The Leftovers (TV series)

2014 American supernatural television series

The Leftovers is an American television drama series created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta airing on HBO. It is based on Perrotta's novel of the same name. The Leftovers takes place three years after a global event in which many people disappeared, known as the "Sudden Departure", which caused the unexplained disappearance of 140 million people, 2% of the world's population.

Season 1

Kevin Garvey: Nobody's ready to feel better. Ready to fuckin' explode.

Holy Wayne: Been having this dream Tom, it's the same one over and over. It's about my son. "We're gone Daddy," he says to me and all the people who stayed. "They're pretending like it never happened... they're asleep but they need to wake up now." So I ask him why. Why now? And he says "Therefore watch and remember, that by the space of three years I cease not to warn them night and day with tears" The grace period's over, Tom. Time to go to work.

Nora Durst: The best day of my life happened a few months before October 14th, but I didn't know it. It just seemed like, um, a nice day, you know, all four of us at the beach: my husband, my 6-year-old son, and my 4-year-old daughter. Their names were...are Doug, Jeremy, and Erin. The kids built a sand castle. Doug and I, we just sat on a blanket and watched them work, and it was just perfect, and it felt like, um I didn't deserve anything that good. This one Saturday, the winter before that, we all got hit with the stomach flu, the whole family. We were all feverish and throwing up, and I couldn't even get out of bed, and the kids were lying there with us, and I could feel the heat coming off their bodies, and I remember thinking, "This is it," I was gonna die. I'm not greedy. I'm not asking for that perfect day at the beach. Just give me that horrible Saturday, all four of us sick and miserable, but alive and together.

Adam Frost: [about dogs that have gone wild] No, no, no not all of them did, just the ones that witnessed it, you know, who were actually there when someone went...
Scott Frost: ...Poof!
Adam Frost: Dog are just animals, man. They're not like us, trying to reason it all out, make sense of shit that makes no sense. They see something like that, and they just snap. All bets are off right there. No more chasing sticks, no more licking your own balls.
Scott Frost: ...ha
Adam Frost: Then just go primal, man. Same thing's gonna happen to us. It's just taking longer.

Dean: They are not our dogs.
Kevin Garvey: What?
Dean: You said they were our dogs. They're not. Not anymore.
Kevin Garvey: Am I awake?
Dean: Heh! Well, you are now, Chief.

Penguin One, Us Zero [1.02]

Aimee: I may have fucked that barista, so if he spit in your chai, that's on me.

Lucy Warburton: You are aware that people like dogs?
Kevin Garvey Jr.: I like dogs.
Lucy Warburton: Then stop fucking shooting them because that's something crazy people do!

Lucy Warburton: Jesus, I never should have told you to watch the fucking 'Wire.'

Two Boats and a Helicopter [1.03]

Matt Jamison: This is the story of a a little boy. I'd say, "Stop me if you've heard this one before," but you have, and I don't really want to be stopped. This boy, he's a good kid; not perfect, but good, and when he's about 10 years old, his mom and dad tell him he's gonna have a baby sister. And the baby sister comes, and of course he loves her very much. But she's getting attention. His attention. So he wishes actually he prays for that attention back and a month later, he's diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia. And the cancer eats away at the boy until there is almost nothing left. But he fights it. He survives and now he has a choice to make. Does he decide that he was punished or that he was rewarded? Will he be angry for having been made to suffer, or will he be grateful for that suffering because it changed him? This is the story of a little girl. She's 8 years old, and just over a week ago, she's playing in the park. She loves to go high on the swings, up to the point where you hang there for a moment, suspended, before the chains clink and gravity pulls you back down. She's been asleep in a coma, for 9 days now. Her brain activity is negligible. Her outcome is undetermined. The girl's name is Emily and so that little boy is asking for attention again now. For Emily, let us pray.

B.J. and the A.C. [1.04]


Gladys [1.05]

Kevin Garvey: Is she OK?
Aimee: She's Jill.
Kevin Garvey: What does that mean?
Aimee: She doesn't really do OK.

Kevin Garvey: [to the Guilty Remnant] Where's Patti? Get all your people together here in 5 minutes from all your fuckin' houses. I'll wait...It's just been made clear to me that it's officially open season on you people. Now, the ideal thing would be for you all to stay off the streets, but we all know that's not gonna happen, is it? Whistles. Keep these on you at all times. Use them. I got my people on extra patrols, and they're ready to respond. This doesn't have to happen again, but that's on you. No one understands whatever it is you believe in. They don't give a shit long as you leave them alone. But if you keep following people around, buying up their homes, painting everything white, breaking into their houses, they will retaliate. Any questions? I'll take them in writing. Thank you for your time.

