The Missing

The Missing is a 2003 western thriller film directed by Ron Howard and starring Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett, based on the novel The Last Ride by Thomas Edison. The film was produced by Revolution Studios and Imagine Entertainment and distributed by Columbia Pictures.


Lieutenant: Any man found looting... will have the value of their property deducted from his pay.

Chidin: [speaking Chiricahua] Take your bad luck to your grave.

Kayitah: [speaking Chiricahua] Forget the hides. Give us your horses and your guns and we'll call it even.
Samuel: They want our horses and guns.
Maggie: I am not giving over my horses!

[to Kayitah]

'Maggie: You understand? You have to kill me first!

[turns to Samuel]

Maggie: You tell them... You, you tell them what I said.
Samuel: [speaking Chiricahua] Now look, you pissed her off.

Samuel: You take this money for your children.
Maggie: No, you take it for your funeral.

Jim: I don't know what they were thinking.
Samuel: What makes you think they were thinking?

Samuel: If I stay here very long, I might misbehave. Somebody might have to kill me.

Dot: I swear to God I won't stay put.

Maggie: You know that indian name of yours? What, what's that? What's that mean?
Samuel: Very hard to translate that.
Maggie: Try it.
Samuel: It means "shit for luck".

Maggie: Why didn't you stay?
Samuel: [long pause] There's a Apache story about a man that woke up one morning and saw a hawk on the wind. Walked outside and never returned. After he died, he met his wife in the spirit world. She asked him why he never came home, he said "Well, the hawk kept flying."


Samuel: There's always the next something, Maggie. And that will take a man away.

Samuel: I didn't kill anyone! I said I didn't kill anyone! I am looking for my granddaughter!
Lieutenant: Then tell me her damn name!
Samuel: I don't *know* her damn name!


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