to Townsville. All three girls hear their screams now, and the pain is unbearable. They strike the famous "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" pose. Mojo advances on the Professor, who lies hunched in a ball on the steps of City Hall. He gasps as Mojo grabs him by the throat. What he utters is able to snap the girls out of their blue funk]
Professor: Girls!
Girls: Professor!
[The girls rush back to Townsville amidst the destruction]
Girls: Professor! Professor! PROFESSOR!
[With another explosion, missiles strike at the base of a stirring statue of the mayor riding triumphantly on a horse. The statues fall, aiming to strike a hapless lady below. Bubbles sees this and makes a sideways U-turn, diving to save the woman]
Blossom: Bubbles, wait!
[Bubbles swoops downward, picking up the woman and narrowly saving her. Her sisters rejoin her, with a lady in hand]
Blossom: Good job, Bubbles, but we really got to save...
Lady: The baby!
[The baby is sitting in a carriage, holding a bomb recently spewed from the rear of Baboon Kaboom's Baboon-Bot bomb machine. Several more drop out in the next few moments]
Blossom: Holy...!
[Blossom narrowly swears as she saves the baby just as the bombs explode around her]
Buttercup: Hey, what about…?
Lady: THE DOG!!!
[The torrent of water is seen rushing down the streets. Hotta Wata pushes a dog underwater by the head]
Buttercup: Whoa!
[She rushes underwater and rescues the dog. Elsewhere, Bubbles is talking to the lady, now placed safely on a rooftop]
Blossom: You'll be safe here.

[Now dripping wet, Buttercup sets the dog down]
Buttercup: Good dog. Can we find the professor now, please?
[She looks back at the dog. The barrel of monkeys threatens to squish him flat]
Buttercup: Aww, man!
[Bubbles nabs the car out of Rocko's grasp, much to his surprise. Blossom saves a man in a phone booth from being crushed by Ojo's Orangu-tank's track. Buttercup zips to save the dog. Bubbles and Blossom avoid torrents of flying things and people as they carry the car and phone booth, respectively. The tomato tornado is sucking people into its core. Buttercup has set the dog outside the CTN building (another reference to Cartoon Network)]
Buttercup: Now, stay!
[Cha-Ching Cha-Ching stands across the way, and with a reverberating crash, the shockwaves shatter CTN's windows. Buttercup looks back again as the falling glass heads for the canine]
Buttercup: Doggone it!
[She swoops to save the dog yet again. Blossom and Bubbles now have a large group of people on their backs. Buttercup blows a raspberry behind her as she falls into the clutches of the Go Go Po-Trol, losing her grip and sending the dog into freefall. She yells and dives down to save the dog a fourth time, but he falls into the iron clutches of Rocko Socko. This is too much for Buttercup. She gives her gripping banshee yell, and flies headfirst towards the monster]

Blossom: OK, you should be safe here. Ohh, this is hopeless!
Bubbles: I know! There are too many monkeys. What can we do?
[The duo hear Buttercup's yell and glance at her direction. She's struggling to pry Rocko's iron hands open in order to free the dog. The angle changes with every word]
Buttercup: Get your hands off him, you darn, dirty ape!
[Yelling and her hand in a fist, Buttercup punches Rocko in the face, causing him to fly back and hit a wall. Bubbles and Blossom arrive and gasp. Buttercup covers her mouth in embarrassment]
Buttercup: [stuttering] I didn't mean it! It was an accident! He wouldn't let go, and then the dog! That stupid dog! And then the monkeys! Oh, man!
[The dog breaks free of the metal hands. He takes a whiz on them and walks off. Blossom, thinking this over, suddenly gets an idea in her head]
Blossom: Buttercup!
Buttercup: I, I, I...
Blossom: You're a GENIUS!
[Buttercup's eyes widen in surprise]
Buttercup: I am?
Bubbles: She is?
Blossom: Yeah! The one way to stop the monkeys, save the town, and find the Professor is to use our powers to...
[They focus in on the townspeople screaming. The Orango-tank is about to crush a large group of people.]
Blossom: Better yet. Watch!
[Blossom zooms in on the mechanical beast, striking an exploding blow to its head, knocking it over. She assumes a forward victory pose in front of the flame of the exploding machine. Ojo presumably perishes with his Orango-tank, much to Bubbles and Buttercup's amazement]
Buttercup: Wow!
Bubbles: That was amaz--! Hey!
[A torrent of spit begins to rain on the girls. Above them, the spitting monkeys are creating quite a downpour]
Bubbles: Eww, gross! Cut it out!
