The Magnificent Seven (2016 film)

2016 film by Antoine Fuqua

The Magnificent Seven is a 2016 film about seven gun men in the old west who come together to help a poor village against thieves. The film is a remake of the 1960 western film of the same name, which in turn was a remake of the 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua. Written by Nic Pizzolatto.
Justice has a number.  (taglines)


Emma Cullen: Sir... I have a proposition. We're decent people being driven from our homes. Slaughtered in cold blood.

Josh Faraday: [referring to Jack Horne] I believe that bear was wearing people clothes.

Josh Faraday: I always been lucky on one-eyed jacks.

Vasquez: [referring to the corpse in his hide-out] He doesn't snore much.

Sam Chisolm: Pray with me, then. Let's pray. Pray for my mother, who your men raped. Pray for my sisters, who your men murdered. [undoes his collar to reveal a scar on his throat] Did you pray when they strung me up?


Emma Cullen: He made them murder my husband, he will take everything we have.
Sam Chisolm: So you seek revenge?
Emma Cullen: I seek righteousness, as should we all. But I'll take revenge.

Drunk: I ain't paying for no damn cheat.
Friend: Don't mind him, Mr. Robicheaux. He's drunk. He don't mean anything by it.
Drunk: Goodnight Robicheaux? Sir, if I'd known that was your man, I never would have spoken so disrespectfully.
Goodnight Robicheaux: That's alright, son. You can just pay me double.

Goodnight Robicheaux: Why do you waste your time on a piece of rebel trash like me?
Sam Chisolm: What we lost in the fire, we will find in the ashes.

Joshua Faraday: I ever tell you about a man I knew, fell off the roof of a five story building? Every floor he passed on the way down, they heard him yell, 'So far, so good!' He's dead now. [pause] Hey, Sam, have I made good on my horse yet?
Sam Chisolm: So far, so good.

Sam Chisolm: How are you doing?
Joshua Faraday: So far, so good. I might need a new vest.
Sam Chisolm: Hey. Know what? We're even. For the horse, you don't owe me anything.
Joshua Faraday: Yeah, well, you owe me.
Sam Chisolm: What's that?
Joshua Faraday: Cover.

Goodnight Robicheaux: [pinned down by enemy fire] This reminds me of what my daddy always used to say.
Billy Rocks: What's that, Goody?
Goodnight Robicheaux: [pause] Well, you know, my daddy said a lot of things. [both laugh]


  • Justice has a number.


  • When I first said yes, it was on my mind. Absolutely. But once you go in, you just go in. You just say, "OK, I'm going do it and make my version of it." My big lesson so far is that when you do that you have to respect the film's DNA and you have to respect certain elements of the film because when you respect that you're respecting the people that love the film. Sometimes when people see movies they take whatever is going on in their life into the movie theater. And if the movie affects them a certain way, if you don't give them at least that feeling again or that idea again — even if it's done in a different package — then it's difficult to satisfy them. On Magnificent Seven, I kept reminding myself of when I was a 12‑year‑old boy, when I was a kid watching it with my grandmother, what was the feeling I had? How much fun was it? How cool were they? For me, I always had my grandmother in my mind when making a film. Would she enjoy this film?.


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