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The Legend of Zelda (TV series)

1989 TV series
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Season 1Edit

The Ringer [1.1]Edit

Link: Looking good, princess, especially from this angle!
Link: Hey, it's been fun, but the other customers are getting impatient!
Link: Guys, it's been a blast, but you're going home!"
Link: OK, that's better. That's how I like to start a morning.
Zelda: Don't you ever whistle at me again!
Link: I may never whistle again, period.
Link: Well, excuuuuse me, princess! If I had known you were coming, I would've asked the Moblins to sweep up before I zapped 'em!
Triforce of Power: But you're no amateur, you're a fool!" ~Triforce of Power
Amateur magician: This is my best spell, your highness. It removes the stinkiness from my dirty socks."
Ganon: Hyrule, a peaceful kingdom and a beautiful day. Well, that will soon change!
Triforce of Wisdom: Evil is the path you choose, but evildoers always lose!

Cold Spells [1.2]Edit

Link: Oh boy, smooching time!

The White Knight [1.3]Edit

  • Link: How can I get Zelda to pay more attention to me?
Spryte: Who cares? She's a snob. You should stick with me.
Link: Spryte, you're only three inches high!
Spryte: What, you don't like short girls?
Links:"My kind of girl--completely crazy!

Kiss 'N Tell [1.4]Edit

Gibdo: (as a maiden) Will no handsome hero save me from this three-headed freak?
Gleeok Right Head:' Hey, sis! Watch the insults, will ya?
Gleeok Left Head: Yeah, that's not in the script.
Gibdo: I am getting into the part!

Sing for the Unicorn [1.5]Edit

Zelda:You're sweet, Link. Clumsy, but sweet.
Zelda: I still wonder where Ganon got that flying unicorn. Beautiful creatures aren't his style...
Link: We'll ask him when we see him, OK? Now stay quiet and don't touch the statues.
Zelda: (leaning on Armos's pedestal) Why?
(Armos comes to life!)
Lemmie go, marblehead! (kicks Armos) Ow, my toes!
Link: I'll take a raincheck on that kiss, princess. Duty calls!
Link:One more zap and you're de-energized, Ganon!

That Sinking Feeling [1.6]Edit

Zelda: It's gone! The whole castle!But how! Where is it!
Triforce of Wisdom: It's in Ganon's hands. He won't let go unless defeated down below.
Link: Sounds like we have a job to do princess.

Doppelganger [1.7]Edit

Spryte: Zelda? Are you in here? (spots mirror) Huh? Where'd this mirror come from? Yet another thing for me to dust! That princess is so vain sometimes!

Underworld Connections [1.8]Edit

Link: (Link zaps the Vires through the third triforce piece, killing them and causing them to drop the other pieces) Did it work?
Zelda: I think so... yes! See? This side is wet, and this side; Ouch! Its hot!

Stinging a Stinger [1.9]Edit

Zelda: And that Link is how you sting a Stinger.
Zelda and Link: Hahahahah!.

Hitch in the Works [1.10]Edit

Link: Sheesh, build the lamps, fix a drawbridge, clean the moat. (Link spills paint on the ladder and floor).
Link: I'm a hero not a handyman. (Link hears a noise and falls on the floor).

Fairies in the Spring [1.11]Edit

King Harkinian: You said you were attacked by monsters?
Soldier: Never saw something like it your majesty,scared all of my crew and soaked all the place! As you can see I'm all wet.

The Missing Link [1.12]Edit

Ganon: The only way that Zelda could see him is if... no, no, that's impossible.
Stalfos: What is it, master?
Ganon: The only way she could see him is... if she was in LOVE with him!

The Moblins Are Revolting [1.13]Edit

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