The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit

The New Adventures of Peter Rabbit is a 1995 American animated direct-to-video film based on the stories of the character of the same name created by Beatrix Potter.


Peter's Mother: Peter. Peter Rabbit, wherever you are why aren't you here? I need you.
[Peter Rabbit hops in the front door of the tree house. While his mother stirs soup]
Peter Rabbit: Nuh uh can't talk now mother, uh, uh, uh, you said I could go see Benny in the city remember? And that's where I'm going to the city to see Benny, and I'm already late, late, late!
Peter's Mother: [talks fast while putting ingredients in the soup] Oh let me see, a little bit of this, a lot of that, maybe a little bit more of this, oh my goodness I never meant to add that. Mm, cinnamon rhubarb mustard pie, Wee radish, hm, interesting, where are you going Peter?
Peter Rabbit: To the city.
Peter's Mother: [talks fast] A little less of that, one two thirds more of this, another radish for taste. Heavens what for Peter?
Peter Rabbit: To see cousin Benny.
Peter's Mother: Just a pinch of dab and a squeeze of that, no better make it a quart. My no. Not now Peter, not at all now. You have to stay here and watch the girls.
[Peter's mother gets her purse and blanket]
Peter Rabbit: Excuse me mother, but what did you say?

Peter Rabbit: Oh, but Mother, it's Flopsy's turn to watch them. [His left ear droops, and Peter blows it back up.]
Flopsy Rabbit: He's lying!
Peter Rabbit: Am not.
Cottontail Rabbit: When he said he isn't lying, it's a lie.
Peter Rabbit: [angrily] That's a lie!
Hopsy Rabbit: When he said he isn't lying, when he said he wasn't lying, he's lying.
Peter Rabbit: You're lying!
Mopsy Rabbit: [laughs] That's a lie!
Peter Rabbit: That's not true!
Flopsy Rabbit: It certainly isn't.
Peter Rabbit: [more angry] Now, that's a lie!
[Cottontail angrily rushes to Peter]
Cottontail Rabbit: You're a liar, for calling her (Flopsy) a liar, you liar.
Peter's Mother: Children, children, that's enough bickering! Peter knows the difference between a truth and a lie.
[Flopsy holds her arms, and a satisfied Peter puts his hands behind his back]
Flopsy Rabbit: He should. He's told enough of them.

Peter Rabbit: Oh, what did I do that deserve this?
Flopsy Rabbit: Why, brother dear, is that a fine attitude?
Cottontail Rabbit: I would think you'd be delighted.
Peter Rabbit: Well, I'm not.
Hopsy Rabbit: What's a matter? Don't you love us?
Mopsy Rabbit: [laughs] We're gonna have so much fun.
Peter Rabbit: [leaving the house in anger] Aw, how can I possibly have fun?

Benjamin "Benny" Bunny: I've waited hours and hours, and you never showed up.
Peter Rabbit: I--I--I, uh...but Benny, no. I was coming tomorrow.
[his left ear droops, and Peter blows it back up.]
Benjamin "Benny" Bunny: You were?

Peter Rabbit: Let's go!
Flopsy Rabbit: But Mother said--
[Peter puts his hand in Flopsy's mouth to get her to stop talking]
Peter Rabbit: And she also said I'm in charge, right?
Flopsy Rabbit: Right.
Peter Rabbit: And she said you'd do as I say, right?
Mopsy Rabbit: Right.
Peter Rabbit: Right?
Hopsy Rabbit: Right.
Peter Rabbit: Right. Uh, I mean--oh, just come on!
[He and his sisters hop away]