The Magnificent Seven Ride

1972 film by George McCowan

The Magnificent Seven Ride (also known as The Magnificent Seven 4) is a 1972 film about a retired gunman who fights to save a group of kidnapped women. It is the third and last sequel of the 1960 western The Magnificent Seven.

Directed by George McCowan. Written by Arthur Rowe.
A Brand New Seven -- Doing Their Number! They put their lives on the line and let it ride!  (taglines)

Marshall Chris Adams

  • Judge Parker told me once, "The men I hang never killed again. There are plenty I didn't hang, did." Now you tell me he was wrong.

Noah Forbes

  • [to Chris] There sure has been a lot of killing since I met you.

Mark Skinner

  • [leaving the room with his arms around three women] Chris, did I ever tell you I was born in Salt Lake? I'm a Mormon!

Capt Andy Hayes

  • They say if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, there's a question of whether it made any noise. If none of us lives to tell about this, can be covered in glory?


Marshall Chris Adams: Tell me everything you know about him. What he likes, how he acts, everything.
Laurie Gunn: Well, ah, the first thing you notice about him are... his eyes. They tell you that he is mad. Crazy mad.

Padre: God works in strange ways.
Marshall Chris Adams: Yeah, I know. He's got me confused most of the time, too.

Noah Forbes: The name's Noah Forbes, Marshal. I've decided to do for you what Ned Buntline did for Bill Cody.
Marshall Chris Adams: Make a damn fool of me?
Noah Forbes: Make you famous.
Marshall Chris Adams: You're a writer?
Noah Forbes: You name a big city newspaper and I've worked on it.
Marshall Chris Adams: That means you're pretty good - or you can't hold a job.

Noah Forbes: That's all we're taking?
Marshall Chris Adams: Yeah.
Noah Forbes: Let's get more men.
Marshall Chris Adams: Seven's always been my lucky number.

Noah Forbes: Well, should we bury 'em?
Marshall Chris Adams: The living need us more.

Capt Andy Hayes: All right, what's your plan?
Marshall Chris Adams: Oh, I figured we'd just ride in there and shoot down anyone carrying a gun.

[Laurie convinces Chris to stay with her]
Marshall Chris Adams: Skinner, you've just been demoted to deputy.
Mark Skinner: Yeah, well that figures. I wouldn't have had much time for work anyway.


  • A Brand New Seven—Doing Their Number! They put their lives on the line and let it ride!


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