The Lincoln Lawyer (film)

The Lincoln Lawyer is a 2011 film about a lawyer who works in a chauffeur-driven Lincoln Town Car rather than an office, who is hired to defend the son of a wealthy Los Angeles businesswoman in an assault case. Details of the crime bring up uncomfortable parallels with a former case, and he discovers the two cases are intertwined.

Directed by Brad Furman. Written by John Romano, based on the novel by Michael Connelly.

Mickey Haller

  • I checked the list of people I trust and your name ain't on it.


  • Detective Kurlen: [to Haller in crowded elevator] How does someone like you sleep at night with all the scum you represent?


Earl Briggs: You know what? You would've done all right on the streets.
Mickey Haller: Shit. Where do you think I am, Earl?

Mickey Haller: When do you retire, Lankford?
Detective Lankford: When do I retire?
Mickey Haller: Yeah.
Detective Lankford: Eighteen months. Why?
Mickey Haller: I wanna make sure I show up the next morning so I can kick your ass.

Eddie Vogel: Counsellor?
Mickey Haller: Eddie, we had a deal. Either you pay me, or go with a public defender.
Eddie Vogel: How 'bout five grand?
Mickey Haller: Ten.
[Eddie hands Mick a brown envelope. Mick shakes it]
Eddie Vogel: Ain't you gonna count it?
Mickey Haller: I just did.

Eddie Vogel: You really shoot your client's mother?
Mickey Haller: Damn right I did. She shot me first.

Frank Levin: Jesus, Mick, are you starting to think Louis is innocent?
Mickey Haller: He just might be. Besides, you know what my father always said about an innocent client.
Frank Levin: No, I've never heard this. Hi...
Maggie McPherson: He said 'there's no client as scary as an innocent man'.
Mickey Haller: That's right. 'Cos if you screw up and he goes to prison... You're never gonna be able to live with yourself.

Frank Levin: [looking out of top floor window] You're so vain. Nobody would care if you killed yourself.
Mickey Haller: It'd look cool. What do you think the last thing to go through your mind would be?
Frank Levin: Your asshole.
Mickey Haller: Yeah.

[Mick, armed with a baseball bat, discovers Louis has broken into his house]
Louis Roulet: [sitting casually in Mick's home office] If you're wondering how I got in, I'm in real estate, so if I want to get into a friend's house...
Mickey Haller: No, we're not friends. You're my client. And I'm your lawyer.
Louis Roulet: My lawyer. See, that's exactly what I wanted to remind you of. I'm about to go on trial, and yet I couldn't reach you. Now I find out where you were all day. Heard you tell Maggie.
Mickey Haller: You shit.
Louis Roulet: You went to see Jesus Martinez. And I know what you talked about: Donna Renteria. You're right, Mick. I killed her. There. No reason I shouldn't tell my own lawyer since it's all confidential. Attorney-client privilege. Isn't that what you told me?
Mickey Haller: It's time for you to go, Louis.
Louis Roulet: Alright.
[He sits up, finishes his drink, and stands up. He notices a framed picture of Mick & his daughter Hayley on Mick's desk]
Louis Roulet: That's a cute picture of your daughter Hayley. She's very pretty. She's got soccer practice tomorrow, right?
Mickey Haller: Don't.
Louis Roulet: Don't what?
Mickey Haller: You think you're the first client to threaten me and my family? Huh?
Louis Roulet: All I said was she's pretty.
Mickey Haller: Are you scared, Louis? Because where you are right now, you're in a very dangerous place.
[He opens the front door and Louis leaves]

Mickey Haller: Maggie, you know what I used to be afraid oF?
Maggie McPherson: Yeah, me.
Mickey Haller: That I wouldn't recognize innocence. That it would be right there in front of me, and I just wouldn't see it.
Maggie McPherson: Yeah...
Mickey Haller: I'm not talking about guilty or not guilty; just, just innocence. Know what I'm afraid of now?
[Maggie shakes head]
Mickey Haller: Evil. Pure Evil.

Mickey Haller: [sitting on Maggie's front porch as Louis approaches him] Hello, Louis. My family's here.
Louis Roulet: I know.
Mickey Haller: You bring your knife? My gun?
Louis Roulet: Maybe.
Mickey Haller: Good. [pulls his new gun out of his coat pocket] 'Cause I brought this. You've got one chance to turn around and leave.
Louis Roulet: [stepping closer] And then what? You gonna keep coming back every night? Every day? Or just try to get me sent up to San Quentin like Jesus Martinez?
Mickey Haller: No. I'm not quitting until Martinez is free and you're convicted of murder. And when that needle goes in your arm, that will be me.
Louis Roulet: Well, why don't you just shoot me right now?
Mickey Haller: I don't think I'll have to. [looks out towards the street]
Louis Roulet: [turns around] Hey!
[Eddie Vogel and his biker gang pull up and start vandalizing Louis' car with baseball bats]
Louis Roulet: That's my car!
[a biker rides up from behind and hits Louis with a baseball bat, knocking him to the sidewalk]
Biker: It's Louis' car, man!
[the bikers continue vandalizing Louis' car as Mick gets up and walks to the street]
Biker: Come on, now. Get him up. Get up!
[another biker grabs Louis and drags him out into the middle of the street]
Mickey Haller: Hospital, not the morgue.
[Eddie gives Mick a two-finger salute as his posse beats up Louis and Mick walks away]

Mickey Haller: I tell you what Eddie, how about I do this one for free?
[Eddie gestures at him and leaves]
Earl Briggs: Are you sure you're feeling all right?
Mickey Haller: Repeat customers, Earl. We'll stick it to 'em next time...



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