Kevin Garvey: It's Meg, right? Do you still talk?
Meg Abbott: Yes.
Kevin Garvey: Where's Laurie?
Meg Abbott: I don't know.
Kevin Garvey: Is she OK?
Meg Abbott: I don't know.
Kevin Garvey: I'm the only person that gives a shit about you people, and you won't even tell me where my wife is?
Meg Abbott: She's not your wife anymore.

Patti Levin: [to Laurie] I brought her here, too. Just over a year ago. Gladys sat right there where you're sittin' right now. I don't know how, but she somehow got word that her son had died. Did she ever tell you she had a son?
[Laurie writes "No"]
Patti Levin: It was over in Yemen, I think. His helicopter just crashed or some such, and as you can imagine, she did not take it very well. She questioned her commitment, she became distracted, and she began to feel again. And there was a lot of mopin' and cryin' around the house, and then it started to happen out in the open. So I brought her here, I fed her, and I invited her to speak her troubles out loud. I gave her every opportunity to talk. She never spoke one word, never broke, just like you. So I'm going to tell you what I told her. I understand the pull. I understand. It's your family. It's your past. I understand that going back to them feels comfortable and easy because the alternative, what we do, is very, very hard. But there can't be any doubt, Laurie because doubt is fire! And fire is gonna burn you up until you are but ash!

Matt Jamison: My name is Matt Jamison. I didn't know your friend very well. I don't even know if you considered her a friend, but she lived here, with all of you. I tried to give her a blanket once on a cold winter day, but she wouldn't take it. She was committed to her path. I don't understand your faith, but I understand commitment and I respect it. But we are, all of us, no matter what we've suffered, still alive. We still feel pain and sorrow. We still feel loss. We still feel love. This woman was one of you, and now she's gone. I know you cannot speak her name. I know you cannot say good-bye. But I ask you at least to let me.

Guest [1.06]

Holy Wayne: For whoever is joined with all of the living, there is hope. Surely, a live dog is better than a dead lion. Hope. It's your weakness. You want it gone because you don't deserve it. Nora, you do deserve hope. I've seen my own death, and it's coming upon me very soon, so this is your one chance, your only chance, and the question remains the same: Do you want to feel this way?
Nora Durst: No. No.
Holy Wayne: Then let me take it from you.
Nora Durst: Will I forget them?
Holy Wayne: Never.

Solace for Tired Feet [1.07]


Cairo [1.08]

Patti Levin: Well, Kevin, that is a kind offer. Take me home, give a polite little beep as you drive off, but you should know that I have every intention of reporting you to the actual authorities. I will tell them that I was abducted off the street, and I will identify my attackers. And they will take your job, and then they will take your child. You want to undo this, but I simply cannot allow that, so You're just going to have to batten down the hatches and finish what you started here, my friend. Now get me a fuckin' cigarette!

Aimee: Just so you know, it is possible for some people to be okay, Jill.
Jill Garvey: Are you okay, Aimee?
Aimee: I, am fucking fantastic, and I've got to say that I think your dad could be too if you'd just fucking let him.
Jill Garvey: Did you fuck him?
Aimee: What?
Jill Garvey: Did you? Did you fuck my dad?
Aimee: Yeah, Jill. I did. I fucked your dad. And I felt really bad about it, so I was like, "Hey, Mr. Garvey, this is so wrong." But he was like, "Hey, let's stop pretending to be OK because no one is OK." And he was totally right. And he was so hard, Jill. So I fucked the shit out of him on top of a pile of guns.
Jill Garvey: Fuck you!
Aimee: Fuck you!

Patti Levin: You may be able to shed some light about your friend here, but as far as I can tell, he's a ghost.
Dean: I prefer to think of myself as a guardian angel.

