The Munsters' Revenge

1981 television film directed by Don Weis

The Munsters' Revenge is a 1981 film about a wax museum owner who attempts to frame the Munsters for pulling a jewelry heist.

Directed by Don Weis. Written by Don Nelson.
The First Family of Fright is Back Again!  (taglines)


Eddie Munster: Let me take a picture so I can show the guys in the Bat 'n Ball club just how famous my family really is.
Grandpa Munster: Bat club? Hey, Eddie, you could get into that kind of a club on my name alone!
Eddie Munster: Well, I don't know, Grandpa, they don't take just anybody.
Herman Munster: Eddie, we're just not anybody, son.
Grandpa Munster: That's right, Eddie, your fathers a little bit of everybody and your grandpa has got some of the best blood in Europe flowing through them veins.

Herman Munster: Cross your fingers...
Grandpa Munster: Please. No crosses!

Herman Munster: Are we there yet?

Grandpa Munster: I'll drink to that!

Herman Munster: The movies!
Lily Munster: How nice!

Lily Munster: [singing] How are things in Transylvania?


  • The First Family of Fright is Back Again!


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