The Pacifier

2005 film by Adam Shankman

The Pacifier is a 2005 comedy film featuring Vin Diesel and Lauren Graham. The film tells the story of Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe who is assigned to protect five children from enemies of their scientist father who was recently deceased.

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  • Land! Solid land!!


Shane Wolfe: [first lines] Atten-hut! Here's our man. Professor Howard Plummer. He's been kidnapped by a group of Serbian rebels. Yeah, I know we've been up for 72 hours, but I expect perfection. Nothing else. They enemy has a boat, 4 jet skis and a chopper.

Scott: Yo, fool, handle me like that again and I'll be forced to lay knuckles upside your head.
Zoe: Okay! Enough is enough! Come on, Scott. Let's go. Come on.
Shane Wolfe: [pulls Scott back] No, you don't. Get back here. Give me 20. [Scott pulls out his wallet to give Shane $20] I meant push-ups!
Scott: Zoe?
Shane Wolfe: Drop down! Do 20! [Scott does push-ups]

Seth: What are you doing?
Shane Wolfe: You're burning daylight! Move!
Seth: It's Sunday. And it's 6:00 am! You're insane!

Lulu: Do you know kung-fu?
Shane Wolfe: Yes.
Lulu: Have you ever punch a guy so hard his head came off?
Shane Wolfe: No.
Lulu: Why are your boobs so big?
Shane Wolfe: [shocked] They are not... boobs.
Lulu: Do you have to wear a bra? Will mine be as big as yours one day?
Shane Wolfe: You know what, little girl? I think it's time you went nappy-poo in beddy-bye land.
Lulu: Do I look like I'm five to you?
Shane Wolfe: What did I say?
Lulu: Disrespectful. And to think I was interested in you.

Helga: [to Shane] Tell me, are you licenses to kill?
Shane Wolfe: ...No, ma'am.
Helga: Hmm. Too bad. It could have come in handy.

Lulu: Shane! You can't do this! You can't leave a man behind!
Seth: Hold on, I got it. [open bottle with milk awake Shane]
Zoe and Lulu: Shane!
Zoe: Where's Mom?
Shane Wolfe: Mom? I'll find her. You guys run and get help! [four kids running in Julie's car.] Hurry!
Lulu: Are you sure you're gonna be okay?
Shane Wolfe: Yes, Lulu. Go, get help.

Zoe: Oh, my God! What do we do?
Seth: Find a cop!

Zoe: He's gaining on us.
Seth: I'll handle it.

[Shane punches Bill ground, Bill there was shotgun.]
Bill Fawcett: Any last words, Shane?
Shane Wolfe: Say good night, Peter Panda.
[The safe opens up, and knocks Bill on the head and knocked him to the floor.]
Julie Plummer: Shane, are you okay? [Julie punches Mrs. Chun the face] She was never a good neighbor.

Seth: Zoe, you're going too fast! You're not gonna have time to stop!
Zoe: Who said anything about stopping? I'm parking.

Shane Wolfe: Gary, now!
[Gary eats Mr. Chun in the crotch and screaming. Claire kick the back patch Mr. Chun, roll on his back again, turn around and feet with his knock him neck unconscious.]
Claire Fletcher: Couldn't let you have all the fun.
[Claire gets off Mr. Chun and he gets arrested, Shane takes from GHOST, Julie Plummer and 5 Kids sigh happily and embrace. Later, Bill Fawcett & Mrs. Chun two both are arrested.]

Claire Fletcher: Looks like you have a hit on your hands.
Shane Wolfe: You think so?
Claire Fletcher: Mm-hmm. You should take over the drama department instead of the wrestling team. [She and Shane chuckle] It's gonna be nice having you around now. Now that Murney's found his true calling.
Murney: [singing] Climb every mountain/Ford every stream
Shane Wolfe: It's gonna be my pleasure serving with you.
[He and Claire share a kiss]


  • Welcome to the infantry.
  • This Navy S.E.A.L. Meets His Match.
  • Prepare for bottle.
  • Prepare for bottle. Prepare for battle.


  • Good: Shane Wolfe vs Bad: Bill Fawcett
  • Good: Julie Plummer vs Bad: Mrs. Chun
  • Good: Claire Fletcher vs Bad: Mr. Chun


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