Patti Levin: Boy are you fucked.
Kevin Garvey: Tell me.
Patti Levin: You're wondering if I have a sense of debt to you for saving my life. Maybe, I'll change my mind about decimating yours?
Kevin Garvey: But you won't.
Patti Levin: No, I won't. Oh, it's a pickle- can't let me go, won't let me die. Oh what to do, Kevin, what to fucking do?
Kevin Garvey: What do you want?
Patti Levin: I want you to understand.
Kevin Garvey: Understand what?
Patti Levin: Ever think about the fourteenth? The fourteenth of October? The great vanishing, the Sudden Departure, the clusterfuck of the modern era. When's the last time you really thought about it?
Kevin Garvey: I don't.
Patti Levin: Me, I think about it every fuckin' waking moment. I mean come on, what else is there to think about?
Kevin Garvey: So you know where they went- what happened?
Patti Levin: It doesn't matter what happened! But the difference between you and me is that I accept that it did. And while you push it aside, while you ignore it, we strip ourselves of everything that distracts us from it. We strip away the colorful diversions that keep us from remembering. We strip away attachment, fear, and love, and hatred, and anger, until we are... erased. Until we are a blank slate. We are living reminders of what you try so desperately to forget. And we are ready. And we are waiting. Because it's not gonna' be long now.
Kevin Garvey: Now I know why you don't fuckin' talk. I've gotta' hand it to you Patti that is such an impressive line of fuckin' bullshit.
Patti Levin: Well Laurie obviously disagrees with you.
Kevin Garvey: Laurie didn't join you to become a living fucking reminder.
Patti Levin: Then why did she?
Kevin Garvey: Because I failed her.
Patti Levin: Oh, you think she came to us because of you? Because of what you did with your dirty dick? Yes, Kevin, there was a time when I told Laurie everything. And then there was a time when she told me everything. But she came to me because I could offer her something that you could not: purpose. That's all any of us want now, every single one of us. Not answers, not love- just a reason to exist. Something to live for. Something to die for.
Kevin Garvey: Did Gladys have a purpose?
Patti Levin: Ah, you remember her name!
Kevin Garvey: Of course I remember her fucking name.
Patti Levin: Well Kevin, that was the point! That woman was brutally murdered- death by a hundred stones- and now, she can't be forgotten.
Kevin Garvey: Did you murder her?
Patti Levin: [pause] She was okay with it. And when Laurie's time comes she will be okay with it too. And it's coming. So soon. And you are all ready, all you need is just a little push.

Kevin Garvey: You want me to kill you.
Patti Levin: Oh Kevin, you can't kill me, you don't have the fuckin' balls. I want you to commit. I want you to finish what you started. I want you to go all the way. I want you to say you understand.
Kevin Garvey: Understand what?
Patti Levin: What happened! What's happening. To me. To you. Oh vanity of Sleep, Hope, Dream, endless Desire, the Horses of Disaster plunge through the heavy clay: Beloved, let your eyes half close and your heart beat over my heart, and you hair fall over my breast, Drowning love's lonely hour in deep twilight of rest, And hiding their tossing manes, and tumultuous feet. Kevin? Kevin. Kevin Garvey. You don't have to hide from me.
Kevin Garvey: [stares a moment] You're going home. [kneels and starts cutting her loose] You're not gonna' tell anyone what I did to you. Because I'll fuckin' tell them. Lose my fuckin' job, so fuckin' be it. But I am not gonna' lose my mind listening to the words coming out of your fucking mouth. No, Patti. No. I don't understand you.
Patti Levin: [picks up a piece of broken glass as Kevin walks toward the door to leave] Kevin!
[he turns to face her]
Patti Levin: You do understand.
[Patti stabs herself in the neck, blood pouring down her body as she collapses]
Kevin Garvey: Oh Jesus! Oh God! [rushes to Patti and lowers her to the floor, removing the shard from her neck] What the fuck did you do? What the fuck did you do?
Patti Levin: You understand...

The Garveys at Their Best [1.09]

Kevin Garvey: I think something's fucking wrong with me.
Kevin Garvey, Sr.: I think you're right.
Kevin Garvey: Why isn't it enough?
Kevin Garvey, Sr.: Because every man rebels against the idea that 'this is fucking it.' Fights windmills, saves fucking damsels, all in search of greater purpose. [pause] You have no greater purpose. Because - 'it' - is enough... So cut the shit, K?

