The New Pope

2020 Sky Atlantic-HBO-Canal+ miniseries

The New Pope is a 2020 Italian religious drama television series created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino for Sky Atlantic, HBO and Canal+.

Episode 2

Brannox and Voiello

Sir John Brannox: My parents are only doing what all humans do, blaming everything on others. However, least we Catholics blame everything on God.

Voiello: Actually we give him all the credit.

Sir John Brannox: Is that not the same thing?

Episode 3

Brannox and Sofia

Sir John Brannox: Hello...yes, wear the yellow Dior, because it plays up the contrast with your complexion, Meghan, I'm adamant, wear the yellow Dior, I said.

Sofia Dubois: Who was that...Meghan?

Sir John Brannox: Regrettably, yes. They want to be influencers yet they have no idea of colour combinations, she calls me twenty five times a day for beauty tips - she thinks I'm gay.

Sofia Dubois: Well...are you?

Brannox and Gutierrez

Sir John Brannox: I am aware of the opinion you've formed of me Gutierrez, you think I'm a socialite.

Gutierrez: Socializing is important - think of how many remarkable things happened for Jesus at the last supper. That was a social event!

Sir John Brannox - The New Pope's Photo Shoot

Photographer: That's it Holy Father, we are done.

Sir John Brannox: What? No nudes?

Episode 4

Brannox and Dubois

Sir John Brannox: My admiration for well read women will never fail, perhaps that's why I don't miss Meghan.

Episode 5

Brannox and Sharon Stone

Stone: Can't the Bible be upgraded?

Brannox: Alas the Bible is not an iPhone.

Stone: Again, what a shame...

Brannox: Not at all, anything that can be upgraded - like an iPhone eventually ends up the bin only to be replaced by a more expensive model. The Bible has endured for a very long time and it's value has changed little if at all.

Voiello, Dubois, Brannox

Dubois: I agree, that 'No' is a moral declaration of the greatest significance. The Pope produces symbols, the vulgar act of explanation must fall to others.

Brannox: So, Voiello you seem to be in the minority but that does not mean you're wrong.

Voiello: I have been in the minority all my life your Holiness in fact I belong to such a small minority that I am the only member.

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