The Legend of Zelda (TV series)

1989 animated television series
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The animated Legend of Zelda series is loosely based on the first and second Legend of Zelda games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The show aired on NBC Saturday Mornings.

Season 1 edit

The Ringer [1.1] edit

Link: Looking good, princess, especially from this angle!
Link: Hey, it's been fun, but the other customers are getting impatient!
Link: Guys, it's been a blast, but you're going home!
Link: OK, that's better. That's how I like to start a morning.
Zelda: Don't you ever whistle at me again!
Link: I may never whistle again, period.
Link: Well, excuuuuse me, princess! If I had known you were coming, I would've asked the Moblins to sweep up before I zapped 'em!
Triforce of Power: But you're no amateur, you're a fool!" ~Triforce of Power
Amateur magician: This is my best spell, your highness. It removes the stinkiness from my dirty socks.
Ganon: Hyrule, a peaceful kingdom and a beautiful day. Well, that will soon change!
Triforce of Wisdom: Evil is the path you choose, but evildoers always lose!

Cold Spells [1.2] edit

Link: Oh boy, smooching time!

The White Knight [1.3] edit

Link: How can I get Zelda to pay more attention to me?
Spryte: Who cares? She's a snob. You should stick with me.
Link: Spryte, you're only three inches high!
Spryte: What, you don't like short girls?
Link: My kind of girl--completely crazy!

Kiss 'N Tell [1.4] edit

Gibdo: (as a maiden) Will no handsome hero save me from this three-headed freak?
Gleeok Right Head: Hey, sis! Watch the insults, will ya?
Gleeok Left Head: Yeah, that's not in the script.
Gibdo: I am getting into the part!

Sing for the Unicorn [1.5] edit

Zelda: You're sweet, Link. Clumsy, but sweet.
Zelda: I still wonder where Ganon got that flying unicorn. Beautiful creatures aren't his style...
Link: We'll ask him when we see him, OK? Now stay quiet and don't touch the statues.
Zelda: (leaning on Armos's pedestal) Why?
(Armos comes to life!)
Lemmie go, marblehead! (kicks Armos) Ow, my toes!
Link: I'll take a raincheck on that kiss, princess. Duty calls!
Link: One more zap and you're de-energized, Ganon!

That Sinking Feeling [1.6] edit

Zelda: It's gone! The whole castle! But how! Where is it!
Triforce of Wisdom: It's in Ganon's hands. He won't let go unless defeated down below.
Link: Sounds like we have a job to do princess.

Doppelganger [1.7] edit

Spryte: Zelda? Are you in here? (spots mirror) Huh? Where'd this mirror come from? Yet another thing for me to dust! That princess is so vain sometimes!

Underworld Connections [1.8] edit

Link: (Link zaps the Vires through the third triforce piece, killing them and causing them to drop the other pieces) Did it work?
Zelda: I think so... yes! See? This side is wet, and this side; ouch! Its hot!

Stinging a Stinger [1.9] edit

Zelda: And that Link is how you sting a Stinger.
Zelda and Link: Hahahahah!

Hitch in the Works [1.10] edit

Link: Sheesh, build the lamps, fix a drawbridge, clean the moat (Link spills paint on the ladder and floor).
Link: I'm a hero not a handyman (Link hears a noise and falls on the floor).

Fairies in the Spring [1.11] edit

King Harkinian: You said you were attacked by monsters?
Soldier: Never saw something like it your majesty, scared all of my crew and soaked all the place! As you can see I'm all wet.

The Missing Link [1.12] edit

Ganon: The only way that Zelda could see him is if... no, no, that's impossible.
Stalfos: What is it, master?
Ganon: The only way she could see him is... if she was in LOVE with him!

The Moblins Are Revolting [1.13] edit

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