The Monster (1925 film)

1925 film by Roland West

The Monster is a 1925 film about a clerk who doubles as an amateur detective investigating some strange goings-on at a remote mental sanitarium.

Directed by Roland West. Written by Willard Mack, Roland West, and Albert Kenyon, based on the play by Crane Wilbur.
You'll Guess! You'll Gasp! You'll love it!  (taglines)

Dr. ZiskaEdit

  • Rigo, a patient - I keep him in a trance. Sometimes he gets out - does terrible things.
  • A strange case - but I deal in strange cases!
  • I have only one guest chamber - but no doubt we can make the gentlemen comfortable.
  • Caliban - see that the guests have the USUAL attention!
  • My servant - don't allow him to frighten you - the poor creature is dumb!

Doctor EdwardsEdit

  • I am Dr. Edwards - the owner of this sanitarium. We were overpowered and imprisoned here by my patients. Our lives are in constant peril.
  • Ziska, who was once a famous surgeon, controls the others...Caliban imagines he's Ziska's slave - Rigo is dangerous, while Dan is quite harmless ...
  • They must have built those devilish traps and devices after they imprisoned us.

Betty WatsonEdit

  • I've found a hidden passage - - it goes straight down into the dark!


Betty Watson: How can I ever be worthy of a wonderful man like you?
Johnny Goodlittle: Use your ingenuity.

Dr. Ziska: I am Dr. Ziska - In the absence of Dr. Edwards I am in charge here.
Amos Rugg: We met with an accident and would like to use your phone.
Dr. Ziska: I'm sorry, I have no telephone. But I can't permit you to leave the house on so wild a night.

Johnny Goodlittle: Doctor, shall we see you in the morning?
Dr. Ziska: Who knows if I will ever see the morning?


  • A mystery thriller and a love adventure. The romance of a boy and a girl in a mansion of hidden motives. A film you'll want to see all over again.
  • You'll Guess! You'll Gasp! You'll love it!


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