The Prodigal Son Returns [1.10]

Nora Durst: [voiceover, in a letter] Dear Kevin, I need to say goodbye to someone I care about, someone who's still here, so I'm saying it to you. You were good to me Kevin, and sometimes when we were together, I remembered who I used to be before everything changed, but I was pretending. Pretending as if I hadn't lost everything. I want to believe it can all go back to the way it was, I want to believe I'm not surrounded by the abandoned ruin of a dead civilization, I want to believe it's still possible to get close to someone. But it's easier not to. It's easier because I'm a coward and I couldn't take the pain, not again. I know that's not fair, Kevin. You've lost so much too, and you're strong. You're still here. But I can't be, not anymore. I tried to get better, Kevin. I didn't want to feel this way, so I took a shortcut. But it led me right back home. And do you know what I found when I got there? I found them, Kevin, right where I left them. Right where they left me. It took me three years to accept the truth, but now I know there's no going back, no fixing it. I'm beyond repair. Maybe we're all beyond repair. I can't go on the way I'm living, but I don't have the power to die. But I have to move towards something. Anything. I'm not sure where I'm going, just away. Away from all this. I think about a place where nobody will know what happened to me, but then I worry I'll forget them, but I don't want to ever forget them, I can't. They were my family. I think I loved you, Kevin, and maybe you loved me too. I wish I could say this to you instead of writing it, I wish I could see you one last time to thank you and wish you well, and tell you how much you mean to me, but I can't. Like I said, I'm a coward. So, wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it. Love, Nora.

Season 2


Axis Mundi [2.01]

Erika Murphy: Who is this?
Nora Durst: This is Lily.
Erika Murphy: Well, hello, Lily. She's adorable.
Nora Durst: Thank you.
Evie Murphy: [to Jill] Is she adopted or did your mom fuck a black dude?
Erika Murphy: Evie!

John Murphy: Well, I was in prison.
Kevin Garvey: Oh, yeah? Well, how long were you there for?
John Murphy: Six years, 119 days.
Erika Murphy: They think you're kidding.
John Murphy: Oh, sorry, no. I really was. Travis County Unit. Go ahead. Go ahead and ask.
Kevin Murphy: What?
John Murphy: What I did. It's what everybody wants to know.
Nora Durst: Oh, that's none of our business.
Kevin Garvey: What'd you do?
John Murphy: Huh. Attempted murder.
Kevin Garvey: What happened?
John Murphy: Well, didn't try hard enough.

A Matter of Geography [2.02]


Off Ramp [2.03]


Orange Sticker [2.04]


No Room at the Inn [2.05]


Lens [2.06]

Erika Murphy: He's trying to help? This man is crazy. He killed a goat on October 14 Before any of us knew what happened and he was locked up in jail where he should have stayed. But then all y'all decided that Jerry must have saved us, that Jerry knew something. He sacrificed something to protect us. So now he's a holy man and he gets to walk around here Killing goats whenever he feels like it just in case? Babe, can you calm down, please? No, you let him do it, too. If there aren't any miracles in Miracle, then why does he get a pass? Cecilia, you were trying on your wedding dress when it happened, huh? So now you put it on every day and you take pictures with the tourists, huh? Number 13 on the audio tour. Well, maybe you were the one that saved us. Maybe, huh? We are the 9,261 and we are spared. We're spared. We're not spared. We're not safe. All this shit we're walking around here doing, it doesn't matter. It doesn't work. My daughter is gone. So no. No, Jerry. She departed.

Erika Murphy: I was gonna leave John. You're surprised because we seem so happy. My Grandmother was born here. She lived here all her life. She used to tell us kids this place is chosen. The Good Lord pointed His finger down on the final day of creation "You. The Jarden of Eden." We didn't believe her, but she said there was a way to prove it, a way to make your wishes come true. You take a bird, you put it in a box and you bury it. Anywhere in the woods is fine. And you wait. You wait three days, you come back, dig it up, and if it's alive, right then is when you make your wish. Little girls believe all sorts of things, but I knew pretend when I heard it. Birds living in the ground for three days is pretend. Making wishes is pretend. The Good Lord is pretend. And then on October 14, people went away from everywhere except here. That was real. That happened. My Grandma had been dead for 10 years, but she was right. This place was chosen. And about a month ago, I was walking out to my car and I saw it. A sparrow right by the driver's side door lying there like it was trying to get me to help it. It was dehydrated. Almost dead. You think I nursed it back to health, Nora? Depending on the size of the box, a bird can survive 20 hours. Anything over 30 hours is medically impossible. And like I said, this bird, it didn't have anything left. So I waited the three days. I jogged out to the woods, I dug up the box, and I made my wish before I opened it. I wished that my kids would be okay if I left. Because they had no idea I needed to go. No idea what it's like to pretend. Michael, he has his faith. He'd be fine. But Evie, she wouldn't understand. It would break her heart. So I wished that she'd be okay without me. I opened up the box, the bird flew out. And the next night my daughter was gone.
Nora Durst: Well, Erika, that's just...that's quite a stretch. Your logic, I'm sorry, it's a little all over the place, don't you think?
Erika Murphy: Well, what do you think?
Nora Durst: You wanted to leave your husband. Okay, so why didn't he go? Why didn't you? disappeared three years ago. Did you wish them away, too? Because that's a lot of birds to bury, Erika. That's a flock of epic proportions. I get it. I felt the same as you. I, I felt responsible for losing my children. I thought it was my fault. But I moved past it. I evolved. Because that's pathetic. Terrible things happen in this world. And the only comfort we get is that we didn't cause them. So I'm sorry, but Erika, this had nothing to do with you.
Erika Murphy: Did they depart or did they die?
Nora Durst: What?
Erika Murphy: Your children. You said you lost them. Did they depart or did they die?
Nora Durst: They departed.