[She lashes out with her laser eyes, striking one monkey, sending it off spiraling like a deflating balloon, striking another monkey in a large explosion. The girls strike battle-ready poses as the spitting monkeys fall all around them. The explosion has wiped out the entire group, leaving all of them battered, bruised, and beaten]
Blossom: Come on, girls, let's put an end to this gorilla warfare!
[They fly off. Cha-Ching Cha-Ching bangs his cymbals together. The girls each get a good hit on him]
Blossom: Haha! Good one, Bubbles!
[Cha-Ching Cha-Ching falls down in front of Mojo, who is clutching the Professor by the neck. Mojo is shocked to find him battered and beaten, but quickly regains his fury once he realizes who's responsible]
Professor: Girls!
[Mojo covers his mouth]
Mojo: Shut up! I was afraid of this. They've returned and found out what our powers can really do! Come! You will make a good Powerproof vest!
[Mojo walks away with the Professor. Elsewhere, as the wave of water hits another streetway, the girls quickly pound a hold in front of its path, sucking all the water, Hotta Wata included, with a look of shock on his face, down to Townsville's sewer ways like a giant toilet. The butt bomb baboon machine juts forward, but Bubbles and Blossom pin it down by the hands. As Baboon Kaboom aims the butt cannon at the girls, Buttercup clenches the barrel shut, causing an overload. On his operating screen, the machine reads "B.M. Blowout", and Baboon silently screams in horror before the machine explodes. Confronting the barrel of monkeys, Buttercup grabs the end monkey by the hand, and like a giant rubber band, Blossom stretches the other end and lets go, sending the chain spiraling into a metal pole on the sidewalk. Bubbles uses the remaining monkeys as a rather large jump rope. The singing banana monkey is pounded into the nearby fruit stand by Bubbles, while Blossom sends him spinning down his own slippery path of destruction. The tomato tornado operator looks to his right to find Blossom, who snatches away his mixing rods, collapsing his tornado, as Blossom sends him flying into a ketchup-covered wall. Buttercup kicks a roundish rolling monkey like a soccer ball, sending him careening into the air off into the distance. Blossom grabs the drill machine by the bit, sending the driver's half of the machine spinning uncontrollably. Cruncha Muncha is sent into the waiting arms of Bubbles, who lovingly shakes him until he passes out. The punches and kicks reach a fervent pace, until one final shot of the three girls laying a massive uppercut erupts into pain stars, sending the entire group of monkeys raining down to the ground]
Buttercup: None of those stupid monkeys had the Professor!
Bubbles: Where could he be?
Blossom: Take a good guess.
[She points to the volcano top observatory, where Mojo is dragging the Professor deep into his lab. 6 sets of imposing doors close in rapid succession behind him to seal off his hideout]
Blossom: Come on, girls, we've got one last monkey to get off our backs!
[They zoom forwards, easily crashing through Mojo's defenses and standing at the ready in front of their nemesis, who has the Professor in a headlock]
Girls: Not so fast, Mojo Jojo!
Mojo: [mockingly] Oohh, look at the little heroes, here to save their daddy.
Professor: [straining] No, girls, save yourselves!
Bubbles: Sorry, Professor!
Buttercup: We can take this chump-chimp down easily!
Blossom: There's nothing he can do to stop us!
[Mojo twists the Professor's neck further, causing a nasty grinding noise, and making the Professor yelp out in pain. The girls gasp and stop. Hatred is written all over their eyes. Mojo had proven Blossom's taunt wrong as he has every intention to snap the Professor's neck and kill him if the Girls try to attack him while the Professor is still his hostage]
Mojo: That's better. It's good you little freaks know when you're beaten. Now if you'll excuse me, I, Mojo Jojo, have a town to take over. I have a world to rule! I have to seize control of an area, and force its inhabitants to follow my way of thinking!
[He presses a button on his control panel, and the glass globes begin to spin again. Another vat of Chemical X spews from the machine and drains into the spheres as before. He punches a set of keys]
Mojo: Even if it means…
[Pause for effect. He plunges the needle into his own brains]
[The girls gape]
Girls: You wouldn't!
Mojo: I would!
[He jams a lever, and all the containers of Chemical X pour directly into his brain. He lets out a primal cry, as his features bulge out in exaggerated proportions and he grows exponentially, sending him crashing through the roof of the observatory. He loses his grip on the screaming Professor, sending him falling downwards amidst the debris]
Bubbles: Professor!
[As Blossom catches him, the debris collapses on top of them and the Professor. Mojo is now a giant]
[He leaps to the ground amidst the flames of the city, fully half as tall as the tallest skyscrapers, and walks down its shattered streets and burning buildings. He stops in front of Town Hall, addressing the peons on the grounds below with a slow and commanding voice]
Mojo: Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I, Mojo Jojo, have succeeded in my first, greatest, and most brilliant plan ever! And I, Mojo Jojo, SHALL BE KING!
