The Malfated

UK musical group

The Malfated are a UK band from London, England. They were formed in 2002.

Band member quotesEdit

  • As a human being I am lost, and as an artist I am looking for answers. Yet the lost look toward me, the artist, for answers. It’s kind of fucked up in a way, and I wish I could do more to help, but I have a hard job looking after myself, let alone other people
    • Karl Steiger,
  • Why is something so ordinary, mundane and natural so fucking terrifying?
    • Karl Steiger on death,
  • Here, let me define 'funny' for you - some guy in his 60s singing 'hope I die before I get old'. Now that's entertainment.
    • Karl Steiger,
  • I’ve often heard people complain, ‘Oh, well, there are only seven notes, it’s hard to come up with an original tune’. Well, boo hoo. But I’ll tell you something - there are over a million words in the English language and there is no justification for shit lyrics.
    • Karl Steiger,

Song LyricsEdit

Rat Candy (2006)Edit

  • We reproduce - our flesh, our blood, our bone
    But when we die, we enter death alone...
    • Tomorrow
  • Fortune helps those who help themselves
    The time is here for funeral bells
    Treat me as befits a knave
    Cast me to an unmarked grave.
    • To The Body Broken
  • Candy sticks and cigarettes
    Ladies and gentlemen, cast your bets
    Today's the day that somebody dies
    Today's the day when I will rise... -
    • To The Body Broken
  • Welcome, one and all, to the amazing Dr. Pibb's
    He'll make a penis from a buttock and a woman from a rib
    And if you've lost your follicles and wish that you were dead
    he'll take hairs from your testicles and sew them on your head
    • Dr. Pibb
  • Laying in a bed in a room in Texas
    Propped up reading Miller's ‘Sexus’
    Scotch on the side and a Pentagram ashtray
    Girls on the floor from last night's roleplay
    Smoke a cigarette, risking cancer
    That's just me, I'm a bit of a chancer
    A knock on the door says it's time to go
    Time to get this road on the show...
    • The Company of Strangers

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