Kevin Garvey: We need to talk.
Nora Durst: Can we do this tomorrow?
Kevin Garvey: It's important.
Nora Durst: Yes, honey, I know it's important, but can we just...
Kevin Garvey: I need to talk to you now, Nora. Have you been noticing that I've been kind of losing my mind? What? I'm letting you handcuff me to the bed every night And we're acting like that's totally normal. I left the baby, I forgot the baby and you act like that's no big deal.
Nora Durst: You had your hands full. It happens.
Kevin Garvey: I'm seeing someone.
Nora Durst: What?
Kevin Garvey: Um, I've been seeing someone.
Nora Durst: Who?
Kevin Garvey: Patti Levin. She ran the Guilty Remnant in Mapleton.
Nora Durst: But she's dead.
Kevin Garvey: It started happening right after we found Lily, when you moved in. I thought she'd go away when we came here. She didn't.
Nora Durst: Are you seeing her right now?
Kevin Garvey: Yeah.
Nora Durst: Is she talking to you?
Kevin Garvey: Yeah.
Nora Durst: What's she saying?
Kevin Garvey: She's saying... she's saying I never should have told you about her. And that I just made a big mistake.

A Most Powerful Adversary [2.07]


International Assassin [2.08]


Ten Thirteen [2.09]

Meg Abbott: This is hard, huh? Not knowing what's gonna happen. You must be curious about what I'm gonna do when we get to Texas. Are you, Tom? 'Cause it's pretty fucking amazing what I'm gonna do.
Tommy Garvey: Why'd you fuck me? I know why you poured gasoline on me. I know why you threatened me, to try to send a message to my mom. But why did you fuck me?
Meg Abbott: To get you pregnant.
Tommy Garvey: What?
Meg Abbott: I wanted to get you pregnant. That's why I fucked you, Tom.

Matt Jamison: I can't get over it.
Meg Abbott: What?
Matt Jamison: Well, seeing you here in Texas. What? It's pretty amazing, don't you think?
Meg Abbott: Not really. I mean, if we were just anywhere, it would be a coincidence, but we're here in Miracle. I think we both came here for the same reason.
Matt Jamison: What reason is that?
Meg Abbott: Because this place is safe.
Matt Jamison: Now that you've left the Remnant.
'Meg Abbott: Exactly. It was really hard to get away, you know, because they're everywhere. But I started to think to myself, there must be somewhere that the Guilty Remnant wouldn't work, you know? Wouldn't work? Right, because in order to get someone to join them, that person needs be in pain. And the people on the other side of that bridge, Matt, they were spared. They're just not suffering like the rest of us are.
Matt Jamison: You know, Megan, I don't think you're being entirely honest with me.
Meg Abbott: You think I'd lie to a priest?
Matt Jamison: Today is the anniversary, isn't it?
Meg Abbott: Of the Departure? No, I believe that's tomorrow.
Matt Jamison: Not the Departure. Your mother's death. You do remember attacking me in Mapleton? I was outside your house handing out fliers with your mother's photo on them. I know it was cruel. I'm sorry for digging into your life like that, but I was doing everything I could to make you feel again.
Meg Abbott: I had forgotten that.
Matt Jamison: Well, then I apologize for being your living reminder.
Meg Abbott: Can I ask you something?
Matt Jamison: Sure.
Meg Abbott: What you waiting for?
Matt Jamison: I'm sorry?
Meg Abbott: You and all these people out here, you're so close. It's right there. Just over the bridge. You want it, but you're not doing anything to get it. So what are you waiting for? You want me to tell you?
Matt Jamison: Yes.
Meg Abbott: You're waiting for me.

