The Middle (TV series)

American sitcom television series (2009-2018)

The Middle (2009-2018) is an American sitcom, airing on ABC, about the daily mishaps of a married woman and her semi-dysfunctional family and their attempts to survive life in general in the town of Orson, Indiana. On May 2018, ABC ended the series after 9 seasons. In 2023, it was announced there will be UK version. With new name. In the Middle. The show is set to reboot in 2025. In the Middle (TV series)

Season 1 edit

Pilot [1.01] edit

Brick: You know you're my hero, right Mom?

Mike: That's it! Go to your room!
[Axl gets up and heads to his room]
Mike: Wait, you like your room. Go to Sue's room!

The Cheerleader [1.02] edit

Brick: [while reading his mother's romance novel] Mom, which part of me is my hungering manhood?

The Floating Anniversary [1.03] edit

Sue: Mom, can I talk to you?
Frankie: Yeah, sure.
Sue: I saw this boy today at school...
Frankie: [narration] Now, I know I should have been thrilled by this. My daughter was telling me about her first big crush. But I was so tired, all I could do was pretend to listen. And then I saw something amazing, something I was beginning to think I'd never see in my lifetime. Brick was making a sandwich. Just this morning he was sick, and now, an actual sandwich! It was like that guy who got hit by lightning and suddenly knew how to play the piano.
Sue: So, what do you think? Is it a good plan?
Frankie: Uh, sure, honey. That's a great plan.
Sue: Yay! [walks away]
Frankie: Brick, did you make your own lunch?
Brick: Uh-huh! Did it all by myself!
Frankie: Hey! [narration] And suddenly, everything seemed hopeful. There was one less thing I would have to do tomorrow and the rest of my life. Brick would make sandwiches, Axl would learn to drive, and soon there would be time for trips to the carpet remnant store whenever I wanted...or so I thought.

Frankie: [taking Brick to work with her when he is sick] Okay, there's ginger ale in the cup holder. If you need anything, honk twice.
Brick: I wish I could stay home and watch TV and have you make me soup.
Frankie: Oh, sorry, honey. Wrong family.

The Trip [1.04] edit

The Block Party [1.05] edit

Mike: [after trying to get Brick involved on the basketball team] That's it. I'm out.
Frankie: Whoa, whoa. What do you mean, you're out?
Mike: It was a disaster! It's not that he was even bad. He was just...weird.
Frankie: Damn it. I was hoping it was gonna be like the YouTube video where the odd kid who sat on the bench the whole time makes the basket and saves the game, and everybody loves him.
Mike: Yeah. It wasn't like that.
Frankie: What are we gonna do now?
Mike: I told you. I'm out. I'm gonna work on something I can understand: the lawn mower.

Frankie: So, what are we gonna do?
Mike: About which one?
Frankie: The small one. I don't know. Maybe we didn't do enough for Brick.
Mike: He's the third kid. He's lucky we remember to feed him.

The Front Door [1.06] edit

The Scratch [1.07] edit

Mike: [about the huge bandage on Brick's arm] It's tiny. There's not even a scratch. Here, Brick. Unwrap it and show him.
Officer McCoy: Sir, we can't allow you to talk directly to your child.
Mike: What? Is this for real?
Frankie: [narration] Oh, it was for real all right. It started with a bandage and just snowballed from there. It didn't help that there was a new hall monitor at school.
Hall Monitor: [to Brick] Hey, buddy. What happened to your arm?
Brick: I'm not supposed to tell.
Hall Monitor: What do you mean?
Brick: My mom says I'm not supposed to tell.
Hall Monitor: Well, if something happened at home, you have to tell a grown-up.
Brick: Okay. My mom hit me with a beer bottle. She was mad, my dad was mad, and I always get in the way.
Frankie: [narration] You can see how this sounded. Everyone could see how it sounded, except Brick.

Thanksgiving [1.08] edit

[Mike, Brick, Axl and Sue all discuss their plans for Thanksgiving much to Frankie's chagrin]
Frankie: Do you people realize what I have gone through this week to make Thanksgiving happen? And now you guys don't appreciate... [interrupted by a car honking]
Axl: There's my ride. [to Frankie] I figured once my friends came to pick me up for snowmobiling, you'd be too embarrassed to say no.
Frankie: You figured wrong. [opens door] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [car drives away]

Siblings [1.09] edit

Christmas [1.10] edit

The Jeans [1.11] edit

Mike: You want a car? You're gonna have to work for it and earn it yourself.
Axl: Yeah...uh...I had a job. It sucked, but I still want a car, so you see my dilemma.
Mike: Well, you know, I have a job and a car, so you see the connection.
Axl: [referring to Sue, who is crying and groaning from her room] If I had a car, I could take her to the insane asylum.

Frankie: [narrating] The teen years. Clothes may change. The hair may change. What part of the body gets pierced may change. But one thing doesn't change: teenagers suck.

The Neighbor [1.12] edit

The Interview [1.13] edit

The Yelling [1.14] edit

Valentine's Day [1.15] edit

The Bee [1.16] edit

Mike: [while en route to Chicago] What snacks did you pack?
Frankie: I've got pretzels, candy corn, cheese corn, kettle corn, girl scout cookies and frosting for dipping. It's all in the blue bag
[cut to a shot of the blue bag sitting on the kitchen counter]
Mike, Axl, Sue, Brick: YOU FORGOT THE BLUE BAG!

