The Power of the Dog (film)

2021 film directed by Jane Campion

The Power of the Dog is a 2021 film about a charismatic rancher who inspires fear and awe in those around him. When his brother brings home a new wife and her son, he torments them until he finds himself exposed to the possibility of love.

Bronco Henry told me that a man was made by patience in the odds against him.
So, to us brothers, Romulus and Remus, and the wolf who raised us. Bronco Henry. El Lupo.
Deliver my soul from the sword. My darling from the power of the dog.
Directed and written by Jane Campion, based on the novel by Thomas Savage.
What it means to be a man.  taglines

Phil Burbank edit

  • Bronco Henry told me that a man was made by patience in the odds against him.
  • [amused, to Rose] You didn't play? Sure did practice a terrible lot. She wouldn't think there was that much difference between a cinema pit and a dinner party.
  • [toasting] So, to us brothers, Romulus and Remus, and the wolf who raised us. Bronco Henry. El Lupo.
  • [looking at some paper flowers] Well, well. Ain't them purdy? I wonder, what little lady made these?

Peter Gordon edit

  • When my father passed, I wanted nothing more than my mother's happiness. For what kind of man would I be if I did not help my mother? If I did not save her?
  • [reading from Psalms] "Deliver my soul from the sword. My darling from the power of the dog."

Dialogue edit

[George is crying]
Rose Gordon: What is it, George?
George Burbank: I just want to say... how nice it is not to be alone.

George Burbank: I just came over here to speak about something.
Phil Burbank: Come on partner. Open your talker. What is it?
George Burbank: His Nibs will be joining us for dinner. And the old gent and the old lady.
Phil Burbank: Well sir, ain't we going into society.
[both chuckle]
Phil Burbank: [on Rose] She on the "panana" again? Setting your teeth on edge?
George Burbank: No. I like to hear Rose play.
Phil Burbank: Well, old timer, what is it? What's in the noodle?
George Burbank: Well... Phil... I... I just...
Phil Burbank: Go on, spit it out.
George Burbank: It's just... about His Nibs, the governor.
Phil Burbank: Alright.
George Burbank: And er... it's not so much about His Nibs... but er, his wife, actually. I was thinking, His Nibs probably wouldn't mind so much. But... his missus might.
Phil Burbank: Might what, for dear Christ's sake?
George Burbank: Well, it's sort of a hard thing... to say. She might mind if you come to the table without a wash up.
[Phil is too angry to reply]
George Burbank: [leaving] Yeah.

George Burbank: I was looking for you.
Phil Burbank: Well, you found me.
George Burbank: Everyone's here. We're just about to eat. They were asking after you.
Phil Burbank: Really?
George Burbank: Yes, we're counting on your conversation. I wanted to apologize for what I said...
Phil Burbank: You two can keep your apologies to yourself, I'm not coming.
George Burbank: And what will I say? The Old Lady wants to see you, they've both come a long way.
Phil Burbank: Then you tell them the truth. That I stink and I like it!

George Burbank: What you said about her boy tonight, Phil. It made her cry.
Phil Burbank: She had her ear to the door?
George Burbank: She was crying, Phil.
Phil Burbank: Well, hell. The boy had to snap out of it and get human. Just pointed it out, is all. She should damn well know.

George Burbank: Did you write to the old lady?
Phil Burbank: Yeah, I dropped them both a line.
George Burbank: Did you say something about Rose?
Phil Burbank: Rose. Yeah well, you and I know what the old lady would feel if she thought you were getting mixed up with her. She'd likely have a hemorrhage.
George Burbank: The old lady would feel as one Mrs. Burbank would for another Mrs. Burbank.
Phil Burbank: Come again?
George Burbank: We were married Sunday. She got rid of her property in Beech.

Rose Gordon: Well, brother Phil, we had such a nice trip.
Phil Burbank: I'm not your brother. You're a cheap schemer.

Phil Burbank: You got a sore gut?
George Burbank: No.
Phil Burbank: It looks it pains you to hit two words together.

Peter Gordon: Is something wrong, Phil?
Phil Burbank: [furious] Wrong? For Christ's sake. Every goddamn hide is gone! Oh, she really put her foot in it this time!
Peter Gordon: You think she did it? She sold them?
Phil Burbank: Bloody tootin'. Or maybe even gave them away.
Peter Gordon: W-why? Why would she do that, Phil? She knew we needed the hides.
Phil Burbank: [exploding] Because she was drunk! Pie eyed, she was smashed! I think you'd know from the books your pa left you, that your ma's got... . uhhh whatchamacallit alcoholic personality? It comes under the letter A!
Peter Gordon: You're not going to say anything to her?
Phil Burbank: Say anything? I won't say nothin'. But sure as one good hell brother George is going to.

Jock: How come you don't wear gloves?
Phil Burbank: How 'bout 'cause they're not needed... . Castrate fifteen hundred head, then nick your thumb on the last.

George Burbank: Rose isn't well, Phil. She's ill.
Phil Burbank: Not well? It is high time that bozo and you got next to a few... whatever you call them? Facts! She stashes alcohol all around the place, even drinking in the stinking alley. Look at your face in the mirror! Is it that she could like? Or our money? WAKE! THE HELL UP!
George Burbank: [calmly] That's enough, Phil. Well, what is the harm? The hides were only going to be burned.
Phil Burbank: [with a pained expression] I needed them. I needed them.
George Burbank: Well, I apologize. [walks away]
Phil Burbank: They were MINE! I needed them!

Taglines edit

  • What it means to be a man.
  • A story of love, hurt, and loneliness.

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