I Live Here Now [2.10]


Season 3


The Book of Kevin [3.01]


Don't Be Ridiculous [3.02]


Crazy Whitefella Thinking [3.03]

Kevin Garvey, Sr.: This guy, this hippie with a red headband, walks right up to me and says, "Do you wanna talk to God?" So I said, "Fuck, yeah, I wanna talk to God." And he said, "Then you've gotta talk in God's tongue, mate." God's tongue, it turns out, is an experimental, high-end hallucinogen this guy brews in his basement. And I wake up two weeks later in a hotel room in Perth on the opposite fucking coast.

G'Day Melbourne [3.04]


It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World [3.05]


Certified [3.06]

Laurie Garvey: So is this the part where you call the DSD and shut this operation down?
Nora Durst: [to Matt] Do you remember when we were kids? After Mom and Dad died, when everyone at the church wouldn't take their eyes off us? They'd take us to the movies, and bowling, and putt-putt, just to keep us busy?
Matt Jamison: Of course I do.
Nora Durst: And this one time they brought us to a baseball game, and I was too young to get the rules, so I watched these people in another section hitting a beach ball. And the whole stadium was getting into it, and when the ball came over to our seats you stood up and you just whacked it. It was the first time I'd seen you smile in forever... But then the ball went into the aisle and this usher ran down and grabbed it, and he picked it up and he just squeezed the air out of it. And then everyone just started booing- not just the people in our section but the whole stadium, just booing. He just ruined it for all of them. They just wanted to hit the ball... Why would he want to do that job? Why would anyone? [starts crying]
Laurie Garvey: [steps forward, wipes Nora's cheek] Because if he doesn't, that ball is gonna' go onto the field. And it'll be fucking chaos.

Kevin Garvey, Sr.: Truth is, along with our missing fuckin' savior we also appear to be short some apostles- our friend Matthew, conspicuously absent. Fortunately I will play the part of Peter.
[Laurie laughs]
Kevin Garvey, Sr.: [to John] You're already John. [to Michael] What about you kid, you wanna' be Simon? Bartholemew?
Michael Murphy: [groggily] Pass.
Kevin Garvey, Sr.: Ah, nah, we all have to be somebody. Somebody who was there at Christ's last huzzah.
Laurie Garvey: So that would make me Mary Magdalene.
Kevin Garvey, Sr.: That would be Nora- also conspicuously absent. You, Doctor Garvey, are one apostle, and one apostle only: Thomas. Doubting Thomas.
Laurie Garvey: Hmm.
Kevin Garvey, Sr.: When I first started hearing voices back in Mapleton, everyone around me told me I was fuckin' nuts. Everyone. Except you. You were the one person who believed me, who told me those voices were really there. Next thing I knew I was locked up in a fuckin' mental institution.
Laurie Garvey: So you're wrong, Pop. I'm not Thomas, I'm Judas. Doubting is easy, because doubting costs you nothing. But Judas? He was surrounded by people going on and on about how special Jesus was, but he betrayed him anyway, because he was sure. He believed in something. And he acted on it.
Michael Murphy: And he killed himself.
Laurie Garvey: Sweetie? [stroking Michael's shoulder]
Michael Murphy: [increasingly groggy] Judas collected his thirty pieces of silvers and then he hung himself...
John Murphy: You alright?
Michael Murphy: If he was so sure why'd he kill himself? [falling asleep]
Laurie Garvey: Well, Michael, I was not aware of that part of the story. I have no idea why he killed himself... Did he leave a note?
Kevin Garvey, Sr. faceplants into his plate, unconscious]
John Murphy: Hey... [getting groggy] You... Hey? You alright?
Laurie Garvey: He's fine. He's just sleeping.
[John Murphy gets up, stumbles a step, and collapses to the floor, unconscious]
Laurie Garvey: [surveys the room, finally looking at the dog; smiles] I borrowed your pills.

The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother) [3.07]


The Book of Nora [3.08]



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