The Paper Brigade

1996 film by Blair Treu

The Paper Brigade is a 1996 American adventure comedy film about a teenage boy, Gunther, who has recently moved to a small town from New York City with his family. He begrudgingly joins a group of local neighborhood paperboys when he desperately needs money for concert tickets for a girl he's trying to impress. When bullies threaten to take over the routes from the boys, the paperboys hatch a plan to get their routes back.

Directed by Blair Treu. Written by Denice K. Rice.
The line is drawn, the sides are picked, the soldiers are in place. The war has begun! tagline


Mr. Wheeler: Where you off to in such a hurry?
Gunther: You wanted me to interact. I'm gonna go mingle with some natives, check out the new mall. Andrew, you wanna come?
Andrew: Yeah, sure! Do I have time to put my things away?
Gunther: Sure.
[Andrew leaves to get ready]
Mrs. Wheeler: Gunther, that was really nice of you.
Gunther: Hey, what are big brothers for? Besides, he still has his allowance. I'm broke.

Gunther: [clears his throat] Hi.
Allison: Hi.
Gunther: So, uh, you work here.
Allison: Yeah.
Gunther: I'm Gunther...Wheeler. We just moved…
Allison: [interrupting him] –into the Johnson house. You're from New York, right?
Gunther: Wow, this town is pretty small.
Allison: Smaller then you think.

[The bullies are making fun of Gunther’s name]
Chad: [to Gunther] What kind of name is that?
Luke: I think I just stepped in some Gunther!

[Gunther approaches his dad who is on a ladder installing a basketball hoop on the garage door]
Gunther: Hey, dad.
Mr. Wheeler: Hi.
Gunther: You got a minute?
Mr. Wheeler: Sure. What’s on your mind, son?
Gunther: I was just gonna tell you that…you and mom were right. This place really isn’t so bad.
Mr. Wheeler: Glad you’re starting to adjust.
Gunther: Yeah. You won’t hear me complaining about the move anymore.
Mr. Wheeler: Happy to hear that, Gunther.
Gunther: And um, I’m really gonna try harder to get my chores done, too.
Mr. Wheeler: You have been neglecting the pool.
Gunther: From now on, I’m gonna be 100 percent on top of it. I mean, I’ll go out there with a toothbrush and scrub the algae off the sides if I have to.
Mr. Wheeler: What is it you want, Gunther?
Gunther: I was hoping you would find it in your heart to give advance on my allowance.
Mr. Wheeler: How much money are we talking about?
Gunther: Give or take...about 150 bucks?
Mr. Wheeler: The reason I push you so hard isn’t because I want to make your life miserable. I just want you to develop a sense of responsibility.
Gunther: You don’t know how much that means to me. You not giving up on me.
Mr. Wheeler: Yeah. We’ve been down this road before, haven’t we, Gunther? Out in the real world you wouldn’t get a dime. But, you are my son, and I do love you.
Gunther: I love you too, dad.
Mr. Wheeler: I’m probably sending a mixed message, but I’m gonna roll with you on this. I’ll give you the money.
Gunther: Dad, you’re the greatest!
[the leaves from the untended pool have accumulated and clogged the filtration system, causing a projectile to launch off the roof. The projectile crashes through the basketball hoop and knocks Mr. Wheeler off his ladder]
Gunther: Will that be cash or check?

Charlie: Morning, Gunther. Ready?
Gunther: [groggily] The only thing I’m ready for is another four hours of sleep.
Fish: Did you know there are people with this extremely rare condition called chronic cholecystitis. They don’t sleep for up to five years.
Gunther: [irritated] Thank you, for that useless piece of trivia.
Fish: No problem whatsoever.

Charlie: Gus, you’re late again.
Gus: Sorry.
Charlie: Gus, we offer a vital service to this community. The paper is their main source of news and other information. From the weather to today’s headlines, even the astrological forecast, it’s up to us to deliver. And on time.

[Fish has been hopping on a pogo stick for some time trying to set a new world record. Gus accidentally knocks over a water jug that rolls Fish's way and knocks him off the pogo stick]
Gus: Sorry.
Fish: That's what I'm gonna tell your parents when you don't come home tonight!

Crazy Man Cooper: What outfit you with, young man?
Gunther: [thinks for a moment] "The Paper Brigade".


  • [tries to start his car but sees he has no gas left] Empty? I just put two bucks in this thing!


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