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The Muppets (film)

2011 film by James Bobin

The Muppets is a 2011 live-action film directed by James Bobin.

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[Gary had shown up after the dance number]
Gary: Sorry. I was super excited.

Kermit the Frog: I just thought maybe we could raise the money to buy the theater back if we all got together and put on one last show.
Fozzie Bear: A show? But I've spent years building a solo career! I have a whole new show-biz family that loves me--
Miss Poogy: [opens the door] Fozzie! What the heck are you doing, hibernating?! Next show starts in 30 seconds! We hired you, and we can fire you, so get your butt in here NOW! [slams the door]
Fozzie Bear: [to Kermit] They terrify me. Let's go.

[Kermit had just convinced Animal to drum again]
Animal: In control.
Jack Black: Good. I'm Animal's court-appointed sponsor. We don't use the D-R-U-M word. It's his trigger word.
Kermit the Frog: His "trigger word"?
Gary: Excuse me, Mr. Black. I'm so sorry to interrupt, but it's very important that these guys get their drummer-- [Jack Black punches Gary]
Walter: Gary!
Jack Black: It's my trigger word, too.
Moderator: Jack, we talked about this on Tuesday.
Jack Black: Tuesday's another one of my TRIGGER WORDS! [punches a classmate]
Moderator: I DON'T THINK SO! [punches Jack Black] Sorry.

[Hosting a political news segment]
Sam the Eagle: Welcome to this week's edition of "Everything Stinks"! [the other Muppets pull him offscreen with a hooked cane, Vaudeville style]

[Tex and Uncle Deadly are atop the Muppet Theater with a pair of boltcutters about to shut off the power]
Tex Richman: To the end of the Muppets! [Uncle Deadly grabs the boltcutters to stop Tex] Deadly! What are you doing?!
Uncle Deadly: Enough! Just because I have a terrifying name, and an evil English accent, does not preclude the fact that in my heart, I am a Muppet, not a Moopet! Looks like it's I who will have the last laugh!
Tex Richman: What does that mean?!
Uncle Deadly: It's an idiom, you idiot! Because you cannot laugh! Ha ha! [Tex falls off the roof and lands on the ground with a thud] Oopsie! [he laughs maniacally]
Tex Richman: Deadly...
Uncle Deadly: Now that's a maniacal laugh for you!
Tex Richman: [Angrily] You artists formerly known as the Muppets are standing on private property--My private property! And I'm telling you to leave, NOW! [The Muppets Gasp]
Kermit: [Sadly] He's right, everybody. He won. We gotta go. [As The Muppets Slowly Walk Away, Tex Richman Sighs In Disbelief]

[Deleted Scene -- As The Door Closes, Tex Richman Smiles And Laughs Evilly]
Tex Richman: Tex Richman Is Back In Town, Folks! [The Crowd Boos And Yells At Him] OH, BOO YOURSELF! [The Crowd Stops Booing] You're Lucky I Got On The Act! [The Crowd Continues Booing And Throwing Food At Himself] Hey, I Had These Clothes Washed! [Someone Else Throws Food At Him] Hey! Stop It! [The Crowd Throws Food At Him At Once] STOP IT! [Screams And Runs Away]


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