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The Man Who Knew Too Little

1997 film by Jon Amiel

The Man Who Knew Too Little is a 1997 American espionage film starring Bill Murray, directed by Jon Amiel, and written by Robert Farrar and Howard Franklin. The film is based on Farrar's novel Watch That Man, and the title is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's 1956 film The Man Who Knew Too Much.


Wallace: Sorry I get a little bit insensitive, but I'm a hitman!

[Wallace is being shot at]

Wallace: Time out! Time out! I got something in my eye, jagoff!

Lorelei: What are you? C.I.A., Mafia?
Wallace: Both.

Wallace: Blockbuster... Des Moines.

Wallace: Please don't call me by my real name, it destroys the reality I'm trying to create.

Lorelei: Are you going to bring me that martini, or do I have to suck it out of the glass from here?

Hawkins: Spencer, did you flush?
Wallace: I think she's going to do that. Don't you, pal? I'll ask her. Lori!
Hawkins: [quietly to Daggenhurst] He's taking to her!
Roger: She's still in the bowl?
Hawkins: Maybe he tried to flush her, but she floated back up!
Roger: Tell him to flush her! Spencer knows how to deal with floaters.

Wallace: Stay away from that phone!

[shoots phone]

Roger: What are you doing with one of our communicators, Cochran?
Chief Inspector Cockburn: This man refused to provide me with any identification.
Roger: Of course he didn't provide you with any indentification He's a secret agent.


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