The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

1994 video game

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is a 1995 computer game created and published by Sierra On-Line.


Dr. Thaddeus P. BrainEdit

  • I am Dr. Thaddeus P. Brain, the Third. The "P" stands for "Puzzles". I am the puzzle master! Always ready for the master experiment. Nothing can go wrong!
  • I am obsessed with the ancient science of "puzzle-ometry". I have discovered that within puzzles lies the secret of human intelligence, that which separates us from the common beast.
  • Hello, Joe's Pizza? [laughs] I am just kidding, it's Dr. Brain! Who's this?

Dr. Elaina BrainEdit

  • Uncle, it's Elaina. You must stop this crazy experiment! I had just received your e-mail, and uncle, replacing the broken filter with a chunk of Rathbone's cheese is insane!
  • Dr. Brain has transferred too much of his intellect to Rathbone.
  • Dr. Brain's brain has been DRAINED, and his thoughts need to be CONTAINED.

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