The Man from Toronto (2022 film)

2022 film directed by Patrick Hughes

The Man from Toronto is a 2022 American action comedy about the world's deadliest assassin and Yorktown, Virginia's biggest screw-up who are mistaken for each other at a cabin rental.

Directed by Patrick Hughes. Written by Robbie Fox and Chris Bremner.
Hitman meets Dead Man.  (taglines)


  • Hey! What's going on? I'm Teddy Jackson, and I welcome you guys to my first ever non-contact boxing class. It's called Teddy-box. It's all the "wow" without the "ow".
  • Welcome. Welcome to Teddybox. I, of course, am Teddy Jackson, and guess what? Here, the only opponent is yourself. Don't you forget it.

The Man from Toronto

  • I was raised by my grandfather on a frozen lake 50 miles from nowhere. He was a kind man. He taught me many useful things.


Lori: If a paralegal screws up, they say they Teddyed it.
Teddy: They named a screw-up after me?
Lori: You're actually a verb now. [she chuckles]

Marty: [he shows Teddy one of the flyers] See these flyers you made up? I spent my entire marketing budget on these things, and we ain't got one bite.
Teddy: Marty, they're gonna come through that door any day, any minute. You just gotta be patient. You know that.
Marty: Well, they would be. If you had put the address on this thing!
Teddy: [he takes the flyer and opens it] What? I mean, who really needs addresses?
Marty: My customers.
Teddy: Then they'll call you, Marty.
Marty: You left out the phone number too.
Teddy: Dammit, did I?
Marty: Teddy, you're a nice guy. You really are. But I need a dude with some grit.

Teddy: Here's a little secret of mine. I love 19th-century American poetry. It's my hobby.
The Man from Toronto: Let's hear some Keats.
Teddy: You wanna hear her old stuff or her new stuff?
The Man from Toronto: Well, he... Died at 25.

The Man from Toronto: You think you know me? I know you. I looked at your little online gym channel. Seven views. With one upload three years ago. And seven views.
Teddy: Yeah. Three comments.
The Man from Toronto: Yeah. You think a low toner got you into this situation? No. Never doing what you say you're gonna do is what got you into this situation.

The Man from Toronto: Who's she with?
Teddy: Her friend, Anne. Why?
The Man from Toronto: You didn't tell me about Anne.
Teddy: I didn't know that I had to tell you about Anne.
The Man from Toronto: [he sighs and gets uncomfortable]]
Teddy: What's the problem?
The Man from Toronto: I get uncomfortable... Around women.

Teddy: Lori!
Lori: Teddy?
Teddy: [he runs towards Lori on the train station platform] Hey.
Lori: Oh my God, what the hell happened to you?
Teddy: A lot of stuff.
Lori: Honey, yeah, you're bleeding.
Teddy: It's not all my blood.
Lori: Okay, you need medical attention.


  • Hitman meets Dead Man.