The Break Up [1.17] edit

The Fun House [1.18] edit

The Final Four [1.19] edit

TV or Not TV [1.20] edit

Worry Duty [1.21] edit

Mother's Day [1.22] edit

Frankie: Sue, no offense, but if I wanted to ride in silence, I'd have brought your Dad. What's going on with you? [notices that Sue is very upset about something] Honey, what's the matter?
Sue: Never mind.
Frankie: Sue, something is obviously wrong. Now tell me.
Sue: It'll ruin your Mother's Day.
Frankie: Nothing you can say would do that.
Frankie [narration]: I already got a foot bath. Ship's pretty much sailed on that one.
Sue: I broke a commandment..
Frankie: Oh...kay. Which one?
Sue: I stole something. I stole an inspirational fridge magnet.

Sue [crying]: Oh, my God! I'm a stealer. I stole. [sticks her head out the window to vomit]
Frankie: Sue! Honey!
Sue [voice breaking]: See? It's got a dolphin, and a kite. [Sue sticks her head out to vomit again; Frankie immediately pulls over]
Frankie [while Sue is still vomiting]: It'll be okay, honey. Clearly, you know what you did was wrong. We'll take it back to the store tomorrow and explain what happened, and you can apologize.
Frankie [narration]: And about this time on Father's Day... [clip of Mike being massaged by Axl and Brick, then back to Frankie trying to calm Sue down] You know what? I'm not even gonna go there. It's just gonna make me mad.

Signals [1.23] edit

Average Rules [1.24] edit

Frankie: [narrating] The truth is, maybe we are just average. But the way I see it, families where parents get up every morning and go to jobs that are hard so they can get their kids through school and through life and struggle to make it all work and manage to do it with dignity and a little humor, well that's not average, that's extraordinary.

Season 2 edit

Back to School [2.01] edit

Brick: I smell cooking. Is Grandma here?

Ms. Rinsky: You take the "m" off of mom, replace it with "gl", you know what you got? Glom. Want me to conjugate it for you? To Glom. She gloms. She's a Glommy Mommy.

Homecoming [2.02] edit

Mike: There's not much you can't accomplish in this town with a case of beer and a wheel of cheese.

The Diaper Incident [2.03] edit

The Quarry [2.04] edit

Foreign Exchange [2.05] edit

Halloween [2.06] edit

A Birthday Story [2.07] edit

Errand Boy [2.08] edit

Thanksgiving II [2.09] edit

Rusty Heck: [after describing how his house burnt down due to his falling asleep with a cigarette in his mouth] I blame myself, partially.

Frankie: I want family in this house, Mike. Otherwise it's not Thanksgiving. It's just overeating!

A Simple Christmas [2.10] edit

Taking Back the House [2.11] edit

The Big Chill [2.12] edit

Super Sunday [2.13] edit

Valentine's Day II [2.14] edit

Frankie: Hey, Brick, you're slowing down. Come on, you've got 30 kids in the class. You've got to keep moving.
Brick: Have you guys seen these things? It's candy with words on it. Candy and words, who thought of this?
Frankie: Brick, you've gotta sign your name to the card, stick it in the envelope with a couple of hearts, lick it. C'mon, Brick, lick, stick, done.
Brick: When did they invent these? 'Be mine.' So simple, yet so profound. 'Luv ya.' Genius!

[helping Brick with his Valentine's cards]
Brick: Not the one with the lion on it.
Mike: Whoa. What's the big deal about this one? 'I like you and I'm not lion!' Someone spent four years in college to come up with that.
Brick: That one's for Autumn Wagner.
Frankie: Oooh, so who's Autumn Wagner?
Brick: She has pink lips and can do three cartwheels … in a row!
Mike: Wow, no wonder she gets the lion Valentine.

Friends, Lies and Videotape [2.15] edit

Hecks on a Plane [2.16] edit

The Math Class [2.17] edit

Spring Cleaning [2.18] edit

The Legacy [2.19] edit

Royal Wedding [2.20] edit

Mother's Day II [2.21] edit

The Prom [2.22] edit

The Bridge [2.23] edit

Back to Summer [2.24] edit

Sue: Hi, Mrs. Jacobs. I'm here to talk to you about...
Mrs. Jacobs: Are you a new student?
Sue: No. I'm Sue. Sue Heck.

Season 9 edit

Please Don't Feed the Hecks [9.02] edit

Frankie : In some cities, cars are status symbols, but out here in the middle, it's sensible people with sensible cars.
Axl : Ta-da!
Mike : What is this? Your tired of getting eight miles a gallon, you wanted four?
Axl : I'm a bus driver!
Frankie : Wow. So, when did this happen?
Axl : Well, you guys have been pressuring me to get a job, so I got a job
Frankie : What do you mean? We didn't pressure you. We haven't said a word since you've been home from Europe
Axel : I know, which is actually more annoying than when you say something. You guys are always sharing looks
Frankie : We don't share looks [scoffs]
Axl : Ok. I get it. I'm not an irresponsible college kid anymore, so now, I am a contributing member of society with a job and a salary, but I don't get paid for two more weeks, so I need you to spot me a $20. Oh, my god! You're doing it again!
Mike : Look, Axl, we're very proud that you got a job and, frankly, more than a little relieved, but you worked hard to get yourself a business degree
Axl : I know! That's the whole point of this sweet gig. I am free to go on interviews in the business world
Mike : You're going on interviews with your little hairdo there?
Axl : Oh, my god. Step into the twenty-teens, grandpa. They're not gonna judge me on my hair, but I wish they would. You know how much disciple it took... to grow this thing out

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