[He lifts his arms high in triumph]

[The girls fly back to Town Hall, and give Mojo a good smack in the jaw just as he was about to eat an innocent civilian or two, catching him by complete surprise]
Blossom: Surrender now, and we'll go easy on you!
[Mojo takes this in, rubbing his jaw, looking for the source of the interruption]
Blossom: Down here!
Mojo: Oh, my! You're actually trying to stop me? That's so cute!
Bubbles: Try nothing!
Blossom: We will stop you!
Buttercup: Who are you calling "cute"?!?!?
[Mojo laughs mockingly]
Mojo: OK, let's play!
[He lands a punch to the spot where the girls were, but they zoom away and land a few hits to his face. He tries to catch them, but they are too small and fast for his large bulky frame. Buttercup even runs between his ears, making a large bell sound, then smacks him into the butt, sending him into the air. As she laughs, Mojo simply alights himself and smashes her into the ground with his foot. The other two girls stop]
Blossom: Buttercup!
[Mojo takes advantage of their hesitation to smack them into a rooftop. Buttercup emerges from Mojo's foot, angry as can be. She punches in and breaks all of the toes on his left foot. In the meantime, the other two girls emerge, and in a spiral formation, smack into Mojo's midsection, sending him hurtling back doubled over. As he strikes a tall building, it collapses on him, his arms and legs sticking out]
Blossom: Good job, girls!
Buttercup: [Japanese accent] Hah, that more Mojo is no more!
[They laugh. Mojo alights himself, and leaping forward he grabs hold of Buttercup and Blossom in opposing hands]
Bubbles: GIRLS!!
[The two girls scream out in pain as Mojo squeezes, glancing between the two. Bubbles rushes forward, and (in Star Wars A-wing style and sound) shoots rapid-fire laser beams at Mojo, causing him to cry out in pain and releasing her two sisters. The girls resume their cat-and-mouse game amidst Mojo, and once again unable to catch them, Mojo lets out a primal yell and claps his hands together loudly. The resulting shockwave blasts the girls spiraling backward. They do a few backflips on a city street and reorient themselves]
Buttercup: Somebody's mad.
[Mojo springs forward, unleashing a barrage of black pointed thorns at the girls]
Blossom: Look out!
[They narrowly avoid a set of spikes. Mojo targets Blossom as she runs as fast as she can from the onslaught, just staying in front of the line of fire. But the same dog is in her way now, and she feels obligated to protect it. Failing her arms in rapid fire, she deflects all of the thorns from herself and her hapless canine companion, yelling out in fury. Bubbles and Buttercup are hiding nearby under the refuge of an empty bus]
Bubbles: Oh, no, look! Mojo's got Blossom pinned down!
Buttercup: I have an idea, come on!
[Buttercup and Bubbles lay the bus vertically in front of Blossom. Blossom stops yelling. The bus absorbs all of the thorny blows. After a few moments, the assault stops. The dog simply walks off. Buttercup dodges the last few spikes, ending up on the ground with her sisters. There is silence for a moment: Buttercup and Blossom cautiously look up, while Bubbles opens her eyes after keeping them shut in order to protect herself from the spikes]
Bubbles: Do you think he's finished?
[Mojo has risen up behind the bus]
Mojo: No, you are!
[He breathes fire on them. A following shot shows the girls, hands together, screaming in pain as the fiery flames scorch them badly. As the attack stops, the girls are still alive, but unconscious. Mojo grabs the scorched and weakened girls in his hand]
Mojo: Fools! You dare to challenge me? Attempt to defeat ME? Try to destroy ME?! I, who saved you from certain death? After all I’ve done for you, YOU BETRAY ME?! AND WHY?!
[He rips open part of the building, showing a bunch of frightened citizens]
Mojo: For them? The ones who hated you, have forsaken you? Can’t you see? No one will ever understand you as I can. For we are kindred spirits whose powers spring from the same source. So, Girls, do not make me destroy you! For we are smarter! We are stronger! We are invincible! We have the power! WE ARE SUPERIOR TO THEM! AND WE SHALL RULE! All we have to do is work together. Girls, join me.
[At this, their eyes spring open. They seem to think on this for a second, then their brows furrow as the air around them begins to rumble. Mojo looks concerned as the girls' magical energy grows. Suddenly, they magically break free from his grasp in a ball of light]
Girls: [screaming in rage] No!
[They fly upwards, glaring at Mojo]
Blossom: We never join you! And it's because we are stronger!
