The Polar Bear King

1991 Norwegian film directed by Ola Solum

The little polar Bear is a 2001 German film directed by Ola Solum and starring Jack Fjeldstad, Maria Bonnevie, Tobias Hoesl, Monica Nordquist, and Anna-Lotta Larsson. The film is based on Yhe Little Polar Bear. The puppet effects of the film were provided by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Directed by Ola Solum. Produced by Hilde Berg and Erik Borge. Written by Erik Borge.
An Brave polar bear Is ready for a big adventure



Lars The young polar bear, living in the Arctic with several polar bears that shun him due to his little size. Tired of always being humiliated, Lars takes a swim with his mother in the Arctic Ocean where She shows the place that she has always been as a child. Just then, the ice begins to melt, and Lars is separated from his mother during the chaos.

While escaping from being caved in, Lars meets Caruso, A friendly but clumsy penguin. Caruso tells Lars that the Arctic is melting, and that there will be no food to store, and the polar bears will all starve. When Lars reunited with his mother and tries to tell the polar bears what is happening, They believe he is joking, and makes fun of him. But soon, his grandfather Joe Can’t find fish to eat, and discovers what Lars says was true.

Lars is encouraged by Caruso to go with him to find out why the Arctic was melting. As they try to find answers, A big metal comes crashing through the water and they escape. The metal is really a melter, and that it was melting the ice. Lars attempts to bring the metal thing with him, But he loses it after Caruso accidentally sneezes, causing it to plunge. That night, Lars is Told by Joe that all is lost, and they are going to starve, but that is might not be too late, and they will save the arctic.

The next morning, fish comes, and Lars brings it to his polar bear family. However, it is not enough to share with them all, and it leads to it all out food fight of what gets to eat the fish. However, grandpa Joe returns with more fish, stating that he found a few more in a little arctic tide pool. After eating the fish to satisfy their hunger, They all gather for a meeting. Lars says it’s not too late and that they might save the Arctic before it melts. His speech is suddenly interrupted with the metal thing comes out of the ice that Lars was standing again, catapulting him to the water, and knock him unconscious.

Grandpa Joe Manages to save Lars, But his paw is Injured when he landed in the water. After tending to his paw, The battle thing was actually a ship filled with men that were having trouble steering. The man capture all of the polar bears, Lars, Caruso, and grandpa Joe managed to escape. Mars is filled with the sphere of able to save all his polar bear family, and begins to lose hope and give up.

However, He is encouraged to give up by his mother that once told him. Help with Caruso, the penguin does a bellyflop into an ice machine that melts the ice and manages to jam it with the rock. Then he swims it into a tube, and Communicates with the polar bears briefly until he is silly, yanked out by the men. Thankfully, grandpa Joe distract them by throwing a bottle of lemon, lime, Strawberry flavored water straight at the men freeing Caruso and reuniting Lars.

Lars that attempts to jam the ship with a big piece of ice, but is sucked in And becomes the polar bears. The polar bears are at a loss of what to do but after hearing Caruso do some seal barking, they start to follow along with him, giving Lars enough time to swim out. Lars Uses some fish as bait and Grandpa Joe does a tap on the glass with this claw causing a leak. The ship begins to sink and Becomes stuck on the bottom. The polar bears are freed out of their capture and they celebrate as soon as they get back on shore.

However, they are unable to notice Lars, and they begin to cry thinking he’s at the bottom of the ship trapped. As they mourn, lars comes out of the water, having escaped, and revealing that he was unconscious until he regain his strength and swam back up. The polar bears celebrate that they are no longer in of their peril, and the fish, and the ice come back. The metal thing is still picked up by scientist, who disposed it to prevent any danger to the arctic from happening ever again, And Lars is no longer bullied and credited for his bravery.


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