Bubbles: Because we are invincible!
Buttercup: Because... WE HAVE THE POWER!
[She smashes Mojo's dome, revealing his brains]
Buttercup: YOU ARE EVIL!
[She manages to break a couple of his fanged teeth]
Girls: AND YOU ARE... it.
[This small tap knocks Mojo off balance, and flailing with one arm, the tower he is grasping with the other breaks apart, sending the super-sized simian falling towards the ground, similar to the ending of King Kong]
Mojo: [last words; screaming] CURSES!
Professor: [rapid-fire talking] Girls! Girls, where are you?! You were right! We should try and stop Mojo, and I know how! I whipped up an antidote to Chemical X! It will do away with his powers! Girls! Girls! Gir--
[The Professor looks upward at Mojo plummeting toward him]
Girls: [alarmed] PROFESSOR!
[The girls save the professor as Mojo falls on the Antidote X, shrinking him back to normal as he moans in pain]
Professor: [hugging the girls] Oh, girls! I'm so sorry for doubting you! You are good! Good, perfect little girls, and I love you!
Girls: We love you too!
Blossom: And we're really sorry.
Buttercup: We messed up really bad.
Bubbles: But we're ready, Professor.
[The girls hunch over the pool of liquid surrounding the prostate Mojo]
Professor: Ready? (To what?)
Blossom: To take the Antidote X to get rid of our powers.
Bubbles: If it wasn't for them, none of this would have happened.
Buttercup: Besides, maybe everyone would like us more if we were just normal little girls.
Townspeople: [in unison; forming a large heart-shaped pattern] NO!
Girls: [looking up in confusion] Huh?
Mayor: [nervously; his arms are folded behind him] Um, well... Uh... Don't do that, 'cause... eh, That was pretty cool, w-with...the, eh--
Ms. Bellum: Girls, I think what the Mayor is trying to say is, we're sorry and thank you.
Keane: Yes, that was super! Just super!
Man #5: Amazing!
Baby Lady: Fantastic!
Man #6: Wonderful!
Jamaican Lady: Stupendous!
Jay and Bob Look-Alikes: You rock!
Talking Dog: [first words ever] Thank you.
[The girls stand in the midst of this, taking it all in, their faces ecstatically surprised and happy]
Man In Crowd: [shouting] I LOVE YOU!
Mayor: [being overly expressive] YEAH! That was awesome! You were all flying, and running, and then [imitating laser blasts] laser eyes! Then, [growls] Bam! And then [imitates laser blasts] and then bam! You punched that guy! Ehh, remember? [the girls nod in agreement and pity] Yeah, that was great. Y'know, this town stinks. And I was wondering if maybe sometimes we could like call you, to save the day, or...whatever.
Girls: [gasp in happiness] Can we, Professor?
Professor: Well, I don't know... hmm. Okay, but only if it's before your bedtime.
Girls: Yay!
[They fly upwards in sheer exaltation, as the crowd cheers them below. The scene fades to white, then reveals the sun, outside of Malph's market. An elderly lady is pushing a full cart of groceries before it is stopped by an evil green hand. The shot changes and the hand belongs to Ace, his Gangreen Gang cronies surrounding him. Inside the Mayor's office, he and his assistant hear the woman's cries for help. Bellum points off to the Mayor's right, where the newly installed hotline phone is seen. In school, the girls are playing with the other students. By this time, the schoolroom has been fixed, and the girls are fitting in with the other children once again. Playtime is interrupted by the shrill sound and flashing nose of the hotline phone. Back at Malph's, as the Gangreen Gang starts to chow on the lady's food and tear apart her purse, they suddenly stop and look right, where the three girls are floating in front of them. In rapid fire, Blossom strikes Ace, Bubbles kicks Snake and Grubber with each leg, and Buttercup finishes off Arturo and Big Billy. Jail bars clang behind them, along with their new cellmates, Mojo and Fuzzy. Waving goodbye, the girls speed upwards, zooming over the skyline of Townsville]
Narrator: Sugar, spice, and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But, Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: Chemical X. Thus, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were born! Using their ultra-superpowers, they dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil!
[The girls fly home and tackle the professor in his arms, and they have a laugh.It's a brand new day, one full of promise for these superhero tykes. The standard heart closing screen comes up.]
Narrator: And so, for the very first time, the day is saved, thanks to... (Pause for effect.)
[The girls appear in their standard formation]
Narrator:The Powerpuff Girls! Hey, that’s a good name for them. Powerpuff Girls, yeah. I like that. I wonder if they will. I’ll run it by them. Powerpuff Girls! Mmm-hmm.


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